Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 484


“Calm down, Sasuke. I just came to talk to you.”
“Talk?” Sasuke shuddered and tried to get off the chain.
“Sorry, after all, you are a Ninja of Konoha. We are now enemies, and will be enemies for a long time in the future. I came to you just to tell you one thing, to make a deal.”
“I’m not interested in your talk, and I’m even less interested in your deal. If that’s all you want then I’m leaving!”
Sasuke’s body turned into a white snake, but what he didn’t expect was that the iron chain changed with the change of his body, still tightly bound him.
“Sasuke, don’t think of it as just an ordinary chain.”
“Hmph!” Sasuke restored his body, turned his head while snorting coldly, and ignored Obito.
“Don’t be so cold! If there is nothing to say to Akatsuki, then what about the people of the Uchiha Clan?” Obito took off his mask a little and revealed his Sharingan.
Sasuke sensed the power of Obito Sharingan’s eyes. Itachi’s Amaterasu in Sasuke’s right eye was engraved immediately before his death, and its flame directly burned onto Obito’s body.
“Damn you, Itachi!” Obito resisted the burning pain and launched Izanagi to dispel Amaterasu.
A moment later, Sasuke saw the unscathed Obito standing in front of him again, and his face looked extremely solemn. Sasuke’s Mangekyō Dojutsu also has Amaterasu. He was well aware of the power and characteristics of Amaterasu, but the masked man in front of him could dispel it easily, which raised Sasuke’s alertness to him.
“Don’t be so nervous! I said I came here just to tell you one thing, this has to do with Itachi.”
Sasuke frowned, “Related to Itachi? Tell me!”
Obito laughed and told Sasuke what happened to Uchiha Clan and the role that Itachi played.
Sasuke thought back to what Obito said, then compared his understanding of the Uchiha Clan situation, and finally confirmed that what Obito said should be true.
But even if he knew the truth, Sasuke did not feel angry because the relationship between Uchiha and Konoha is very harmonious. He loves the villagers in the village.
As for Danzō, as far as he knew, he was killed by Yamanaka Ryo and dead. Sasuke couldn’t think of any reason to hate the village.
Looking at Sasuke’s expression, Obito probably guessed his thoughts. And because of this very reason, Obito chose to chained Sasuke for now.
What Yamanaka Ryo did at that time completely prevented Uchiha Clan’s tragedy, allowing Uchiha Clan to truly integrate into Konoha. Sasuke grew up in such a peaceful environment. And wanting him to betray Konoha will be a difficult task.
So Obito didn’t try to counter Sasuke at the beginning. All he wanted was to use Itachi’s Sharingan to let Sasuke help attack Hachibi.
Then Hachibi and Pain will attack Konoha to force Five Kages to hold a conference. Obito then, together with Yamanaka Ryo, will reveal the true powerful enemy that must be faced by uniting the entire Ninja World.
Faced with such a powerful enemy, the people of Ninja World will seek each other cooperation. Along with that, we can understand each other and achieve the goal of harmonious coexistence.
As for why Obito doesn’t attack Konoha without Hachibi, the reason was very simple. Because even without its strong fighter or Yamanaka Ryo presence in the Konoha, it’s still difficult for Nagato and Akatsuki to destroy Konoha alone. So, Obito must be personally involved in this operation.
Thinking of this, Obito said, “Now you know the truth behind the Uchiha Clan extermination plan, but what about Itachi? The matter is not as simple as you see.”
“What do you mean?”
Obito continued to talk about what Itachi has done for Sasuke over the years. At first, Sasuke didn’t believe it, but when he heard Susanoo’s formidable power, Sasuke was shocked.
“The Amaterasu released by your right eye just now is also proof. Itachi is afraid that I will tell you the truth, so he engraved Amaterasu in your eyes to burn me. Unfortunately, I’m much tougher than he thinks.”
Hearing that, Sasuke believed Obito’s words. The true Itachi is always the gentle big brother he had always known.
It took a long time for Sasuke to calm down, and he looked up and stared at Obito and asked, “What do you want by telling me this? And, why do you know such complicated information? Just who are you!”
“Who am I? Didn’t Itachi tell you?”
Sasuke froze, then remembered the man Itachi mentioned at the beginning.
‘No, this is impossible! Uchiha Madara should be 100 years old now, how come his hair is still black. But who can dispel Amaterasu so easily and understand such a complicated matter besides Uchiha Madara?’
There was no way to confirm the identity of the person in front of him, but Sasuke looked at Obito and asked, “You have said what you want to say, it’s time to talk about the deal next!”
Obito’s eyes flashed with a little admiration. “I didn’t expect that you could calm down so quickly, as expected from Itachi’s younger brother. Without further adieu, my deal is very simple: use Itachi’s Mangekyō for Hachibi!”
“Use Itachi’s Mangekyō for Hachibi?”
Obito nodded.
“Yes! Itachi should have told you that using Mangekyō will gradually make you blind and you will have eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. The fusion of Itachi’s eyes and your eyes’ Dojutsu will give you a pair of eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. How about it? Are you satisfied with that? “
“Is Itachi’s body in your hands?”
“Of course, Black White Zetsu was there, and Itachi’s corpse could only be retrieved by me.”
“Okay, It’s a deal! But you have to give Itachi to me first!”
“Sasuke, don’t joke with me, have you ever seen someone get paid before doing the job? When I get Hachibi, I will give it to you.”
After saying that, Obito lifted the Jutsu on the iron chain and left the cave.
Sasuke sat alone in the cave for a long time, thinking about everything Itachi did for him. Sasuke’s tears fell on his hand, and his expression slowly became firm as the tears fell.
After a moment, Sasuke calmed down completely, and he picked up Katana next to him and went out.
At this time, Karin, Jugo, and Suigetsu were waiting outside the cave for him.
“Karin, where is this?” Sasuke asked.
“The masked man said this is the east base of Akatsuki.”
“How long does it take to get to Kumogakure from here?”
Karin was unfamiliar with the neighborhood and turned his eyes to Suigetsu and Jugo.
After a while, Jugo said, “It shouldn’t be too far. I once passed by here when I went to Kumogakure to perform a mission a few years ago. From here to Kumogakure, maybe it will take 2 to 3 days away. “
“2 or 3 days? Okay! From now on our goal has changed, we will head to Hachibi Bijuu, Killer B. Let’s go!”

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