Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 492


Instead of answering Jiraiya’s question, Yamanaka Ryo just laughed and asked, “Uncle Jiraiya, we are going to return to the village, are you going with us?”
Jiraiya jumped up from the bed. “Of course I’m going. How can I be away from the village at a time like this?”
“It’s okay to go but under one condition.”
“Tell me!”
“No matter what crisis the village encounters, you can’t take any action yet. I assure you that the villagers will be fine. If you can keep the promise, we will take you.”
Jiraiya knew very well that if he went from Otogakure to Konoha, it would take more than 1 day. When he arrives, everything will be too late. In the end, Jiraiya could only sigh and agreed to Yamanaka Ryo’s conditions.
Yamanaka Ryo laughed and took Jiraiya and Minato teleport to Konoha and then hid in the space gap.
After they reached Konoha, Jiraiya quickly looked at the situation in the village. Now Akatsuki just invaded Konoha. They chose to secretly capture some of Konoha’s Genin and ask Naruto’s whereabouts.
Faced with Akatsuki’s strength, the Genin can’t do anything. Even if the battle would not happen, they were caught by Akatsuki, so Jiraiya didn’t seem to think it was abnormal.
After some investigation, Pain determined that Genin in Konoha did not know about Naruto’s trace at all, so he focused on Jōnin.
“Tobi, let’s get started!”
After Pain Rikudō broke apart, Konan followed him closely.
Since the beginning, Nagato had no plans to hide his tracks and controlled Pain Rikudō to search for Naruto in Konoha.
At Hokage’s Office, Tsunade also received news of the Akatsuki invasion.
“I didn’t expect they came so fast! You told Anbu and another Ninja to arrange the barriers upstairs in Hokage’s building. I want to summon Katsuyu’s Body Clone to protect the villagers. Immediately notify the security department at the operation room of Konoha Hospital to protect the people there and Pain’s corpse.” Tsunade ordered Anbu Ninja behind him.
Anbu Ninja disappeared shortly after receiving the order.
At the same time, when Akatsuki began to wreak havoc, various clans in Konoha had already discovered the situation and started operations.
The small and medium-sized clan was centered on the Aburame clan. They used their insect to distinguish the enemy’s position, effectively avoiding confrontation with Akatsuki members, and started to evacuate the commoner.
Uchiha and Hyuga Clan set their target on Pain, and their clansman followed the information of the Ministry of Security and began to surround Pain Rikudō.
Kakashi and the guards acted together, aimed to defeat Pain, while Lain set the target on Obito.
In the sky above the village, Namikaze Minato said with a smile, “It seems that Tsunade-sama is also prepared. Looking at the village maneuver, they have been prepared for Akatsuki for a long time.”
“Well, to the cooperation of various clans and the positioning of the main battle strength, Tsunade-sama did have everything under her control.” Yamanaka Ryo also agreed.
“The only thing we need to worry about is the big scale attack that can destroy a village,” Kushina said.
“There is no need to worry about that. When Pain uses this Jutsu, I will freeze the space and block the repulsive force of this Jutsu. At that time, Minato-nii will transfer out this repulsive force and save the village and make your return at the same time.”
Jiraiya was startled a bit. Now he realized that everything Akatsuki had done to Konoha was already in their plans.
Thinking of this, Jiraiya asked, “Ryo, the hero you mentioned is Minato?”
Yamanaka Ryo laughed and said mysteriously, “Uncle Jiraiya, don’t worry! You will know about it later.”
As four of them analyzed the current situation, at the west of the village, Lain appeared in front of Black White Zetsu. Suzune was already familiar with white Zetsu, but it was the first time she saw Black Zetsu.
Feeling Lain’s surging life force, Black Zetsu immediately determined that the person in front of him was Yamanaka Lain.
“White Zetsu, do it!”
After speaking, there was a tremor in the ground, and a large tree stood up. Then a huge Mokujin made of trees appeared. Black White Zetsu merged into Mokujin, controlling Mokujin to step on Suzune.
Suzune showed no sign of panic, and with her hands sealed, she grew a tree around her to resist Mokujin’s attack. The next second, a Wood Dragon appeared out of thin air and bound Mokujin.
“Mokuryū no Jutsu? Sure enough, this little girl is hard to deal with!”
When Lain confronted Black White Zetsu, the security forces and Kakashi surrounded the four Pain bodies. But these Pain bodies shared the same vision. Taijutsu’s attack was useless. Gakidō was able to absorb Ninjutsu, and both sides fell into a deadlock.
On the other side, Uchiha Fugaku, ready to support Kakashi, was stopped by the sudden appearance of Obito.
“Clan Leader Fugaku, sorry, you can’t step any further!”
Uchiha Fugaku, hearing this, snorted coldly. He threw a handful of Shuriken towards Obito. As he imagined, when Obito avoided Shuriken, he took the opportunity to make a hand seal and burn Obito with Katon and then captured Obito with Genjutsu.
What Fugaku didn’t expect was that in the face of these Shuriken Obito didn’t dodge and let Shuriken pass through him and leave no scars on his body.
Uchiha Futama froze and spit out the huge Fireball. However, Obito still did nothing and let the Fireball pass through his body.
Seeing this, Uchiha Fugaku was sweating cold. He may be an Uchiha that also owns Mangekyō, but Uchiha Fugaku felt great pressure on the person in front of him.
“Clan Leader Fugaku, I have no intention to fight you, and I don’t want to waste time, so please stay with me and wait for the game to end.”
Uchiha Fugaku didn’t give up. He opened Mangekyō and pulled Obito into the Tsukuyomi space.
“Tsukuyomi? I’ll tell you a secret, Clan Leader Fugaku. Since the beginning, I have cracked the Tsukuyomi!”
Obito’s tone barely fell, and Uchiha Fugaku found a three tomoe Sharingan in his Tsukuyomi space. In the next second, his Tsukuyomi broke.
Uchiha Fugaku’s left eye shed tears of blood, and his face became pale.
“I have said it all, I don’t want to do anything. Why are you so persistent, Clan Leader Fugaku? Just stay here with me!”
Tsukuyomi was broken, and Uchiha Fugaku lost most of his energy. There was nothing he could do; now, he was deadlocked with Obito.
At the same time, Chikushōdō had arrived near Konoha Hospital, while Tendo and Konan were moving towards the Hokage building.
On the way, Tendo and Konan encountered multiple waves of Anbu member’s blockage, and they were taken care of one by one. Seeing that the two were getting closer to the Hokage building, a stick dropped from the sky in front of the two.
Tendo Pain looked at Golden Staff and began to change its form into Monkey. He turned his eyes to the old man, “Is it the Third Hokage?”

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