Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 487


Underwater, Killer B crawled out of the tentacle cut off by Sasuke.
“You better go and report this to your big brother. These 4 guys are not easy to deal with… One can use natural Chakra, one can recover injuries with his Chakra, one is Clansman of Hōzuki clan, one has Mangekyou Sharingan. Besides, Akatsuki has so many powerful members, you must let your big brother know immediately.”
“Don’t worry. When I fought those people, I deliberately made Bijuu cause such a big ruckus, just to let the people in the village see it and let them tell big brother.”
“So that’s your intention ….”
After spending many years with Killer B, there’s even a side of him that Hachibi does not yet know.
“We leave quietly so they won’t find out. You don’t have to worry.”
Hachibi said, “My concern is not whether we can leave, but if your big brother finds out, you will be killed.”
Killer B froze and stepped his feet back. He stood next to the tentacle for a while, the thirst for freedom overcame the fear of Fourth Raikage, and Killer B chose to leave Kumogakure.
As Killer B said, his battle with Sasuke and the others was indeed discovered by a Ninja that patrolled around Kumogakure.
After seeing “Killer B” captured by Sasuke and the others, they immediately reported to Fourth Raikage.
Fourth Raikage’s expression changed greatly after hearing the report and immediately rushed to Killer B’s place. Seeing the place had become a mess, Fourth Raikage became more and more worried.
He went back to Kumogakure, ordering his bodyguards to look for the trace of Killer B. He remembered the old days with Killer B.
He and Killer B were closer to each other than their other brother. Since the Third Shinobi World War, the two have been fighting side by side. It can be said that Killer B is Fourth Raikage’s most trusted person.
If Killer B disappears, he doesn’t know what he will do.
After a while, Darui, Fourth Raikage guard reports, “Raikage-sama, looking how much destruction is there, I’m afraid Hachibi….”
Fourth Raikage’s anger was completely ignited. Feeling the raging Raiton Chakra of Fourth Raikage, everyone stood near him shed cold sweat.
Darui clenched his teeth and stood in front of everyone. “…Raikage-sama, please calm down. The kidnappers shouldn’t have gone too far, we will send someone to chase them immediately.”
“Samui, go back to the office right away and send a message to the Four Great Ninja Village in my name to hold a Five Kages conference. Akatsuki will pay for this.”
“Understood, Lord Raikage!”
Everyone at Kumogakure was given orders and immediately started to act.
The fourth Raikage looked at the horizon of the village, muttering to himself.
“B, please be safe!”
At this point, the entire Sasuke group hid “Killer B” in a cave.
They also knew that the fighting Hachibi just now was too much for them. The fourth Raikage should soon take action. Now that Karin was injured and Killer B may not be able to wake up, Sasuke will hide and first prepare to put Chakra seal on Killer B, then cure Karin.
Karin is a Sensor Type Ninja. With her power, Sasuke and the others can avoid Kumogakure ninja and find a chance to leave Land-of-Lightning.
When he came to the cave, Jugo put down “Killer B” aside, and took off Akatsuki’s clothes, and spread them on the ground. Suigetsu gently laid Karin down on it.
Sasuke took out all the Healing Tags from the seal Scroll and put them on the place where Karin was burned by Amaterasu. Healing Tag exuded green rays of light, and Karin’s injuries were gradually getting better. Sasuke and the others were relieved.
Then Sasuke sealed Killer B’s Chakra and then asked Jugo at his side, “Jugo, your body has shrunk so much, is there any way to recover it?”
“I’m okay, I’ll recover as long as I can add Chakra.”
“That’s good. Thank you. If it wasn’t for your help I would have died back then.”
Jugo waved his hand and said, “Don’t mention it. I promised Kimimaro I will protect you. So I’ll keep it no matter what.”
“Is he? Speaking of which, I haven’t talked to him in Otogakure for so long!” Sasuke said with a smile again when he mentioned Kimimaro’s name.
“Kimimaro-sama and Anko-sama are both disciples of Orochimaru-sama. They are the most important people for Orochimaru-sama. Otogakure will be at their hand in the future.” Suigetsu said lightly.
Hearing this, Sasuke frowned. “I remember Orochimaru seems to have three disciples.”
“You mean Young Lady Yugao?”
“Young Lady Yugao?”
Sasuke noticed that Suigetsu called Yugao differently from Anko and Kimimaro.
“Strictly speaking, Young Lady Yugao is not from Otogakure. She should be a Ninja from Konoha, and as far as I know, the relationship between Young Lady Yugao and Yamanaka Ryo-sama is not ordinary.”
Sasuke was surprised. He didn’t expect Yugao to have a relationship with Yamanaka Ryo.
“I don’t know much about them. But I heard that Ryo-sama is a siscon. When I was kid, I was interested in Young Lady Yugao. Later, I found out that Young Lady Yugao grew up with Ryo-sama.” Suigetsu whispered.
Sasuke twitched his lips, apparently did not believe what Suigetsu said. Three of them talked about some Eight Trigrams in the cave until Karin woke up.
After Karin woke up, Sasuke’s group easily escaped the search of Kumogakure Ninja and successfully escaped Land-of-Lightning with her sensor ability.
White Zetsu appeared at the Land-of-Lightning border. He saw Killer B carried by Sasuke. He dived into the ground immediately and told Obito the news.
At the same time, in Konoha, Naruto was depressed for two days after hearing about the death of Jiraiya. It was thanks to Iruka and Shikamaru’s support that Naruto came out of grief.
The encrypt team also successfully deciphered the code left by Jiraiya and got clues about Pain.
After learning that Naruto was feeling better, Tsunade called him to Hokage’s Office and told Naruto about Fukasaku Sennin’s plan to guide him in training Sage Mode.
Naruto immediately agreed and left the village of Konoha that afternoon to mount Myōboku to start his training.
Otogakure, Orochimaru’s Laboratory, Jiraiya, who had been in a coma for three days, finally woke up. His head was still dizzy, and his consciousness hadn’t fully recovered.
Jiraiya raised her hand and rubbed her dizzy head.
He put his gaze on his bandaged left hand, and his memory from his battle with Pain that day became clear.

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