Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 474


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“Black Zetsu, it looks like Sasuke is going to win.”

“Well, at the moment Sasuke owns Mangekyou Sharingan, the scale of victory has been inverted to Sasuke. Poor Itachi … Um? No, White Zetsu. Look!”

Itachi, who was standing still, flew Sasuke away with one kick. It’s unknown when he was released from Sasuke’s Mangekyō Genjutsu.

“Itachi, you actually …” Sasuke rose from the ground, surprised.

Itachi said faintly, “This is your self-created Genjutsu! Unfortunately, the essence is still Genjutsu, and it is not surprising that I can get out of this Genjutsu. But you gave me too many surprises today… Sasuke, you really have grown up! Sure enough, your eyes are best for me.”

Ignoring Itachi’s words, Sasuke took a deep breath, his hands formed a seal, and the huge Fireball moved towards Itachi.

Almost at the same time, Itachi spitted the Fireball out of his mouth. Two Fireballs collided, and the temperature in the air suddenly increased.

For a while, the two sides were in a deadlocked situation. Sasuke entered into curse seal mode and used that power to power up his flame. Gradually his flame consumed Itachi’s flame.

Seeing that Sasuke’s flame was about to devour Itachi’s, Itachi shed tears of blood from the corners of his right eye, and a black flame suddenly burst from the center of the Fireball.

Black flame swallowed Sasuke’s Fireball in the blink of an eye and spread towards Sasuke rapidly.

“Is this Amaterasu? It’s amazing.” Black Zetsu admired.

“Of course, it is great. Amaterasu is the strongest Katon. The black flame ignites in the place where his eyes see when he launches the attack. The black flame will not disappear until the target is burned out. Also, if Sasuke does not cut off the Chakra from his Katon Technique. He will be swallowed by Amaterasu too.”

Sure enough, Sasuke immediately cut off Chakra from his Katon Technique, and the black flame fell to his feet.

Itachi closed his eyes slowly, and Amaterasu went out.

“What’s wrong? Itachi! Didn’t you just say you want to take my eyes? What’s now?” Sasuke provoked.

Itachi’s current physical condition was awful. First, he used Tsukuyomi and then Amaterasu. Using the huge amount of Mangekyō Dojutsu gives him great side effects that made his vision blurry, and it’s draining his physical strength as well.

“It looks like the game is over!” Sasuke took two large shurikens on his wrist, injected Raiton Chakra into the shuriken, and threw it at Itachi.

Itachi jumped in the sky to avoid shuriken. Sasuke immediately threw Katon at Itachi in the sky.

In the sky, Itachi couldn’t adjust his position to dodge the attack. Itachi took a deep breath. A row of red ribs appeared around the body to help him block Sasuke’s flame. However, the flame broke through the roof, and the battlefield moved from inside to outside.

The red ribs on Itachi flushed away, and Sasuke thought it was a special defense Ninja Tool. He didn’t care much.

The fighting outside the house was even more heated, and the various Ninjutsu attacks from the brothers stunned White Zetsu.

Ninjutsu’s confrontation consumed a lot of Chakra on both sides, and Itachi and Sasuke were a little tired.

“I didn’t expect that you are so strong now.”

“I said today will be your end!”

“Really?” Itachi’s voice suddenly came from behind Sasuke, his expression greatly changed. Unfortunately, before he could turn around, Itachi behind him had already rushed to lock him.

“Shadow Clone Jutsu! When?! You use Shadow Clone Jutsu while fighting against me?!”

“It’s over, Sasuke! AMATERASU!” A black flame tangled around Sasuke instantly.

Itachi’s Shadow Clone Jutsu disappeared immediately after being lifted to Amaterasu Hokage. Sasuke’s was burned by the flame of Amaterasu, and there was no movement after a while.

“I didn’t expect this ending. I thought Sasuke would win!” White Zetsu said helplessly.

“It’s too early to say that. Sasuke hasn’t lost yet. When he was burned by Amaterasu, he escaped with Orochimaru’s Body Replacement Technique.” Black Zetsu said lightly.

“What? Where?” White Zetsu asked.

“In the house.”

Hearing this, White Zetsu felt disappointed a bit as he saw Sasuke in the house.

White Zetsu floated up and said, “I didn’t expect Orochimaru to give his trump card to Sasuke. But this Body Replacement Technique uses so much Chakra; besides, Sasuke’s chance to win is already very small.”

Black Zetsu shook his head, “Not necessarily. Itachi keeps using Mangekyō’s Genjutsu. His eyes and body have reached the limit, and we haven’t seen Sasuke’s Mangekyō’s Dojutsu until now. I think Sasuke is more likely to win. “

“Speaking of which, that’s true. I haven’t seen Dojutsu by Sasuke Mangekyō until now.”

“So, don’t decide the winner too early. Sasuke is ready to counterattack.” Black Zetsu lowered his voice.

Sasuke used Katon Dragon Flame Jutsu continuously against the roof, but unfortunately, Itachi can dodge it all. None of the people present except Yamanaka Ryo realized that Sasuke’s Katon had gathered a thick cumulonimbus cloud in the sky. They all thought that Sasuke’s Katon simply aimed to attack Itachi. It wasn’t until the sky was flashing that Itachi and Black Zetsu understood the real purpose of Sasuke’s action.

With Sasuke’s signal, the lightning in the cumulonimbus clouds became Kirin.

“Isn’t this the technique Yamanaka Ryo used in the Third Shinobi World War?” White Zetsu looked at lightning Kirin in surprise.

“Had Yamanaka Ryo ever used this technique during the Third Shinobi World War?”

White Zetsu nodded, “I remember it was the Battle of Land of Fire and Land of Wind at the beginning of the Third Shinobi World War. At that time, Lord Madara let me see the clansman of Uchiha who met his conditions. I put spores on each battlefield to make it easier to observe the clansman of Uchiha. My spores hid in the sand and witnessed the entire process of this Jutsu by Yamanaka Ryo… During the war, Yamanaka Ryo created a cumulonimbus cloud using this Jutsu in a similar way to Sasuke.”

“How was the destructive power back then?” Black Zetsu asked.

“I remember when the lighting Kirin was used by Yamanaka Ryo, it wasn’t that destructive, but the raw power was terrifying. It killed the top of Sand Ninja in an instant. My spores were relatively close, so it got hit by lightning in the sand, and I lost contact. I don’t know what happened after that. “

“It seems that with Sasuke’s power, it will be more terrifying. The thunderstorm is only 0,1%. We should hide!” After that, White Zetsu sneaked into the house.

When Black White Zetsu just went into hiding, Sasuke, standing on the high platform, guided Kirin towards Itachi, “DISSIPATE WITH THE THUNDER! RAITON, KIRIN!”

The lightning flashed, and everything around was drowned by the loud roar and the violent lightning.

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