Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 513


“As expected, it seems Ōtsutsuki Clan really exists somewhere in the universe. I want to ask you something, how’s your rank in strength among your clansmen?”
“I’m not a top expert, but also not weak.” Ōtsutsuki Yanagi laughed.
Madara hearing this expression showed a little excitement: “That’s it! That’s good. I want to see the Ōtsutsuki Clan.”
“Wait till we capture Hachibi and Kyuubi. After I get what I want, I will be happy to show it to our clan.”
“Then I’m looking forward to it.”
“It seems the two have reached a consensus,” said Yakushi Kabuto.
“Who is this guy?” Madara asked, frowning.
“His name is Yakushi Kabuto, my partner, and the one who uses Edo Tensei to summon you.”
“Isn’t Edo Tensei Bestowing Technique? It looks like he has the power of Senjutsu.”
“Speaking of which, it’s a pleasure to meet the legendary Uchiha Madara.”
“No need for flattery, tell me what’s happening with Ninja World now! You wouldn’t summon me for no reason. You should be in trouble right now. Ōtsutsuki’s strength is similar to me in this status and yet Ninja World has someone who can threaten him. It’s very surprising! ”
Yakushi Kabuto and Ōtsutsuki Yanagi looked at each other and said, “The current Ninja World’s strongest person is Yamanaka Ryo. He has the eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. He is also good at Senjutsu. His strength and Yanagi are almost the same. In addition to Yamanaka Ryo, Uchiha Shisui also owns eternal Mangekyō, and Konoha also has Namikaze Minato, who is proficient in space and time Ninjutsu, and Yamanaka Lain with Mokuton. Other villages also have a lot of notable Ninja. Like Pakura with Shakuton, Fourth Raikage, Third Tsuchikage, now the five Great Ninja Villages have joined together to fight us.”
Uchiha Madara was surprised at the union of the Five Great Ninja Villages. From the Warring States Period to today’s, just how much friction and hatred can be let go by all of them. It still seems like fantasy.
“Madara-sama, don’t be so surprised! It can’t be helped that they must join hands together. No matter how much hatred they have previously, when faced with enemies powerful enough to destroy themselves, they have to choose to compromise. Otherwise let alone revenge, they can’t even guarantee their own safety.” Yakushi Kabuto analyzed.
Uchiha Madara nodded: “Well, what you said makes sense. People do things that they would never do just to survive. By the way, you said that Yamanaka Ryo owns the eternal Mangekyō, right? “
“Well, this is no secret, all of Ninja World knows it.”
“Eternal Mangekyō? I didn’t expect him to have grown to this level, and I suddenly looked forward to meeting him.”
“Oh? Madara-sama, have you perhaps ever met Yamanaka Ryo?” Yakushi Kabuto became interested in Madara’s words.
“Well, nevermind. Let’s do it! I’ll deal with him personally.”
Uchiha Madara didn’t answer the question and just complied.
“It seems you still have a meddlesome relationship that I don’t know.”
“Enough with the blabbering. It’s almost time to act.” Ōtsutsuki Yanagi interrupted Yakushi Kabuto.
Yakushi Kabuto nodded and said, “So, as you wish. Fourth Shinobi World War, it’s starting now!”
After saying that, Yakushi Kabuto unfolded something similar to a chessboard, and a small white chess piece appeared on the grid.
The scattered Edo Tensei top ninja regained consciousness at the same time.
The memory of these people stays at the moment before they die. They opened their eyes to distinguish the surrounding environment. The first things they saw were the friends and opponents around them, some people they didn’t know.
Immediately afterward, they found that they couldn’t control their bodies, and they moved out of their will.
“Hehe, I played as a Puppeteer for a long time. I didn’t expect that I would become a Puppet myself one day!” Sasori said after he had sensed his body.
“Sasori? Long time no see! Hey? How did my body come back? Did you save me? Hey?”
“Hidan you Idiot. You are dead. Now we are just resurrected by the Forbidden Technique.”
Hearing someone called him idiot made Hidan angry. He turned his head and was about to cut off the head of the person who insulted him to make a sacrifice to Jashin, but suddenly found out that the speaker was Kakuzu.
“Kakuzu? Are you dead?”
“I said just now that we are dead, but now we just resurrected by someone using the Forbidden Technique. This Jutsu should be Edo Tensei created by Second Hokage. Dammit, what happened?!” Kakuzu moved in one direction while talking about it.
“I’m dead? I thought I was too hungry and fainted while in the ground. Damn you Konoha Ninja! Damn you Uchiha! I must kill them with my own hand!”
“Hmph! Loser! Can you even handle the Uchiha Clan?” Hidan’s tone barely fell, and another voice came from the side.
“Who is this time? You think I would get bullied by that Uchiha??”
“The old man is called Uchiha Madara, just an old man in the Uchiha Clan!”
Kakuzu heard this for a moment, then laughed: “Uchiha is nice! It’s you! These people are bold enough to even dare to control the Great Elder of the Uchiha Clan. Now I’m curious about who is behind this.”
“Edo Tensei is Konoha’s Forbidden Technique, which has been documented on the Scroll of Seals. Most likely the one who controls us this time is a Konoha Ninja.” A middle-aged person with a Kirigakure headband beside Uchiha said.
“Hozuki, are you blind? Look in front of you, it’s Konoha’s Hokage assistant Danzō. He has been summoned too, doesn’t that mean that the user who summoned us is most likely from Konoha?” Kakuzu mocked.
“I don’t think it’s done by the people from Konoha. I sensed several familiar auras in that direction. They’re Kages, including the Nidaime Hokage!” Said the young man with white hair.
“Senju Tobirama is being summoned by his own technique? Seriously?” Kakuzu asked quickly.
The young man nodded and said nothing.
Similar conversations have also taken place in several other groups of top ninja that were brought out by Edo Tensei, including the Kage of previous generations.
“Hey! Senju Tobirama, you are actually under control, isn’t this your technique?” Second Mizukage, Hōzuki, asked while pointing to Senju Tobirama’s nose.
Senju Tobirama did not answer and just walked forward with a blank expression.
“You! Now you’ve done it! I’ll make you become deader than dead…”
“Enough! Hōzuki, are you a fool? Senju Tobirama doesn’t have his consciousness, how can he answer your question?” Said the Second Tsuchikage, who was full of bandages.

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