Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 494


When Hatake Sakumo and Third Hokage asked about Tendo’s information, Tendo was also discussing with Konan what to do next.
“Nagato… Third Hokage, and Hatake Sakumo are hard to deal with. Even with Chikushōdō’s help, we can’t finish him off. Now let’s retreat!”
“No, other people are also stopped by the people of Konoha. We must find a way to get the information of Uzumaki Naruto as soon as possible. This time, Yamanaka Ryo and Uchiha Shisui are not there. There will be no such opportunity in the future. We must not retreat.”
Konan sighed and said, “That’s it! I’ll drag Hatake Sakumo away and then you can get the information of Uzumaki Naruto.”
“No, it’s too dangerous for you to go alone!” Nagato immediately refused.
Konan was about to continue persuading when Tendo suddenly said, “Konan, let’s retreat! The news came from Jigokudō. He said Uzumaki Naruto is not in Konoha.”
The other four Pain bodies were blocked by Kakashi and the members of the Security Department. Gakidō could absorb Ninjutsu. Kakashi chose to pile up Pain’s four bodies with Taijutsu.
During the battle between the two sides, Jigokudō extracted the soul of a member of the Uchiha Clan Security Department, and he happened to see Tsunade and the others sending Naruto out of Konoha to Mount Myōboku.
After knowing this information, Nagato understood that it wouldn’t make sense to attack Konoha now, so he chose to retreat. He controlled Shuradō to send a flare signal to all Akatsuki members, then Tendo dropped Smoke Bomb and took off from Konoha with Konan. Chikushōdō also disappeared in front of Third Hokage and Hatake Sakumo with the invisibility of the chameleon.
After Chikushōdō left Konoha, Tendo used a hand seal to summon the remaining five Pain bodies, and then Jigokudō to repair Chikushōdō.
After a while, the black White Zetsu came out of the ground, and Obito came out of Kamui’s space.
“Zero, what happened? Why was the operation abruptly terminated.” Obito asked.
“I got news from Jigokudō that Uzumaki Naruto is not in Konoha, so there is no need to waste time here.”
Hearing this, White Zetsu said, “That’s a shame, it’s a golden opportunity for us when Yamanaka Ryo and Uchiha Shisui are not here now.”
Tendo was silent, hesitating for a moment, and then said, “You’re right. This is a rare opportunity.”
“Zero, what are you going to do?” Konan asked, holding Tendo.
“Make the world feel the pain!” Tendo broke free of Konan’s hand and drifted into the sky.
After Tendo flew directly above Konoha, Pain Rikudō’s power all gathered in Tendo’s body, and the other five Pain fell.
“What’s wrong with them?” White Zetsu asked strangely.
Konan did not answer White Zetsu’s question, which involved Pain’s secret.
Tendo looked down at Konoha below, his expression more and more indifferent.
“From now on, the world shall know Pain! SHINRA TENSEI!”
A powerful repulsion, centered on Tendo, swept towards Konoha.
Tendo’s position was not far from Yamanaka Ryo’s hiding place, and he felt the repulsive force at close range. Jiraiya and Namikaze Minato’s expressions changed greatly.
They knew that once this force reached Konoha, Konoha would be turned into ruins in an instant.
The Konoha villagers below also felt the power of power. They felt horror, and an unprecedented sense of powerlessness crawled into everyone’s mind.
Seeing the power of Shinra Tensei was about to reach Konoha, some buildings in the center of Konoha had begun to collapse.
Jiraiya put his eyes on Yamanaka Ryo. Yamanaka Ryo took a deep breath. A layer of Frost that can be seen with naked eyes froze the space above Konoha.
Even Shinra Tensei’s repulsive force was frozen.
“Minato-nii, it’s your time!”
Namikaze Minato nodded, got out of time and space, expanded the Flying thunder god barrier, and transferred the repulsive force of Shinra Tensei to the desert in the Country of Wind.
Yamanaka Ryo snapped his fingers to lift the ice in space.
Namikaze Minato then fell from the sky, and at the same time, everyone in Konoha made a confused face. Just now, they felt a powerful force was about to hit, and they were all ready to defend. But now, how could it suddenly disappear?
“Hey! Look, somebody has fallen there!” Said Uchiha Clan’s member of the Security Department, pointing at Namikaze Minato.
His words attracted the sight of nearby people in the sky, and others also noticed Namikaze Minato.
At this moment, everyone in Konoha watched Namikaze Minato falling from the sky.
As Namikaze Minato slowly fell, Uchiha Clan opened Sharingan and became the first person to confirm the identity of the man in the sky.
“No … no way! That silhouette is … it looks like … Yondaime, Minato-sama!”
“Stop joking! Is something wrong with your Sharingan? There’s no way Yondaime …” Hyuga Clan’s clansmen retorted, stuck in his throat because their Byakugan also saw the silhouette.
More ordinary people can also see Namikaze Minato’s appearance. Anbu made a commotion too.
Anbu, who was originally a friend of Fourth Hokage, said to his companion, “Hey! What is the situation, isn’t Yondaime… “
“I don’t know either! Seeing the response from the security department, it’s indeed the Yondaime. It’s not someone using Henge no Jutsu or anything. Or maybe is it Edo Tensei?”
Namikaze Minato landed in the upper Hokage building, and the Ninjas in Konoha were all moved there.
Anbu Ninja, who was originally in the Hokage building, saw Namikaze Minato up close, but what they didn’t expect was that Namikaze Minato’s eyes were not the eyes of someone who has been revived by Edo Tensei.
are you really Minato-sama?”
Namikaze Minato nodded, showing his signature a smile.
The Ninjas below Hokage were so excited to see Namikaze Minato’s smile.
“Kakashi-sama, is he really Minato-sama?” The member of the guard next to Kakashi asked.
Kakashi didn’t answer him, just staring at the silhouette. Namikaze Minato noticed Kakashi’s gaze and walked to Kakashi with a smile.
“It is you! It’s really you!” Kakashi burst into tears.
“Everyone, I’m back!” Namikaze Minato said from Hokage building.
A very simple sentence caused a sensation and instantly ignited Konoha Ninja’s mood.
“You heard it! It’s Minato-sama!”
“Minato-sama is back! It must be Minato-sama who blocked that power just now!”
“Yeah! I know, Minato-sama is back!”
Such conversations took place in every corner of Konoha. Now, the backbone of Ninjas in Konoha village was mostly youngsters during the Third Shinobi World War.
They witnessed the rise of Namikaze Minato in that war, and at the Kyuubi’s attack that night, they looked at Namikaze Minato’s sacrifice for the village. In their eyes, Namikaze Minato’s Hokage status was extremely high, and now they were so excited to see Namikaze Minato return.

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