Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 496


“It turned out that you have become Sennin. Just like Jiraiya sensei.” Said Tendo Pain after he sensed Senjutsu Chakra in Rasen Shuriken.
“Did you just call him sensei?!”
“I used to be his pupil to learn Ninjutsu. In other words, the two of us are fellow apprentices. People who admire the same sensei should understand each other. So, Naruto, don’t resist! Your death can give peace to Ninja World. “
“Don’t joke! Like I would believe you, the one who talks about peace!”
To everyone’s surprise, Naruto threw Rasen Shuriken in his hand towards Pain.
Rasen shuriken was a threat in Pain’s eyes. Through Pain’s eyes, Nagato also saw this Jutsu. He lowered his head and thought: ‘Tendo’s power hasn’t recovered yet. There is no way to reflect that Jutsu. It’s going to hit Gakidō again. Was Uzumaki Naruto try to defeat Gakidō first to make him unable to use his technique? Then I have to avoid it first!’
At the thought of this, Nagato immediately controls Pain to avoid it, but what he didn’t expect was that Rasen shuriken had become bigger.
Ningendō and Chikushōdō had no time to escape, and Tendo’s power had not recovered yet. And Chikushōdō’s summoned beast was needed to face the toad of Mount Myōboku, so Nagato decided to sacrifice Ningendō to rescue Chikushōdō.
Chikushōdō was thrown out by Ningendō, and it can barely escape from Rasenshuriken’s attack range. In an instant, Ningendō was cut into pieces by Naruto’s Rasen shuriken.
‘Such a terrifying Jutsu…. Uzumaki Naruto was really a worthy disciple of Jiraiya sensei. It seems that Gakidō must be repaired.’
Nagato murmured to himself.
“Naruto, take down that woman next; her summoned beast is troublesome!” said Fukasaku Sennin to Naruto.
Naruto nodded and threw Smoke Bomb to obstruct Pain’s sight. He then created two Shadow Clone Jutsu. One turned into Rasenshuriken, and the other threw that body clone-turned-into-Rasenshuriken toward Pain.
While Pain’s sights were attracted by fake Rasenshuriken, Naruto’s real body used the Body Flicker Technique to get behind Chikushōdō. He used Rasengan on Chikushōdō’s back to defeat her.
After Chikushōdō was taken down, Naruto found out that Gakidō, who had been destroyed by him, actually stood up again and absorbed the fake Rasenshuriken.
“Naruto, look at the Pain who was standing at the furthest back just now.” Katsuyu’s Body Clone noticed something about Pain and quickly reminded Naruto.
Naruto turned and frowned, “Is there no limit to his summon?”
“I don’t know, but another Pain body has just been summoned.”
“That’s it! It seems that the reason for Pain’s endless resurrection is him. Fukasaku grandpa said it before that Ero Sennin had defeated three Pain, but then these three Pain were resurrected.”
“Then this person is the key to Pain. Naruto, we have to find a way to defeat him first. Otherwise, Pain will always be resurrected.”
“Okay, got it.”
Fukasaku and Shima Sennin also noticed it. So, they also set their eyes on Jigokudō’s body.
“Let’s use Genjutsu! In the previous battle, using Genjutsu to deal with Pain was proven effective. Our Genjutsu should make Pain temporarily lose his ability to move. In this case, Naruto has opportunities to kill the other Pain that is being resurrected. “
“Okay! Then let’s use Genjutsu!” Shima Sennin nodded.
Two toad chants sounded on the battlefield, and the Nagato expression in the distance changed greatly. He had suffered such losses before, but now Tendo’s power had not recovered, and Chikushōdō and Gakidō were not good at long-range attacks.
In desperation, Nagato can only choose to resist the two Sennin’s Genjutsu and continue to attack Naruto. Naruto didn’t know what the two Sennin were doing, but he noticed that Tendo Pain’s attack speed was slowed down when the two Sennin chanted.
Naruto immediately seized the opportunity and moved towards Jigokudō. Nagato then controlled Jigokudō to run elsewhere.
For a while, the situation has turned into a chase battle. After some time, the effects of the two major Sennin Genjutsu became stronger, and Nagato’s vision gradually became blurred. Tendo and Gakidō movement has stopped.
Naruto took the opportunity to attack Jigokudō’s stomach with Rasengan, thus killing Jigokudō.
Next, he set his sights on Tendo.
At this moment, Konan returned to the place where Nagato was hiding. She noticed that there was a problem with Nagato’s condition. She immediately realized that it was Genjutsu. Konan immediately helped Nagato break out of the two Sennin’s Genjutsu. Just right when Rasengan in Naruto’s hand was about to hit Tendo’s, Nagato began to regain control of Tendo.
Tendo Pain rolled to the left to avoid Naruto’s attack and then kicked Naruto with one kick.
Naruto climbed up from the ground while breathing heavily, and his orange eyeshadow disappeared.
Nagato’s eyes lit up. He knew that Naruto’s Sage Mode had been lifted and immediately controlled Tendo to rush towards Naruto.
“Naruto’s Sage Mode has disappeared. Let’s go help him! If you merge with Naruto-“
“No, Kyuubi in Naruto’s body said before that it won’t let us merge with Naruto. Naruto respects Kyuubi’s opinions, so I will think of another way.”
“Other way? What will you do?”
Fukasaku Sennin didn’t answer her but shouted to Naruto, “Naruto, give me the Scroll. I will help you summon the Body Clone.”
Naruto, hearing this, threw the Scroll to Fukasaku Sennin.
Fukasaku Sennin opened a Scroll and summoned using Reverse Summoning Technique to consolidate Naruto’s body clone with Senjutsu Chakra in Mount Myōboku.
Naruto glanced and confirmed which Body Clone later has been removed. Senjutsu Chakra in Shadow Clone Jutsu then returned to Naruto’s main body.
Naruto entered Sage Mode again. He blocked Pain’s black iron rod and kicked Pain.
At this point, Gakidō was still far from Tendo, and Naruto knew it was a rare opportunity. He once again used Rasenshuriken to throw it at Tendo.
What he didn’t expect was that Gakidō didn’t do anything even when Tendo was in the face of Rasen shuriken.
Naruto frowned and realized that the attack might not be effective.
Sure enough, as Rasen shuriken was about to hit Tendo, a powerful repulsion erupted from Tendo. Rasen shuriken bounced off instantly.
Katsuyu quickly saw Naruto and said, “Naruto, this is his technique, gravity, and repulsion. Before you returned to Konoha, he used a massively destructive Ninjutsu but was blocked by Minato-sama. That technique should have cost him a lot of energy, and now he is recovering. Also, according to Third Hokage’s previous information, the interval at which he uses repulsive force is about 5 seconds.”

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