Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 486


After repelling Killer B, Karin showed her arm. She handed it to Sasuke’s mouth, allowing Sasuke to absorb her Chakra and recover his injury.
Killer B felt that Karin’s Chakra had flowed into Sasuke’s body, and Sasuke’s injury soon recovered.
“It looks like this girl’s Chakra can recover injuries, It won’t be a long battle. Let’s do it quickly!”
“Good!” Killer B nodded, and red Chakra bubbles appeared on his body, slowly forming the Hachibi Bijuu coat.
As soon as Sasuke’s injury was recovered, he saw Killer B under Bijuu’s coat. The appearance of Killer B reminded Sasuke of Naruto when using Bijuu’s coat.
According to his memory, Naruto’s speed and strength will be greatly enhanced when using Bijuu’s coat. The Chakra flow will be very aggressive.
Sasuke speculated that Killer B’s Bijuu coat should have similar capabilities. So in the face of Killer B Bijuu’s coat, Sasuke immediately activated Sharingan and raised 120,000 points of his Spiritual energy.
With the blessing of Hachibi Bijuu’s coat, Killer B’s Speed enhanced faster than what Sasuke imagined, and he appeared in front of him in a blink of an eye. Sasuke used Mangekyō’s vision to avoid Killer B’s attack in advance.
Killer B attacked Sasuke but missed; instead, he set his target on Karin and the rest. In panic, Sasuke quickly uttered a word to remind them that they had to jump into the water to avoid his attack.
Killer B sang strange tunes and launched another attack on Sasuke. This time, Sasuke prepared in advance and used Genjutsu on Killer B.
Mangekyō’s Genjutsu stopped Killer B’s attack, and Sasuke relaxed a bit.
While Killer B was immersed in Genjutsu World, Hachibi inside his body went on a rampage to break out Killer B from Genjutsu.
“With this distance, if you use Lariat you can directly break his internal organs. This person has Mangekyou Sharingan, don’t give him any chance.”
After hearing this, Killer B immediately charged at Sasuke. A red silhouette appeared in front of Sasuke; he was hit by the thunderbolt.
The huge impact opened a large hole directly in Sasuke’s chest. As Hachibi said, Sasuke’s internal organs were also destroyed.
Seeing that Sasuke was about to fall into the water, Jugo suddenly appeared to catch him. After he checked on Sasuke, Jugo’s face became severe.
Seeing Sasuke’s serious injury, Karin immediately ran over to save Sasuke with her Chakra.
“Karin, Sasuke’s injury is too serious. You can’t save him with your Chakra, let me do it! I’ll connect my body with Sasuke and use the curse seal to heal his body. “
“Okay, then I leave it to you.”
“He isn’t dead yet? This guy is troublesome!” Said Killer B and rushed towards Sasuke.
Karin clenched her teeth, then tried to stop Hachibi herself. She raised her Kunai with a trembling hand. Seeing that Hachibi was getting closer, Suigetsu suddenly appeared and mobilized the water below to block Killer B’s attack.
“What are you doing? Run!”
“But Sasuke …”
“Sasuke’s injury has been healed, get him and run!”
Karin nodded and left with Sasuke and Jugo. Killer B saw what they were going to do. He was tired of this game already and decided to deal with Sasuke in one go.
“Let’s go!” He said with a trembling voice as he faced Chakra burst from Killer B. Suigetsu then was blown away by Killer B Chakra instantly. A giant monster with a bullhead octopus appeared a moment later in front of them.
Feeling Hachibi’s Chakra, Karin’s legs became weak, and with a desperate tone, she muttered to herself, “Is this Hachibi? We were fighting this monster before?!”
“Put me down! I’ll deal with him.”
Hearing Sasuke’s voice, Karin quickly asked, “Sasuke? Are you awake! How are you feeling?”
“I’m fine, thanks to you all! Jugo put me down!”
Jugo ignored Sasuke’s request and persuaded, “Sasuke, I think we should run away. This is a kind of monster we can’t deal with.”
“It’s okay. I have Dojutsu from Mangekyō, this Jutsu should be able to take him down. Even if it fails, it should be enough to be able to hold him back.”
“Take me with you, Sasuke!” said Karin.
“Okay! But if the situation becomes worse, you must withdraw immediately.”
“Don’t worry, I know my limit.”
Jugo nodded and put Sasuke down.
Sasuke opened Mangekyō and aimed at Hachibi. A black flame climbed up Hachibi’s body instantly. The burning flame caused pain to both Hachibi, and Killer B. Hachibi quickly jumped into the water to extinguish the flame. However, even if he entered the water, it was still there and slowly burned his body.
“What kind of fire that won’t die out after getting in contact with water!”
“This must be Dojutsu Amaterasu of Mangekyō. This is really troublesome, let’s get off with octopus feet!”
“Wait a minute, even if you want to escape, it won’t be easy.” Hachibi rushed towards Sasuke and Karin and frantically waved the tentacle to attack them.
Sasuke cut off one of its tentacles with Chidori Senbon and then said, “Karin, be careful! Don’t touch the black flame!”
Killer B, who had escaped from Sasuke’s severed tentacle, also heard Sasuke’s words and quickly controlled the burning “Hachibi” to grab Karin.
The black flame was now on Karin’s body too.
Karin screamed and suddenly lost consciousness. Seeing Amaterasu was about to devour Karin completely, Sasuke felt a strong desire in his heart. He wanted to save Karin and stop the black flame.
This strong desire reacted with Mangekyō and Sasuke’s left eye.
The black flame on Karin was gradually extinguished under Kagutsuchi’s control.
Sasuke touched his eyes and murmured to himself, “Is this Dojutsu in the left eye? It can control Amaterasu.”
The scream of “Hachibi” stopped, and Jugo quickly reminded them: “Sasuke, Hachibi will soon be free because his Jinchūriki is dead.”
Sasuke nodded and focused his eyes on “Hachibi”.
After a while, the black flame on “Hachibi” gradually disappeared, and so did the Bijuu’s cloak on “Killer B”. Leaving only the burned and unconscious “Killer B”.
They looked “Killer B” with a somewhat unbelievable look.
“It killed this monster.”
“Jugo, you bring Hachibi , we have to leave quickly, the people of Kumogakure should have found out soon.”
Sasuke’s words interrupted Jugo’s thoughts, and he immediately picked “Killer B” up. Suigetsu also reunited his body from the water and picked up Karin and the entire group quickly left Kumogakure.

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