Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 485


Sasuke’s group came to the Land of Lightning after 2 days.
After arriving at Land-of-Lightning, they did not rush to Kumogakure but first collected information about Hachibi in Land-of-Lightning.
With Mangekyō in hand, Sasuke easily controlled Kumo Ninja during the Land-of-Lightning inspection with Genjutsu and learned from him that Hachibi was in Kumogakure.
Valley of Clouds and Lightning was located at the entrance of Kumogakure. It is the only way in Land-of-Lightning to enter Kumogakure. It is also the home of Killer B and Hachibi.
Killer B, as the perfect Jinchūriki, has terrifying strength. Both Fourth Raikage and Nibi are no match for Killer B. That’s why Fourth Raikage always handed Killer B an important position, and both Killer B and Hachibi have never let him down for so many years.
However, the recent activity of Akatsuki has changed the Fourth Raikage attitude, especially after Nibi was captured. To protect Killer B, Fourth Raikage ordered him not to leave the village and arranged Ninja to monitor Killer B at all times.
After the Sasuke group arrived near the village, Sasuke took Akatsuki’s robe from the seal Scroll and threw it to Karin’s three people.
“Sasuke, shall we put this on?” Suigetsu asked.
“Well, we are here to capture Hachibi. You heard what the person said just now. The people in Kumogakure have great respect for Hachibi. We just need to rush in and take Hachibi away. But this act would have a very bad effect on Konoha and Otogakure, so Akatsuki will be the one to blame.”
“Oh, so that is. But is it basically useless to wear a coat? Because our appearance and the Ninjutsu we use cannot be changed,” Suigetsu said while wearing a robe.
“We can’t change our Ninjutsu but I think changing our appearance is sufficient.” Sasuke took out the White Zetsu Chakra from Orochimaru.
“This was sent to me by Orochimaru when I left Otogakure. He said that by using this Chakra you can transform into whatever you want, and it won’t be discovered by Sensor Type Ninja.”
Suigetsu’s eyes brightened. He took over White Zetsu chakra, “So amazing! Orochimaru-sama has this kind of thing.”
Jugo, too, was a little curious. He took over Chakra from White Zetsu and overlaid it on his Chakra, then turned into a passerby with Henge no Jutsu.
Seeing this, Karin closed her eyes. She can sense through his Chakra that he has become another person.
“It does work, and Chakra has changed completely.”
After getting Karin’s affirmation, Sasuke and the rest also used White Zetsu’s Chakra to change their appearance and then moved towards Kumogakure.
Akatsuki’s robes were too conspicuous, so before Sasuke could approach Killer B, they were discovered by Kumo Ninja, who was hiding not too far behind them.
The Ninja immediately signaled Killer B and then moved towards the village.
Sasuke gave Suigetsu affirmation, nodded, and chased the Kumo Ninja and knocked him out.
Then Sasuke’s group entered Kumogakure and happened to meet Killer B after training and writing out lyrics.
“Are you Eight-tailed Jinchūriki?” Sasuke asked.
Killer B glanced at them and put away the lyrics, and walked over slowly.
With Killer B approaching, Sasuke’s entire group felt a strong pressure, especially Karin as Sensor Type Ninja. In addition to Killer B, she also sensed Hachibi’s horrible Chakra, and her face became pale instantly.
Sasuke noticed Karin’s pale face, moved a little to the left, and stood in front of Karin.
“Hey! You guys’ clothes seem to be the clothes that my big brother has shown to be Akatsuki that specifically captures Bijuu.”
“Akatsuki? The organization that is led by Mokujin?”
“Well, these 4 dare to come to you, so they may have confidence in their strength. You must be careful.”
Even though he said ‘understood’ Killer B actually didn’t take Sasuke’s entire group into consideration at all.
“Suigetsu attacked from right, Jugo attacked from left, Karin you get the back. Let’s get started!” Said Sasuke in a low voice. Suigetsu pulled the great sword behind him and charged at Killer B.
Killer B didn’t dodge. Instead, he reached out his hand to catch Suigetsu’s slash easily, then kicked Suigetsu.
Seeing this, Suigetsu activated the curse seal and rushed to Killer B. But Killer B repelled his attack easily.
“This guy is strong. Suigetsu, you guys step back. I’ll deal with him!” Sasuke pulled out Katana and teleported to Killer B.
Killer B suddenly thought of something and dodged sideways past Sasuke’s attack, took out his note, and wrote down some lyrics. Sasuke frowned, but Killer B stared at him with an arrogant look.
Killer B dodged left and right while avoiding Sasuke’s attack while writing down the rap song lyrics that flashed his mind.
“Thanks to you I got a wonderful rhyme. And now that I’m in a good mood, I’ll play with you.”
Having said that, Killer B pulled out the seven short blades behind him in a very weird way. The Seven-Swords is gripped by various parts of the body.
“Sasuke be careful, this guy is hard to deal with!” Suigetsu’s reminded Sasuke; he then activated Sharingan.
Sasuke didn’t expect that even with Sharingan’s help, he’s still weak when facing Killer B. Killer B’s Blade Technique is fast and complicated. He attacked using all the blades fiercely but carefully.
For a while, Sasuke thought that he was losing it as his wound on his body got cut out by Killer B’s short blade.
Killer B’s offensive is getting more and more fierce. At a disadvantage, Sasuke can only stay on defense and retreat. But unfortunately, his movement was too slow as he was quickly caught up by Killer B and got kicked.
Sasuke got up from the ground. Through the battle just now, he knew that Taijutsu was Hachibi’s main technique. So Sasuke planned to use Chidori to end it quickly.
By stimulating his cells with Raiton Chakra, Sasuke’s Speed greatly improved, and lightning struck Hachibi in a blink of an eye. Sasuke, with Raiton Chakra attached to his Katana, split Hachibi off.
Unfortunately, Sasuke has forgotten that Killer B is still a Ninja of Kumogakure and is proficient in Raiton. His Chidori was really strong, but it still seems it was not enough in the face of Kumogakure’s Ninja.
Killer B used Raiton chakra and also attached it to the short blade.
Killer B Raiton Chakra’s collision was better than Sasuke’s, so when he got struck by it, Sasuke’s body was paralyzed.
Killer B took the opportunity to pierce his short blade into Sasuke’s body once again. Sasuke suffered a severe injury, and his body was paralyzed by Raiton Chakra. Unable to move even a little bit.
Killer B appeared from behind, trying to kill Sasuke. Suigetsu rushed forward when he saw this, blocking Killer B’s attack, and Jugo went into curse seal mode to kill Killer B.

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