Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 446


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“Come in!”

Izumi pushed the door in, and Hyuga Hizashi was surprised when he saw it was Uchiha Izumi.

The relationship between Hyuga and Uchiha Clan had not always been harmonious. After Hyuga Clan took over some of the Security Department’s duties, Uchiha Clan’s clansman wouldn’t come to him unless it was an important matter.

When he thought of this, Hyuga Hizashi asked, “Izumi, is there anything wrong?”

“Hizashi-sama, there is a young man outside who owns Byakugan. He claims to be Otsutsuki Bayi and come here to find Ryo-sama of the Yamanaka Clan. Because this person has Byakugan, I am not sure whether to let him in, so I would like to ask you.”

After hearing Izumi’s words, Hyuga Hizashi was startled and quickly asked, “Izumi, you just said the person who came has Byakugan and is called Otsutsuki Bayi? Are you sure his surname is Otsutsuki?”

Izumi nodded, “Yes, that’s right, Hizashi-sama… are you okay?”

Hyuga Hizashi took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. He immediately rushed out of the guard’s office and came to the Konoha village entrance.


After seeing Otsutsuki Bayi, Hyuga Hizashi’s expression became more excited as he slowly walked over and said, “Hello, I am Hyuga Hizashi of the Hyuga Clan.”

Otsutsuki Bayi brightened up and looked at Hyuga Hizashi’s Byakugan a little excited and said, “Hyuga? You are the clansman of Hamura’s ancestor who stayed at Ninja World!”

Hyuga Hizashi nodded, and after some exchanges, the relationship between them invariably improved a lot. After all, they shared the same roots, and the Otsutsuki Clan also loved peace, so the two easily chatted together.

After chatting for a while, Otsutsuki Bayi said, “Hizashi-sama, I was sent by our older Young Lady Otsutsuki Hana to look for Yamanaka Ryo-sama. Can you let me in now?”

Hyuga Hizashi laughed and said, “Of course, Ryo-sama’s home is in Yamanaka Clan. Let me take you there.”

“That would be very much appreciated.”

Thus, Hyuga Hizashi led Otsutsuki Bayi into Konoha and came to Yamanaka Clan.

It was also their luck that today Yamanaka Ryo had been delayed by something and had not yet left home to train, so the two could meet Yamanaka Ryo very smoothly.

As soon as they saw Yamanaka Ryo, Otsutsuki Bayi immediately handed him a scroll respectfully, “Ryo-sama, this is from Young Lady Hanayo.”

Yamanaka Ryo opened the scroll and quickly skimmed through it, then his face changed drastically. He took Otsutsuki Bayi to the entrance of the passage and came to the moon with the passage’s help.

In the blink of an eye, they returned to the moon, making Otsutsuki Bayi a little confused.

Yamanaka Ryo ignored him, perceived the location of Otsutsuki Hana, and immediately rushed towards her side.


At this time, Otsutsuki Hana and a group of Otsutsuki Main Branch Family members are using Tenseigian’s eyes power to maintain the passage left by Namikaze Minato and Shisui.

“Young Lady Hanayo, this cannot happen! Your eyes cannot use Tenseigan eyes’ power for a long time. You will be blind if you go on like this.”

Otsutsuki Hana shook her head and said, “It’s okay, I can still hold on. You just need to help me move Tenseigan.”


Three consecutive explosions came, and the passage began to tremble wildly. Seeing that it was about to collapse, Otsutsuki Hana gritted her teeth and attached Tensigan’s eyes power to Byakugan again.

“Hana-sama, don’t!”

“Young Lady Hana!”

The Otsutsuki Main Family members saw this and spoke out to stop it.

In the nick of time, Yamanaka Ryo felt it. He looked at the passage’s shaky entrance and Hana’s eyes, which were already flowing with blood tears. He immediately understood what was going on.

Yamanaka Ryo teleported to Otsutsuki Hana’s side, covered her eyes, and said, “I’m sorry, Young Lady Hana, I’m late.”

Otsutsuki Hana heard Yamanaka Ryo’s voice and froze, then said anxiously, “Ryo, go save Shisui.”

Yamanaka Ryo nodded. He opened Mangekyo, took out the ice of the Ice World, and froze the passage entrance. He then treated Otsutsuki Hana’s eyes with a medical ninja tool, turned, and jumped into the passage.

The passage was constructed by Namikaze Minato using the space-time barrier and Flying Thunder God.

Yamanaka Ryo jumped down the passage. After a moment of spinning, he came to a dark world.


The first thing that happened was that he entered the Sage Mode to strengthen his senses and searched for Namikaze Minato’s presence.

After a while, Yamanaka Ryo sensed a fluctuation of chakra in front of him on the right. He immediately ran towards the right.

After advancing some distance, Yamanaka Ryo sensed the chakra of Namkraze Minato and Shisui, as well as a special power. He had never seen a power like this in the Ninja World. It was not chakra, nor was it natural chakra.

Yamanaka Ryo frowned. The Frozen-Thunder Mode broke out and instantly appeared beside Namikaze Minato and Shisui.

The arrival of Yamanaka Ryo made the three who were fighting stopped.


Namikaze Minato relaxed, and Shisui was a little excited.

And the man fighting with Namikaze Minato Shisui was looking at Yamanaka Ryo with a severe expression.

When confronted with this person at close range, Yamanaka Ryo sensed that the power used by this person was not as good as natural chakra in terms of quality but was stronger than chakra.

“Who are you? Are they your friends?” The man who fought with Namikaze Minato asked.

When Yamanaka Ryo heard what the man said, he froze.

Namikaze Minato whispered at sight and said, “Ryo, he doesn’t speak the same language as us.”

Yamanaka Ryo shook his head and said, “Who are you? Why did you make a move on my friends?”

This time, it was Namikaze Minato and Shisui who was shocked. Shisui even looked at Yamanaka Ryo as if he was an alien, “Minato-sama, why does sensei know that person’s language?”

Namikaze Minato rolled his eyes and said, “When you ask me, who should I ask?”

“They were destroying the coordinates I left behind; that’s why I stepped in to stop it.”

“The coordinates you left behind?”

“That’s right. This is the point for my space jumping. My coordinates were placed here properly, but they came out to damage it. Of course, I had to do something.”

Upon hearing this, Yamanaka Ryo understood the cause of the matter.

Some time ago, Yamanaka Ryo asked Namikaze Minato and Shisui to find the coordinates left by Kaguya.

Namikaze Minato was very sensitive to temporal and spatial fluctuations. Soon, they found and cleared two small coordinates of Ninja World.

In a later search, Namikaze Minato even vaguely sensed the large coordinates left by Kaguya. Along with the induction, Namikaze Minato and Shisui came to the moon and entered this space.

What turned out to be unexpected was that this coordinate they cleared was not left by Kaguya but by this person speaking Chinese in front of them.

Subsequently, Yamanaka Ryo explained the reason, and this person realized that there was a misunderstanding.

Immediately afterward, Yamanaka Ryo began to try to ask this person some things. However, he found out that this person was not a native at all, only happened to use the same language.

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