Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 445


Unknowingly, Tsunade had taken over as Hokage for almost ten days.

Since yesterday Tsunade had received requests from some villagers who wanted her to recognize the medical ninja. For this reason, Tsunade specially called Yamanaka Ryo to discuss with him.

After reading the requests from the villagers, Yamanaka Ryo smiled and said, “Tsunade-sama, it’s not time yet, because the villagers’ reaction is not intense enough.”

“Not intense enough?”

“Well! We need to give the villagers of Konoha the feeling that they were the ones who fought for the medical ninja’s rightful interests and then take the opportunity to announce an improvement in the medical ninja’s benefits. With that, our initial goal will be achieved.”

Tsunade frowned at that, “Are you sure the villagers will continue to fight for the medical ninja rights petition?”

“Even if they won’t, there’s still us! We can get the villagers to continue by leading public opinion. Anyway, Tsunade-sama, for now, you shouldn’t do anything, wait for a while.”

Tsunade thought about it and then agreed with Yamanaka Ryo’s opinion.

In the following days, Tsunade received some more requests from the villagers, but after that, nobody continued.

Tsunade became a little anxious. Just as she was about to take action, the Konoha villagers heard a rumor that the medical ninja wasn’t being honored because of their status.

The heroes of the village had always been fighting ninjas. The medical ninja rarely appeared. Even Tsunade, the founder of the medical ninja, was more recognized for her title of Sannin.

After the villagers knew the reason, they instantly boiled over. They felt that this was unfair and that the medical ninja should also be given the corresponding rights.

After some preparations, the villagers sent several representatives. They handed Tsunade a joint application from the Konoha villagers asking for the medical ninja’s recognition.

Tsunade took the application and showed a complex expression.

The oldest person among the villagers said, “Hokage-sama, you have been active in the Second Shinobi World War since I was young. At that time, you were the hero of the village when you fought together with Jiraiya-sama and Orochimaru-sama against the Hanzo of the Salamander.”

“But in my opinion, your greatest credit in the Second Shinobi War is not that. Instead, it was the deployment of antidote in the Country of Wind battlefield, which saved the Country of Wind battlefield 10,000 Ninja.”

“I always felt that at the time, you should have been honored by the village as a medical ninja. Unfortunately, the village at the time didn’t take medical ninjas that seriously.”

“Hokage-sama, now is an opportunity to correct the mistakes of that time, and you can do justice to the medical ninja.”

Tsunade smiled with the same complicated expression on her face, but inside she was excited.

Another villager followed and said, “Tsunade-sama, the village was attacked by Iwagakure this time, and there was such a huge explosion. However, as far as I know, not a single person in the village died.”

“I must say that it is a miracle. The creator of this miracle is the medical ninja of Konoha Hospital.”

“The medical ninjas will be saddened if Hokage-sama doesn’t even recognize such a credit.”

Tsunade sighed helplessly and said, “You guys go out first! I’ll think about it.”

When the villagers’ representatives failed to achieve their goal, they didn’t want to leave, “Hokage-sama…”

“Stop it, listen to Hokage-sama first!” The oldest representative of the villagers said.

The others smiled a little reluctantly but still left together.

After coming out of Hokage’s Office, the villagers’ representatives wondered why the elderly stopped them.

The elderly smiled and said, “You guys are still too young!! We have already convinced Tsunade-sama.” 

The others were shocked at his words, “No way! I saw Tsunade-sama always had that difficult look on her face!” 

The elderly smiled and said, “Oh, it will be too weird if she wasn’t embarrassed! The more embarrassed her look is, the more Tsunade-sama is moved by our proposal.”

“When Tsunade-sama asked us to leave, it was obvious that she had already made a decision. Just wait and see the result!”

After saying that, the elderly ignored them and turned to leave.


That night Tsunade called a meeting with the high-level of Konoha to discuss matters related to medical ninja.

After Tsunade relayed the villagers’ requirements’ to Konoha’s high level, she said she would reward the medical ninja.

The high level of Konoha didn’t oppose this decision. As the new official, this was Tsunade’s first decision, so they didn’t need to oppose Tsunade.

Moreover, the medical ninja’s performance in this explosion was obvious to everyone, so there was no reason to object.

Tsunade was delighted with the reaction of the people and immediately decided on this matter.


A few days later, Tsunade announced in front of the villagers of Konoha a series of policies to honor the medical ninja and designed a series of policies for medical ninjas at the Ninja Academy to increase the income of medical ninjas.

The villagers of Konoha agreed with Tsunade’s decision, but the village high level was a bit confused.

What Tsunade said was different from what was said at the meeting.

However, looking at the villagers’ behavior, if they raised objections at this point, they would be on the opposite side of the village. So, after a moment of hesitation, the high level of Konoha chose to accept the result.

Tsunade’s policy was successfully passed, representing a significant increase in medical ninja’s status and income.

In addition to the villagers’ gratitude for the medical ninja, Yamanaka Ryo believes that, subconsciously, the number of medical ninja in Konoha would be significantly increased.

After settling the matter of medical ninja, Yamanaka Ryo had cleared his mind of another matter. He started to devote a lot of time to training recently.

There were less than two years left before the start of Shippuden. Yamanaka Ryo had to seize all the time he could to improve himself because by then, he would be facing a “God” like Uchiha Madara.

However, the arrival of a visitor from the sky disrupted all of Yamanaka Ryo’s plans.

A Byakugan-eyed young man wearing a white gown with a black and white neckline and cuffs embroidered with black tomoe appeared at Konoha’s entrance.

His attire was a bit strange, plus the Byakugan attracted the attention of the security forces.

Today, it happened to be Uchiha Izumi on duty. He greeted him directly and asked, “Hello, are you Ninja of Hyuga Clan?”

The Byakugan young man froze, then quickly waved his hand and said, “No, I’m not! My name is Otsutsuki Bayi, and I am here to find Ryo-sama.”

“Otsutsuki Bayi? That last name sounds familiar; I think I’ve heard it somewhere.” Izumi muttered to himself.

“That… that. I’m looking for Yamanaka Ryo-sama for something urgent, so can you let me in?”

“Sorry, please wait for a moment. I need to go ask for permission.”

After saying that, Uchiha Izumi ran towards the village.


A few moments later, Uchiha Izumi arrived at the security department.

Today, the Security Department’s top leader on duty is Hyuga Hizashi, and it was he who Uchiha Izumi went to ask for instructions.

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