Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 493


When Konoha was in riots, Anbu Ninja and Sarutobi Clan’s clansmen immediately arranged for the Third Hokage to withdraw. The third Hokage rejected it immediately. He took out the armor that had been placed for many years and intended to protect the village with his strength.
Initially, the Third Hokage was going to Lain because he saw the biggest movement there. When he came halfway, the Third Hokage noticed that Anbu Ninja was being attacked on the way to the Hokage building.
The third Hokage saw Katsuyu Body Clone everywhere in the village and knew that Tsunade had used all Chakra to summon Katsuyu. Now Tsunade was extremely fragile, so Third Hokage changed his goal and rushed to the Hokage building. The third Hokage stopped Tendo movement just now.
It’s the first time for third Hokage, Nagato, and Konan to meet, but they had heard about his legends, whether from Jiraiya’s mouth or later the information collected by Akatsuki. They all reflected the wisdom and power of the Third Hokage.
Even though Third Hokage had become old now, Nagato and Konan dared not to let their guard down.
The same as the Third Hokage. Along the way, the Third Hokage found out that these two had defeated nearly half of Anbu Ninja.
Most Anbu Ninja has strength above Special Jōnin, but they were easily taken down by these two in front of him.
“Konan, do it!” Tendo said coldly.
Konan nodded, and the flying pieces of paper slowly gathered into a pair of wings. Konan floated in the midair, and countless sword-like pieces of paper from her wings swept away toward the Third Hokage.
The third Hokage looked surprised, waving his Kongonyoi against the paper attack. When Pain saw this, he pulled a nail from the nearby house and then used the repulsive force to shoot the nail down to Third Hokage’s eyebrow.
“Understood!” They have been working together for a long time so Enma can understand what Third Hokage means. The third Hokage released his hand, Golden staff turned on his own, and Third Hokage took the opportunity to make a hand seal to make a barricade to block in front of Golden staff.
Pieces of paper and nails were blocked by the earth wall.
“Sarutobi, Earth-style Wall can’t hold it for long, we have to do something!”
The third Hokage nodded. Golden staff bypassed the earth wall and suddenly became large and swept over Konan and Tendo.
The Golden staff became so thick after it got bigger, and it shot suddenly to Tendo. He had no time to dodge. Unfortunately, a powerful repulsive force bounced the Golden Staff back.
At this time, the Third Hokage was also ready; he used a hybrid Ninjutsu of Fūton and Katon.
Tendo had just used Shinra Tensei. He needed 5 seconds to cool down, and Third Hokage’s Katon just needed 2 seconds to reach Tendo.
Seeing this, Konan shot down countless pieces of paper in the sky to stop the flame, but as soon as the paper touched the flame, it ignited instantly, fueling the fire even more.
Tendo had no choice but to use Banshō Tenjin to move a nearby house to block the flame, but what he didn’t expect was that just after blocking the flame, the land under his feet had turned into a swamp, and his body was slowly falling.
At the same time, there was also lightning stroke down from the sky.
Seeing that lightning was about to hit Tendo, the Third Hokage smiled. Unfortunately, just as the lightning was about to stroke him, Pain launched a repulsion force once again and made him break free from the swamp.
“Sarutobi, he just blocked my attack with this Jutsu just now,” Enma said.
“I just saw that he used gravitational force to move the house, and repelled the attack. It seems that his technique is related to gravitational repulsion. And in the face of my former Fūton-Katon mixed Ninjutsu, he didn’t choose to bounce it off with repulsion, and even his companions needed to help him resist my attack, which shows that the repulsive Ninjutsu couldn’t be used directly after the first use.”
Enma nodded. “I think so. The interval between when I attacked back then and the Raiton just now is about 5 seconds.”
“5 seconds? We need to check if his interval could be longer than 5 seconds or not. That is to say, he still can use that power continuously. Let me try if our analysis is correct.” The third Hokage threw a shuriken at Tendo.
When the Shuriken arrived in front of Tendo, it turned into dozens of Shuriken.
Tendo had already guessed the purpose of the Third Hokage at this time, but the Shuriken was too close to avoid, and he had to use Shinra Tensei to bounce the Shuriken away.
“Enma, it’s up to you!”
Golden Staff got bigger again and launched towards Tendo. This time, there was no repulsive force. Enma’s attack smashed Tendo.
“Sarutobi, this is it. His attack is ….”
Before Enma can finish his words, he found that a huge chameleon appeared behind the Third Hokage. A woman wearing Akatsuki clothes stood on the chameleon’s head.
“Sarutobi be careful!” Enma hurriedly reminded him, but it was too late. The third Hokage was drawn by the chameleon’s tail, and then a black iron rod appeared in the woman’s hand to impale the Third Hokage to the ground.
Seeing this, Enma rushed towards the Third Hokage, but there was a huge gravity behind him, pulling Enma a little bit towards him.
Chikushōdō took the opportunity to pull out another black iron rod and stab it into Third Hokage’s throat.
In the sky, Yamanaka Ryo witnessed the battle. Seeing the Third Hokage was in a critical situation, Jiraiya and Namikaze Minato couldn’t sit still. Namikaze Minato shot Flying thunder god kunai from time and space.
Yamanaka Ryo sighed, frozen the Kunai, and pointed behind Chikushōdō and said, “Uncle Jiraiya, Minato, don’t worry, look at that!”
Jiraiya and Namikaze Minato followed the instructions of Yamanaka Ryo and found Hatake Sakumo changing the color of the dragon’s body.
“It’s Sakumo! When did he come?”
“Just now, when you plan to charge ahead. Rest assured, everything will be alright with Uncle Sakumo around.”
As Yamanaka Ryo said, Hatake Sakumo stimulated the cells with Raiton Chakra to increase the speed to the fastest. At the crucial moment, he cut off Chikushōdō’s arm and saved the Third Hokage.
“Lord Sandaime, just go home and rest! No need to participate in this kind of fight.” Hatake Sakumo said while helping Third Hokage pull out the black iron rod and helped him up.
The third Hokage said with a wry smile, “Tsunade is here and I’m worried. Sorry, Sakumo…”
“Sandaime, what did you find about them from your battle?”
“That woman should only be a user of Kami Ninjutsu. Nothing special about her. The man’s technique should be gravity and repulsion. Repulsion can bounce off all Ninjutsu attacks, but it cannot be used continuously. There is probably a 5 seconds interval between attacks.”
“5 seconds? That should be enough! What about the guy behind?”
The third Hokage shook his head. He didn’t even know when Chikushōdō came.

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