Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 512


At the periphery of Konoha, the black-robed man suddenly appeared in front of Yakushi Kabuto. It was surprising that the black-robed man’s injuries had been completely recovered, including the horn that was cut off by Namikaze Minato. The amount of Chakra had also recovered. It felt like he had never experienced the battle just now.
The only difference was that Rinnegan’s eyes were closed.
Yakushi Kabuto saw the black-robed man’s Rinnegan was closed and was startled, “Is Yamanaka Ryo so strong? So strong that he could force you to use Rinnegan’s ability?”
Black-robed man shook his head, “Yamanaka Ryo didn’t appear. Most of Konoha’s Ninja is trash. Some of them can also use your kind of power. I was unprepared and got caught by them.”
“Konoha’s Jiraiya is the spokesperson for Mount Myōboku. Mount Myōboku and Ryūchi Cave are both Three-Great Sage Regions, so it’s not surprising that some of them will use the natural Chakra.”
“Hmph! What a disgusting village. Let’s go!”
“Already? Have you found your answer?”
The black-robed man nodded, “Well, the people in Konoha village know that our clan exists. It’s natural.”
“Sure enough. Need to change the plan?”
“No, let’s talk about it later! I will deal with the people of Konoha first.” After speaking, the black-robed man turned and left.
Yakushi Kabuto controlled Senju Tobirama and turned to look at Konoha, a look of nostalgia in his eyes, but the next second, he remembered Yakushi Nonō Naiyu. Remembering the faces of members of Root, Yakushi Kabuto took a deep breath, summoned the coffin, and laid down Senju Tobirama.
At the same time, Fourth Raikage also found Killer B. Like in the manga, when Fourth Raikage found Killer B, Killer B was at the battle with Hoshigaki Kisame.
With the help of Fourth Raikage, Killer B defeated White Zetsu and Hoshigaki Kisame and left Samehada behind.
Because of Namikaze Minato’s persuasion and Konoha’s action to send Naruto to the battle, Fourth Raikage’s idea also changed. While on the road, he decided to let Killer B join the battlefield.
Strength-wise, Killer B was stronger than him, perfect Eight-tailed Jinchūriki. There were only a few people who can threaten Killer B in the entire Ninja World, let alone the ones that can protect him.
Killer B was surprised when he learned that the Fourth Shinobi World War was about to start. After hearing that Fourth Raikage agreed to join him in the battle, the surprise turned into happiness.
One month has passed, and various Ninja Villages were almost ready.
A few days later, Yamanaka Ryo was informed that the Ninja Alliance command was completed.
The headquarters was established, and Yamanaka Ryo issued his first order as the Ninja Alliance Commander-in-Chief: “All Ninjas in each Ninja Village are assembled at the Alliance headquarters!”
After receiving the order, Konoha, led by Namikaze Minato, begins the journey with Jiraiya, Tsunade, Kakashi, Guy, Lain, Uchiha Fugaku, and others top Ninja.
There were also more than 10,000 Ninjas from Konoha, among which there were more than 80 outstanding Konoha medical ninjas.
Konoha’s ally, Sunagakure Ninja, led by Gaara and Pakura, dispatched with 6000 Ninja.
Since the Third Shinobi World War, the Country of Wind’s Daimyō has a lot of dissatisfaction with Sunagakure, so Sunagakure has to reduce the number of Ninja and follow the path of elite Ninja.
So Sunagakure’s ninja number was the smallest compared to the five Great Ninja Villages.
The number of Kumogakure and Iwagakure Ninja was about the same. It was about 10,000 people. Kirigakure also has more than 10,000 people.
After a few days of journey, nearly 10,000 Ninja coalitions were successfully assembled. Five Great Countries Ninja in different clothes stood together for the first time.
In the headquarters, Yamanaka Ryo and Five Kages discussed the next action. After some discussion, both Yamanaka Ryo and Five Kages come to the conclusion that they were not suitable for making strategy.
Everyone was a little embarrassed.
After a moment of hesitation, Yamanaka Ryo made a proposal, “So this is it. Does everyone agree to call upon more suitable people to make the strategy?
“I think so!” The fourth Raikage agreed first.
“No complaint.” Gaara agreed.
The remaining Kage also agreed. So, Yamanaka Ryo called Pakura, Nara Shikaku, Ao, Four Raikage’s secretary Mabui, and Kitsuchi together as staff officers.
At first, Yamanaka Ryo was going to call Nara Shikaku and Ao. Later, it decided it would be fair if each village had their people to represent them.
They were expert staff members, and soon a battle plan was quickly formulated.
According to Nara Shikaku’s suggestion, Yamanaka Ryo divided the Ninja coalition into 5 brigades like the original manga. They split the team according to the ninjutsu and cooperating teams that the Ninja was good at. Each brigade will be led by one Kage and the village’s most powerful Ninja.
It is worth mentioning that for the Medic Corps, Yamanaka Ryo specifically sent Lain to protect it. While Tsunade and Jiraiya will join the frontline.
When the Ninja Alliance rallied, Obito’s White Zetsu army had also cultivated 10.000 White Zetsu climbed out of the ground to form a brave army.
Yakushi Kabuto also summoned out a large number of coffins, and the coffin opened and revealed one after another top ninja.
Yakushi Kabuto did not immediately regain their consciousness but controlled these people to leave directly where he was and spread out.
“Next are these cannon fodders!”
As Yakushi Kabuto made hand seals again, a densely packed coffin rises outside his cave.
“It’s all up to you!” Yakushi Kabuto controlled Senju Tobirama out of the coffin, and then he led the village’s former shadows to the battlefield.
Only two coffins were left in front of Yakushi Kabuto, one was Senju Hashirama, and the other was Uchiha Madara.
“Let Uchiha Madara come out! I want to talk to him.” Black-robed man said lightly.
Yakushi Kabuto, hearing this, performed hand seals with both hands and released the control of Uchiha Madara.
Uchiha Madara’s body was no longer stiff. His closed eyes suddenly opened.
A powerful eye power swept through the cave in an instant, and Uchiha Madara glanced at Yakushi Kabuto and the black-robed man and asked, “Who are you?”
“It’s our first meeting, Uchiha Madara! I’m Ōtsutsuki Yanagi, and I’m the one who raised you from the dead!” The black-robed man stood in front of Yakushi Kabuto with a smile.
Uchiha Madara, hearing this frowned, lowering his head to look at his body. His expression became more strange: “Could it be Edo Tensei? What time is now?”
“Now we are at the Fourth Shinobi World War, your spokesperson and I have summoned you for this war. The purpose is to capture those Hachibi and Kyuubi!”
“Hachibi, Kyuubi? All Bijuu hasn’t collected yet? And you say, your name is Ōtsutsuki Yanagi? In other words, you are from the same place as Ōtsutsuki Kaguya?”
“Well. I did come to look for Kaguya-sama.” Ōtsutsuki Yanagi acknowledged it.

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