Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 497


Naruto didn’t notice that Katsuyu casually mentioned Minato. His mind was occupied with how to use the interval of 5 seconds to kill Tendo.
Tendo didn’t want to give him time to think. After his power was restored, Tendo flew directly to Bunta and the other two giant toads and flew them away with Shinra Tensei. Then Tendo set his eyes on Fukasaku and Shima Sennin. He already experienced their Genjutsu twice as of now, which annoyed Nagato greatly.
When Fukasaku Sennin saw the three giant Toad was about to be bombarded and was about to go to their rescue, he suddenly felt a powerful gravity pull him towards Tendo.
Fukasaku Sennin’s expression changed greatly. As he was struggling desperately, the gravitational force was too powerful, and with his strength alone, he couldn’t escape.
Shima Sennin quickly came up to help, but unfortunately, it didn’t change anything. Fukasaku Sennin clenched his teeth and kicked Shima Sennin out of the gravitational force range as she was about to be pulled to Tendo.
While still wearing the same expressionless face, Tendo pulled out a black iron rod and pierced it directly into Fukasaku Sennin’s heart.
“Naruto, don’t go there! Calm down! He was about to use his repulsion again!”
Katsuyu’s Body Clone tried to calm down Naruto, but at this point, he didn’t care anymore. He had been engulfed by anger and rushed to Tendo desperately with Odama Rasengan in his hand.
Facing Odama Rasengan, Tendo snorted coldly as he blasted it off with Shinra Tensei, and Gakidō caught Naruto at the same time.
“Uzumaki Naruto, it’s over!”
After that, Gakidō started absorbing the Senjutsu Chakra within Naruto’s body.
A few seconds later, Senjutsu Chakra within Naruto had been absorbed by Gakidō, and the orange eyeshadow had disappeared.
Naruto closed his eyes and communicated with Kyuubi, “Kurama! Lend me your power!”
Kyuubi shook his head and said, “It’s useless. He can absorb Chakra, so even if I lend my power to you, it will still be absorbed by him. What you can do now is absorb the natural Chakra. Think of the Toad that turned into stone in Mount Myōboku. If you could contact Nature Chakra, that Pain guy will absorb it too. “
Naruto’s eyes brightened, and he began to absorb the nature chakra at a high amount. Gakidō also absorbed the natural Chakra that Naruto absorbed.
After a while, Gakidō turned into a rock, like the Toad of Mount Myōboku. As for Naruto, because not all the Natural Chakra was accumulated, he did not turn into stone.
Naruto finally broke free of Gakidō’s restraint. He kneeled on the ground while breathing heavily. Tendo glanced at Petrified Gakidō and slowly moved towards Naruto.
“Uzumaki Naruto, I didn’t expect you to destroy the Five Path of Pain, but unfortunately, everything is over. Without Sage Mode, you are not my opponent. Surrender now!”
“Yeah, I know!” This time Kyuubi didn’t reject Naruto. Naruto’s red Chakra skin bubbled up, and he then became a three-tailed Bijuu coat.
“Bijuu coat, is this your last struggle?”
Tendo’s tone barely fell, and Naruto felt a powerful repulsive force that pushed him out. Even the Bijuu coat on his body was blown away. Before Naruto got up, Tendo grabbed his hands. With the same blank expression, Tendo pulled out a black iron rod and pierced Naruto’s hands to the ground.
The moment a black iron rod was pierced his hand, Naruto’s consciousness appeared with a pair of indifferent eyes.
“Kyuubi, no, Uzumaki Naruto, you can be a little more honest now!” Said Tendo again pulled out another black iron rod, pierced it through Naruto’s limbs.
“Looking at your eyes, you must hate me! Hate me for attacking Konoha, hate me for killing Jiraiya sensei, but I don’t think I did something wrong. Everything I do is make the world feel the pain, and then after the pain, there will be peace. What about you? What you said and did is to pursue the idealism of the old era of Jiraiya sensei. The world where people understand each other will never come… Now, with your hatred toward me, you should understand a little bit. Do you think you can understand me and let go of your hatred for me?”
Pain’s words confused Naruto, who was now filled with hatred, as Pain said.
Tendo sighed, ready to knock out Naruto to take him away. Suddenly Hinata appeared out of nowhere and shielded Naruto.
Pain stopped his action, and so did Namikaze Minato on the tree not far away.
Minato looked at Hinata and murmured to himself, “This girl, I remember she is the daughter of Hiashi. Why did she appear here?”
Seeing Hinata, Naruto was surprised, then shouted at Hinata, “Why are you here, Hinata? Come back! You are not his opponent. You will die.”
Hinata shook her head and then said in a very firm tone, “Naruto, I have been chasing your back. I hope that one day I can stand in front of you, go forward bravely, and say what I want to say…
….Naruto, I like you! “
Hinata’s tone barely fell, and she rushed towards Tendo in desperation.
Tendo, not even looking at her, immediately sent her flying. Hinata did not give up and continued to attack, but Tendo kept blowing her away too.
Attacking, again and again.
Being blown away again and again.
But Hinata kept getting up again and again…
Tendo became a little impatient. When Hinata rushed up this time, a black iron rod appeared in Tendo’s hand.
Tendo didn’t fly her away this time but smashed her fiercely to the ground while inserting a black iron rod into Hinata.
“Well, isn’t she a good girl? After all, she has confessed her love to my son….”
Tendo was startled by the voice behind him.
Tendo quickly turned around and saw a man with a bright smile on his face. This man’s smile was very bright, but Tendo saw endless anger from his smile.
“Who are you?”
Namikaze Minato ignored him, but teleported to Hinata, took out several Healing Tags, and placed them on Hinata. Then Namikaze Minato turned and looked at Naruto.
Naruto was surprised when he saw Namikaze Minato. He can feel Minato’s Chakra, but he didn’t expect that person turned out to be his father.
Naruto had a chat with Kushina as she accidentally said that his father was not dead yet, so he already knew it.
Naruto knew that his father was the Fourth Hokage. So he subconsciously thought Namikaze Minato was on an ongoing mission, so he had to leave his wife and son. Naruto had seen Kushina holding pictures in tears more than once, so Naruto always had a negative opinion toward Minato.
But just now, the split-second facing Minato’s eyes, what Naruto saw was his father’s deep love for his son.
Naruto’s eyes were instantly wet.

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