Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 449


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“By now, I think we can all be sure of the existence of the Otsutsuki Clan, right?”

Hyuga Hiashi, who had been silent for a long time, suddenly spoke.

The people of the Hyuga Clan whispered for a while, and finally, all agreed.

“In that case, what we are discussing now is not what the Otsutsuki Clan members came to Yamanaka Ryo for, but how to get in touch with them.”

“According to what Yamanaka Ryo said before, the Otsutsuki Clan was brought to the moon by our ancestors and should have some Secret Jutsu that we don’t know about. If we can obtain this Secret Jutsu…”

Hyuga Hiashi’s words made the clansmen of the Hyuga Clan present suddenly realized that they had gotten the point wrong at the beginning.


At that moment, at the Konoha Village entrance, Shisui introduced Otsutsuki Hana to the reliefs in the distance.

After hearing that the reliefs were the heads of the next Hokage, Otsutsuki Hana pointed to the fourth head. She said, “I remember that Minato-san is the Fourth Hokage of your village, right? Why does the relief not look like him at all?”

Ahem, well…” Shisui momentarily speechless; he didn’t know how to explain.

Otsutsuki Hana looked at Shisui’s embarrassed and anxious look and showed a smile. Yamanaka Ryo was getting annoyed with these two, and his expression was a bit lost. He remembered Pakura, then sighed. Now, he and Pakura couldn’t walk in Konoha side by side as openly as they did, let alone get married.

Thinking about it, Yamanaka Ryo suddenly felt that the two people in front of him were an eyesore, “Young Lady Hana, just follow Shisui; he will give you a tour in Konoha! If you need something, just break this ice scalpel, I will come over immediately.”

Yamanaka Ryo took out an ice scalpel, handed it to Otsutsuki Hana, and disappeared in the same place.

“Shisui, is there something Ryo has to deal with? I see he’s in a hurry.”

“I guess so! But Sensei was always like a ghost. Don’t mind him; let’s take a look at the village next.”

“Okay, that sounds great!” Otsutsuki Hana said as she showed a sweet smile and obediently followed Shisui.

The two of them walked into Konoha, laughing and talking. Neither of them noticed the complex gaze of the members of the security department.

The Security Department of the gate had long noticed the three, including Yamanaka Ryo. One of them was an Uchiha Clan member; they knew the clan genius’s appearance, Uchiha Shisui…

It was because of the recognition of Shisui that they looked at Shisui with such a twisted gaze. Shisui was a genius of the Uchiha Clan. Seeing him with a woman of the Hyuga Clan was a bit unacceptable.

After seeing Shisui and Hana leave, the security department members immediately sent the news back to the Uchiha Clan. The same thing happened with Hyuga Clan’s guard member.

Unlike the Uchiha Clan, the Hyuga Clan people were aware of the existence of the Otsutsuki Clan.

In addition, he was nearby when Hiashi and Otsutsuki Bayi chatted. He saw Otsutsuki Bayi’s clothing very clearly, and the young girl who just passed by was dressed in the style of the Otsutsuki Clan. Hence, the Hyuga Clan’s security department member was sure that the young girl was an Otsutsuki Clan member, so he also sent a message to the clan.

Shisui knew nothing about all this, and he took Otsutsuki Hana around Konoha.


In the evening, Shisui and Hana came to Ramen Ichiraku.

Hana was curious to see ramen for the first time, making Shisui smiled and said, “This is the best ramen in our village. My teacher and Minato-sama like it very much.”

Hana was a little surprised, “Really? Is this ramen so good?”

“You’ll know if you eat it. Boss, two big bowls of seafood ramen, please!”

“Okay! Please wait for a moment! Huh? Isn’t this Shisui? It’s been a long time.” Boss Ichiraku greeted warmly.

“I haven’t been back for a long time; I’ve been on a mission lately. I came here to eat your ramen as soon as I got back!”

“Alright! Then today’s ramen will be special. I will give you two barbecue pork.”

In a short while, two large bowls of steaming seafood ramen were delivered to Otsutsuki Hana and Shisui.

Shisui handed Hana a pair of chopsticks, “Here, Hana, try this.”

Hana picked up a chopstick of ramen. She tasted it and said with some surprise, “It’s delicious, better than I thought.”

Shisui smiled and said, “Right! I eat here often with my teacher; I can’t go wrong.”

Soon two big bowls of ramen were gone by the two of them. After paying the money, Shisui took Otsutsuki Hana towards the Hokage Rock.

The Hokage Rock was the best place to look at Konoha. Now that it was dark, Konoha was a world of lights from the Hokage Rock.

“Wow! It’s beautiful!”

“Even more beautiful is still to come!” Shisui said, forming a seal with both hands and using Katon against the sky.

The fire bloomed in the sky like beautiful fireworks. The scene in front of her touched Hana. A moment later, she looked at Shisui in a daze. Taking advantage of the last Katon, she gathered the courage to kiss Shisui on the cheek.

Shisui was taken aback by Hana’s actions. Fortunately, the last Katon had disappeared, and it wasn’t possible to see each other’s faces. Otherwise, Shisui wouldn’t have known how to face Hana.

The two stood on the Hokage Rock, listening to each other’s breathing, and their hands were interlocked at some point.

The night was late.

If Shisui took Hana to Uchiha Clan, the relationship between the Uchiha Clan and Hyuga Clan was so bad that it was estimated that they would not be too friendly to Hana. So, Uchiha was not suitable for Hana to live.

If he took her to the Hyuga, Hana said that they might not recognize her as relatives for the time being. So, after thinking about it, the two came to the Yamanaka Clan.


The two were about to knock on the door when they ran into Yamanaka Ino, who had returned from a mission.

Ino knew Shisui and knew that he was Yamanaka Ryo’s disciple. So, he took the two of them directly into the Yamanaka Clan.

Once inside, by the light, Ino got a good look at Otsutsuki Hana. Her expression became a bit odd, and after a moment of hesitation, Ino asked, “So… that. Brother Shisui, who is she? Is she Hinata’s older sister?”

Shisui smiled and said, “No. Her name is Otsutsuki Hana, not a member of the Hyuga Clan.”

“But she and Hinata look alike!”

Ino mentioned Hinata twice, which made Hana interested, “Little girl, who is this Hinata you speak of?”

“Hinata is my classmate, the eldest lady of the Hyuga Clan. She looks very much like you, sister.” Ino explained to.

Hearing that the Hyuga Clan had a girl who looked close to her, Hana changed her previous thought, “Hyuga Hinata? Interesting. Shisui, tomorrow I want to go to the Hyuga Clan to meet her.”

Shisui looked a little confused, “Going to the Hyuga Clan! My family has a terrible relationship with the Hyuga Clan, so it doesn’t seem good for me to go.”

“Sister Hana, then I will accompany you!” A familiar voice came from not far away.

Hana smiled for a moment, then excitedly ran over and hugged the voice owner, Lain.

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