Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 502


After seeing Yamanaka Ryo, Obito did not hide anything and told Yamanaka Ryo everything that happened when he saw the black-robed man before.
After listening to Obito, Yamanaka Ryo’s expression was a little troubled. According to Obito, the black-robed man most likely was a clansman of the Ōtsutsuki Clan. Also, he cooperated with Yakushi Kabuto to use Edo Tensei and revive and control many top ninjas in Ninja World.
All this was a bit out of the original storyline that Yamanaka Ryo knew. There was no such guy in the manga.
“Obito, what do you think of the strength of that person?”
“Black Zetsu says he is no weaker than Madara’s in his Eternal Mangekyō period.”
“Is he? Then, with Uchiha Madara and Shodai Hokage, he said he has at least 3 names. That’s incorrect. I would say he has 2 names that have the power of God.”
“2 names?”
“Well, this technique of Edo Tensei cannot restrain Shodai Hokage. Yakushi Kabuto wants to control Shodai Hokage. They can only erase his consciousness and turn him into a slaughter machine. Such a Shodai Hokage exerts at most 30% of his power during his lifetime. And Uchiha Madara’s words should be able to show about 70% strength before birth, plus that black-robed man. So it makes 2 names!”
“Ryo, are you sure?”
“No, I can deal with them even if they come together, but it is not the time to deal with them. I need to know the Rinnegan ability of the black-robed man… Just to be safe.”
“Well, I get it. Then about the Five Kage Summit …”
Yamanaka Ryo laughed and said: “Let him go to make trouble. We just need a powerful enough enemy to make the entire Ninja World feel they need to unite to face the same enemy. I originally planned to do it myself, and now someone is coming to my door at the perfect time. Then I can try his Rinnegan’s ability.”
“Wait a minute, Ryo. If you want to start a war, it is not yet possible. I plan to have White Zetsu use spores to cultivate 10,000 Body Clones and then strengthen the split White Zetsu… Such a project requires at least 2 months. It takes time for White Zetsu’s Body Clone to have operational capabilities. “
“Enhance White Zetsu? What enhancements do you plan to use?” Yamanaka Ryo remembered Yamato being caught in the original work. Yamato was used to reinforce White Zetsu. Now Yamato was still in the village!
“White Zetsu’s cells are similar to those of Shodai Hokage’s cells, and I plan to use Shodai Hokage’s cells left by Uchiha Madara,” Obito explained.
“The Shodai cells left by Uchiha Madara were all weakened by him with Inyoton. The effect is average. Take this with you!” Yamanaka Ryo took out a Scroll and gave it to Obito.
“What’s in it?” Obito asked curiously.
“This is an arm made by Shodai cells. It was originally intended to be used on Uncle Jiraiya, but the thickness of this arm is a bit inappropriate, so I made another one. So I put this one away. You can take this to strengthen White Zetsu… As for the time, your opinion on these people in Ninja World is too high. Even if they can reach the same opinions, it will take a long time to pull it to action. It will take at least one month for the Ninja of the five villages to meet. At that time, your White Zetsu should enhance its ability.”
Obito nodded: “Well, if I use this arm, the time could be shortened.”
“Okay, that’s it! Obito, you go back and prepare!”
“Wait a minute, one more thing. Ryo, Nagato’s Rinnegan is at Konan, or is it with you?”
“Don’t say that you’ve forgotten! Here, I leave it to you… You should need these eyes to control Gedō Mazō.” Yamanaka Ryo took out a vessel, and a pair of Rinnegan was immersed in the liquid inside.
Obito took Rinnegan, carefully saving it: “Ryo, this time we played too much. I hope you can end it perfectly! Otherwise…”
“Relax! I know in my mind that there will be no problem.” Yamanaka Ryo’s silhouette disappeared after he finished speaking.
Obito reluctantly sighed and also entered Kamui space.
At the same time, in a deep mountain near the Country of Rain, a black-robed man appeared, and then he opened the barrier with a hand seal and drilled in.
“You came back so soon, amazing!”
“Hmph! Yakushi Kabuto. Just let these useless ones alone. The space I need, do you have any clue of its whereabouts?”
“I’m not so sensitive to sensitive things like space, so I planned to summon the Second Hokage Senju Tobirama, but you brought him out again. Of course, I couldn’t find a single one. We don’t have to worry about finding space. Wait for Kaguya’s seal to be lifted-ukh! “
Yakushi Kabuto was choked on the neck by the black-robed man before he could say anything.
“Release Kaguya’s seal? It seems you haven’t dispelled this crazy idea. I said that Kaguya devoured the fruits of this world. She is the Eternal Life, immortal in this world, the God of this world! When her seal is lifted, let alone you and me, everything in this world will be destroyed!…”
“….I get nothing, and you will die! So Yakushi Kabuto, do me a favor, do what you should do, don’t have any extra thoughts. Otherwise, I will kill you right here and right now!”
Facing the threat of a black-robed man, Yakushi Kabuto was not nervous at all and smiled and nodded. “Okay, okay! I understand. Can you let me go now?”
“Hmph! You better be honest, don’t forget who saved you.”
After speaking, the black-robed man pulled away his hand.
Yakushi Kabuto sorted out his clothes and asked to probe, “Speaking of which, what is the space you’ve been looking for in Kaguya?”
“This is not something you should ask. In short, except for the space I came from, you can help me find other space as soon as possible.”
The black-robed man did not say his purpose but urged Yakushi Kabuto to help him find the other space left by Kaguya as soon as possible. Yakushi Kabuto could only nod to answer.
Time flies, and the time for the Five Kage Summit is getting closer and closer, and Country of Iron now full of higher-ups from various Ninja Villages.
The first to arrive was Fourth Raikage and his escort, Darui, who proposed to hold the Five Kage Summit.
The second that came was Fifth Kazekage, Gaara, and his guard Temari and Kankurō.
Both villages came to the Country of Iron one day in advance. The Fourth Raikage was very satisfied with Gaara’s cooperation and especially sent Darui to thank him.
The next day, when the Five Kage Summit was ready to open, Yamanaka Ryo took Namikaze Minato and Kakashi to teleport to the Country of Iron border and then walked directly into the Country of Iron.
Before them, the Third Tsuchikage, Ōnoki, had arrived, and Ōnoki’s guards were Kurotsuchi and Deidara.
Deidara’s appearance greatly changed the expression of three people from Sunagakure. The hot-tempered Temari directly launched a fan to attack.
The battle was about to start, and Mifune sighed and was ready to stop it, but he didn’t expect that before him, a youngster with glasses was holding two strange knives across Kazekage and Tsuchikage.
“Then … that, Tsuchikage-sama, Kazekage-sama, Mizukage-sama, please calm down.” The youngster’s voice was very low; maybe only Ninja above Elite Jōnin only can hear it.
“Chojuro, how many times should I tell you! As a guard of Mizukage-sama, you have to be brave. This performance will make other villages look at you as a joke!”
“My apologies, Kazekage-sama, Tsuchikage-sama, our young ninja of the village are not sensible.” Said the man with the blindfold who appeared at the door.

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