Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 475


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The violent lightning was raging, and it took a long time for the lightning to dissipate.

Black White Zetsu got out of the ground and saw Itachi lying down there.

“Sasuke won. At the face of natural lightning, even Itachi couldn’t stand it.”

“White Zetsu, I told you to not assume things so easily. Look at that. Itachi hasn’t died!”

White Zetsu froze and released Spiritual Strength immediately and found out that Itachi didn’t die yet, just as Black Zetsu said.

“How is this possible? Itachi can even survive that lightning!”

“Don’t forget that Itachi owns Mangekyō, he should be able to use Susanoo too.” said Black Zetsu with a low voice.

Itachi stood on the ground, and looked at Sasuke, said lightly, “Is this your last trick? If it is, then win this battle.”

As he talked, a row of red ribs appeared first, followed by arms on the left and right sides of the ribs, and a skull grew on the shoulder, forming a giant skeleton.ꟷItachi continued to use Mangekyō’s eyes power, and the skeleton giant was filled with red lines in the blink of an eye as if muscles had grown on its body. The change of the Susanoo doesn’t stop there. After growing muscles, a red coat appeared on the body, wrapping the giant.

Sasuke was stunned by the giant that appeared before him. He did not expect that Itachi still had a trick up his sleeve.

“This Jutsu is called Susanoo. It is the taboo Dojutsu using Mangekyou Sharingan. It has absolute defense …”

Hiding in time and space, Yamanaka Ryo was a bit sad when he heard what Itachi said. Whether it was based on the original manga or similar scenes that day, Yamanaka Ryo understood that Itachi was capable of doing things better than other people. ꟷAnd Sasuke, who doesn’t understand a thing behind Itachi’s words, just thought that Itachi was just showing off his power and boasted about his upcoming victory.

Sasuke just snorted and didn’t intend to sit still. He took out Kunai with Explosive Tag from Ninja Tool Pouch and threw one after another towards Itachi. Unfortunately, all this is useless under Susanoo’s absolute defense.

Itachi, in the original work, used Totsuka no Tsurugi in Susanoo to help Sasuke release the threat of Orochimaru. There, Itachi’s body is already at his limit, and the force he uses for Totsuka no Tsurugi can be said to be the last straw that will crush Itachi.

But it’s different now… Sasuke didn’t have Orochimaru in his body, not even a trace of Orochimaru’s soul there. There’s no need for Itachi to push himself to lift the curse seal. His body should be able to survive a little longer.

But Itachi also knew that he would die today, so he decided to let Sasuke see more of Mangekyō’s power in his limited time.

With this in his mind, Itachi said slightly mockingly, “What’s wrong? Is that the last thing you can do? Then I’ll take your eyes off!”

Itachi’s words triggered Sasuke, he opened Mangekyō, released Amaterasu to Itachi’s Susanoo, and the black flame instantly twined around Susanoo.

White Zetsu looked at Black Zetsu and said, “Is Sasuke’s Dojutsu also Amaterasu?”

“It is normal for Mangekyō between brothers to have the same type Dojutsu in one eye. But the Dojutsu in the other eye must be different. I am looking forward to seeing Dojutsu in Sasuke’s other eye.”

“Black Zetsu, do you think that two Susanoo can handle Amaterasu?”

Black Zetsu shook his head, “I don’t know. As far as I know, Amaterasu is the strongest flame that can burn everything. But Susanoo is called the God of Power, and he has unimaginable power, so I’m not sure who is stronger. “

Itachi realized the unexpected look of melancholy in Susanoo’s expression. After he touched Susanoo with a touch of softness, he murmured, “You are Amaterasu’s brother, right? I know how you feel now. We are the same”

After speaking, Itachi’s eyes filled with more determination. He urged Susanoo, and Susanoo drew out a sword and a gourd in his hands. This sword has a special force. The black flames gathered at the tip of the sword. The red giant opened gourd and Amaterasu’s flame and was swallowed by the gourd instantly.

“This is Totsuka no Tsurugi! I didn’t expect Totsuka no Tsurugi to be in Itachi’s hands.”

“Totsuka no Tsurugi? What is it?” White Zetsu asked.

“Totsuka no Tsurugi is a weapon inside Susanoo. It is a magical weapon based on Kekkei Genkai and heredity. I remember that Totsuka no Tsurugi appeared in Indra’s descendants a long time ago. But I didn’t expect to see it again today.”

(Ps: This is the setting in the game. It says that the Uchiha Clan once had their senior open Susanoo to show Totsuka no Tsurugi, but this setting conflicts with the original manga’s setting, because the original manga says that the Uchiha clan is the first to open it. Mangekyō’s is Uchiha Madara’s, so here it was changed to Indra’s direct descendants, which means that Mangekyō was opened before the Uchiha Clan was established.)

“So what’s the effect of this artifact?” White Zetsu asked.

“When someone is stabbed by Totsuka no Tsurugi will be permanently sealed in Genjutsu World, ‘World of Drunken Dreams’, and it is the strongest Fūinjutsu.” There’s a tone of fear in Black Zetsu’s words. Apparently, he remembered something terrifying.

White Zetsu didn’t notice Black Zetsu’s unusual tone and continued, “So that sword power is Fūinjutsu, and the flame of Amaterasu is sealed.”

After seeing Amaterasu’s flame disappear on Sasuke’s side, there was a bit of despair in his heart.

Uchiha Itachi had collapsed after using Totsuka no Tsurugi. He took the last breath and propped himself up to Sasuke with sheer willpower only. Itachi’s eyes had long been blind, but Sasuke seemed so clear in front of him. Itachi’s finger was on Sasuke’s forehead, and Amaterasu was injected into Sasuke’s eyes.

After all this, Itachi smiled and said, “Forgive me Sasuke, this is the last time!”

After he finished his words, Itachi’s body fell down.


Seeing this, Yamanaka Ryo knew that it’s his time now. He snapped his fingers. The space around him was frozen.

 In the space where Sasuke and Itachi fought, everything was frozen.

Yamanaka Ryo teleported came to Itachi’s side. Rinnegan degenerated into Mangekyō, saved Itachi’s soul into Ice World, and then took some blood from Itachi’s body.

He looked at the Black-White Zetsu on the side, hesitated for a moment should he do something to them or not. He decided to lift his frozen technique, went hiding into space, and left.


After seeing Itachi’s lifeless body, for a moment, Sasuke seemed to not believe what had just happened. He crouched down and checked Itachi’s pulse. After confirming that Itachi was dead, Sasuke’s expression became extremely complicated.

Eventually, he lost consciousness and fell there.

“I didn’t expect it to end like this.”

“Well, White Zetsu, don’t be disappointed, you stay here and watch Sasuke, I’ll tell Obito first.” After the black White Zetsu parted, Black Zetsu sneaked into the ground and disappeared.

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