Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 503


“I heard that the Fifth Mizukage was a woman. I didn’t expect it to look so beautiful.” The fourth Raikage murmured to himself.
Darui on the side felt the same, secretly nodded.
Temari frowned, “What does Mizukage-sama mean?”
Temari’s tone was harsh and unpleasant, and Chojuro turned around and stared at Temari with the Twinsword.
Seeing this, Mifune quickly came out to stop: “Everyone, calm down, this time everyone came for peace, why….”
Temari sneered, interrupting Mifune’s words: “Peace? Hehe! One of Third Tsuchikage’s guards this time is Akatsuki’s member who has attacked us back at Sunagakure. Tsuchikage brought such a person. What peace was there? Please tell me.”
Everyone heard this and was silenced for a moment, then turned to Ōnoki’s two guards at the same time.
“Raikage-sama, it should be the one with yellow hair because the woman next to him is the granddaughter of Third Tsuchikage,” Darui whispered.
The same conversation happened with Ao and Terumī Mei.
The Fourth Raikage knows that he can’t be silent anymore.
“Ōnoki, what do you mean by this? Bringing an Akatsuki member to the Five Kage meeting, are you despising us? “
“Deidara used to stay in Akatsuki, but he was controlled by Genjutsu, and it was Uchiha who controlled him….”
Before Ōnoki could finish his sentences, there was a sudden chill in the venue… Yamanaka Ryo appeared in the center of the venue the next second. He glanced at everyone in the venue and said, “Ōnoki, what you said is nonsense! I will make you take responsibility for saying such things. “
“Yamanaka Ryo! You…”
“What? Me? Did you hear that I am not in Konoha and think that I will not come this time?”
Ōnoki was sweating on his forehead. Yamanaka Ryo was right; he did think so. According to Iwagakure’s information, Yamanaka Ryo and Uchiha Shisui, the two top Konoha ninja, were not there. Jiraiya was dead too. He was sure 80% that in this Five Kages Summit, the ones who will come to the conference were Tsunade, Kakashi, and the girl who had Mokuton.
So Ōnoki thought about pushing Deidara’s activity in Akatsuki to Uchiha Itachi. Dead men tell no tales after all.
As for Konoha, Ōnoki determined that they did not dare to turn their faces with Iwagakure on this occasion.
What surprised him was that Konoha sent Yamanaka Ryo, who he feared the most.
As everyone focused on Yamanaka Ryo, a soft voice at the door said, “Ryo, put away your ice! He’s just an old man, and their waist can’t bear your ice’s coldness.”
Yamanaka Ryo laughed, slammed the ice in the house, and disappeared instantly.
After that, two men then entered the venue from outside.
“Konoha current Hokage is Tsunade, isn’t it? How come it became a man?” The Fourth Raikage muttered.
“Raikage-sama, maybe it is related to Akatsuki’s assault on Konoha before. It is possible that Tsunade was injured and so on. Konoha suddenly marshaled and intercepted the various spy information. Maybe he wanted to hide the news.” Chojuro added.
“Who will this man be? Yamanaka Ryo listens to him. Even White Fang’s son looks respectful to him.”
“Lord Raikage, the son of White Fang, is Kakashi and is also an excellent Ninja. You should remember his name,” Darui whispered.
“Understood, it’s all trivial, the point is… who is that man?”
It seems strange that not only Fourth Raikage alone who’s curious. Terumī Mei, Ōnoki, Gaara all have curious looks.
Namikaze Minato walked up to Yamanaka Ryo, took off the hat, and said with a smile, “Long time no see, everyone!”
The nearest Ōnoki recognized Namikaze Minato for the first time, and his face became pale immediately. “You … Namikaze Minato, how … how is this possible! You are not….”
Ōnoki’s words caused a great uproar for everyone present.
The first recovered from the shock was the Fourth Raikage, he broke out using Raiton Chakra Mode, and it appeared next to Ōnoki in the blink of an eye.
After approaching, the Fourth Raikage instantly confirmed that the person in front of him was Namikaze Minato.
“Hey! Kankurō, does Namikaze Minato refer to the Fourth Hokage Namikaze Minato?” Temari asked.
“Seeing everyone’s response, it should be right. Gaara, aren’t you going up?”
Gaara shook his head: “No need, we’ve seen him before.”
“Have you seen him? When did it happen? Why didn’t I know?” Kankurō asked.
Temari cast aside Kankurō and said dismissively, “You have seen it. Do you know about the Yellow Flash?”
“What is it?”
“Well, don’t bother. Just be quiet.”
Kankurō and Temari shut up immediately, standing right in front of Gaara to protect him.
After dealing with the words of Fourth Raikage and Terumī Mei, Namikaze Minato turned to Ōnoki and said, “Ōnoki, you said that Uchiha controlled Deidara. Do you have any evidence?”
So far, Ōnoki can only continue to brace himself. “There is no evidence, and no evidence is needed. At that time, Deidara was training his Explosion-Style. Uchiha Itachi took him to find him, and then Deidara joins Akatsuki. It was enough explanation. Do you have any problems? “
Namikaze Minato laughed said: “Ōnoki, even if Uchiha Itachi controlled Deidara, that has nothing to do with us because Uchiha Itachi is Konoha’s S-Rank Missing-nin….”
Hearing this, Kurotsuchi stood up immediately, refuting, “Irrelevant you said? We…”
Before she could finish, a cold scalpel wiped her cheek and flew over: “Little girl, don’t interrupt our Hokage.”
“Yamanaka Ryo…. You… this is the Five Kages conference, and you dare to attack our Iwagakure people on this occasion.” Ōnoki looked flustered and exasperated.
Yamanaka Ryo said with a scornful smile: “No, No, Tsuchikage-sama, I think you misunderstood. I am not targeting you Iwagakure ninja. I mean the people present except us Konoha are all…. “
“Ryo, that’s enough! I already explained the matter. No need to say it.” Namikaze Minato hurriedly stopped him. Based on his knowledge of Yamanaka Ryo, what Yamanaka Ryo was going to say was not a good word. It’s better not to say it.
Yamanaka Ryo twitched his lips but didn’t continue.

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