Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 448


“Wait! Sensei, you said just now that chakra is Ninja World’s own power system, so why is it so difficult to learn?” Shisui, who had been in a dumbfounded state, suddenly spoke up.

Namikaze Minato smiled and was also a bit confused upon hearing this, “Ryo, Shisui is right. Since chakra is our own power system, why is it so difficult to learn?”

Yamanaka Ryo smiled and said, “I think it’s because the chakra is within our bodies! Chakra and natural chakra are two different powers. Sage Mode is a fusion of these two powers; that’s why it’s so difficult.”

Shisui nodded, acknowledging this statement from Yamanaka Ryo.

“All right! Hana is still waiting outside! Let’s leave first!” Namikaze Minato suggested.

Yamanaka Ryo nodded. Minato took him and Shisui to teleport out.


The three of them appeared at the passage entrance, and Otsutsuki Hana suddenly rushed over and hugged Shisui.

Yamanaka Ryo froze, Namikaze Minato was also a little confused, and Shisui was even frozen completely.

“Hey! Brother Minato, what happens? Did you come to the moon and abduct the oldest Young Lady of the Main Family?”

Namikaze Minato said with some embarrassment, “I don’t know when Hana started treating Shisui like this…”

“Speaking of which, just now after Young Lady Hana saw me, she was talking about asking me to save Shisui. I was worried about your safety and didn’t care about that, but now it seems…”

The whispering of the two reached Shisui and Hana’s ears. Hana’s face instantly turned red, and she ran away with a fierce glare at the two while Shisui was still frozen.

Yamanaka Ryo walked over and slapped Shisui’s head, “Stupid disciple, come back to your senses! That pretty girl is gone!”

Only then did Shisui slow down, recalling the way Otsutsuki Hana hugged him just now, and his face turned red.

Yamanaka Ryo glanced at Shisui. He helplessly shook his head, turned around, and said to Namikaze Minato, “Brother Minato, what are you going to do next? Are you going to come back?”

“Well, there’s been a lot of things in the village recently. Shisui can go back and help.”

The three then visited the Clan Leader of the Main Family. They expressed their gratitude for the Otsutsuki Clan’s help on the moon while offering their farewells.

After learning that the three were leaving, the Main Family Clan Leader said, “If you are going back to the Ninja World, can you do me a favor?”

After the three looked at each other, Namikaze Minato said, “Of course, what can I do for you?”

“So, when my daughter was in exile in the Ninja World, she was taken care of by a small village. She has always been grateful to this village, and I would like you to take her back to the Ninja World so that she can say thank you to the people of this village. If possible, please take her around the Ninja World first so that she can learn more about it.”

Yamanaka Ryo glanced at Shisui after listening to the Main Family Clan Leader and showed a smile, “Of course, this is not a problem. Don’t worry; you can leave Young Lady Hana to us.”

“That’s great. Hana, come out!”

The Main Family Clan Leader called out to the house behind him. Otsutsuki Hana came out of the house, looking elegant and graceful, without a bit of shyness.

Yamanaka Ryo whispered to Shisui, “See! This is your time to act.”

“Minato-san, Ryo-san, Shisui-san, I’ll leave the little girl to you.”

“Okay, don’t you worry! Well, we will go first!”

After saying that, Namikaze Minato took the three together and teleported to the passage leading to the Ninja World.


Through the passage, the group returned to the Ninja World.

Hana’s face looked blushing, and she said, “That… that I will go to the village first. You… you guys wait for me here for a while.”

Seeing that neither Yamanaka Ryo nor Namikaze Minato was talking, Shisui said stiffly, “Okay, you go, and we’ll wait for you!”

Hana nodded and ran away, a little disappointed.

Yamanaka Ryo’s expression was gloomy. He kicked Shisui and said, “Idiot, you should go along with her! Why did I accept such a stupid disciple like you?”

“When Pakura-sama gave you a hint several times, you did not understand her heart. How can you speak to me like that?” Shisui muttered quietly.

Yamanaka Ryo’s face sank, “What did you say? You have such itchy skin.”

Shisui let out a strange cry and ran away in a hurry.

Namikaze Minato smiled and said, “What a good connection between a teacher and a disciple.”

Yamanaka Ryo bristled, “That’s nothing. Brother Minato, do you want to go?”

“Well, I’m going to make a trip to clean up small coordinates left by Kaguya.”

“Don’t you want to go back to the village and see Kushina-senpai and Naruto?”

“I’m not going back. I’ll go back when I’ve taken care of all these hidden problems.”

“Okay, then, goodbye, Minato-niisan.”

Namikaze Minato waved his hand and disappeared from the spot.


Yamanaka Ryo waited alone for about ten minutes when Shisui and Otsutsuki Hana walked over, side by side.

“Are things all settled?” Yamanaka Ryo asked.

Otsutsuki Hana nodded, “Yes! Everyone is fine, and I left them some money as a reward.”

“Well then, it’s time for us to go back to the village.” Said Yamanaka Ryo. He then put his hand on the shoulders of the two.

Otsutsuki Hana closed his eyes, and after a moment, Yamanaka Ryo said, “Well, Hana-sama, welcome to Konoha!”


Meanwhile, in the Hyuga Clan, Hyuga Hizashi told Hyuga Hiashi, high levels of Hyuga Clan, what happened when they saw Otsutsuki Bayi this morning.

The Hyuga Clan people were surprised to hear this, “Elder Hizashi, is what you said true?”

“It’s true. Many people in the security department saw it at the time. That man was around 18 or 19 years old, wearing a white tunic and a black collar. The most important thing was that he also had Byakugan.”

“According to the clan’s information, our clan has not lost any clan members in the past 20 years. The chakra in this person’s body is different from that of our Hyuga Clan. He said his name is Otsutsuki Bayi. I think this person should be a relative of our Hyuga Clan on the moon, as mentioned by Yamanaka Ryo-sama.”

After hearing Hyuga Hizashi’s words, all the people of the Hyuga Clan were silent. After a moment, Hyuga Hiashi asked, “Hizashi, where is this honored guest now?”

Hyuga Hizashi shook his head, “I don’t know. I brought him to the Yamanaka Clan. He told a piece of information to Yamanaka Ryo-sama, and Yamanaka Ryo-sama took him and disappeared.”

“Information? What information?” The second elder of the Hyuga Clan asked.

“The content is unknown. However, I know that it was written to Yamanaka Ryo-sama by the daughter of the Otsutsuki’s clan leader, Otsutsuki Hana.”

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