Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 516


“It’s really you! I didn’t expect that when I returned to this world, the first person I saw would be you! How is Uchiha Clan now?” Uchiha Yashiro asked quickly.
“Uchiha Clan is fine. You don’t have to worry about it, Great Elder! Now the Uchiha Clan has returned to the political center of the village. The Uchiha clan has me, Clan Leader Fugaku, and Sasuke with Triple Double Mangekyō. Thanks to your sacrifice, the Uchiha Clan could become how we are today. All of our clansmen have never forgotten you. “
“Haha, I see! It’s a pity I can’t see Uchiha like this with my own eyes.”
“Great Elder, I will let you witness the future of Uchiha with your own eyes.”
After that, Shisui opened Mangekyō and launched Kotoamatsukami to modify Uchiha’s willpower to help him break out of Yakushi Kabuto’s control.
After Uchiha Yashiro found himself free, he frowned. He also felt the Dojutsu just now. It should be Dojutsu Kotoamatsukami of Shisui’s Mangekyō.
“Oh! Shisui, you don’t need to use Kotoamatsukami.”
Shisui shook his head and said, “It’s okay, I have now opened the eternal Mangekyō, and Kotoamatsukami’s cooldown time is not that long anymore. I have only used the Dojutsu 2 times so far. I predict that I won’t need to use this technique in this war. I just use it to help you fulfill your wish. “
“Eternal Mangekyō! Shisui!”
“Yeah, it’s Eternal Mangekyō, and there is also this!”
Shisui’s tone barely fell when a green rib appeared around his body, arms grew on the left and right sides of the ribs, and skulls appeared on the shoulders. Then muscles and armor gradually emerged on the body.
A moment later, a green giant appeared in front of both Uchiha.
“This is a Complete Body Susanoo!”
“Great Elder, this is my power I will use to protect Uchiha and Konoha!” Said Shisui as he threw a green tomee towards the White Zetsu army, and the tomee exploded in the White Zetsu army.
Thousands of White Zetsu were blown up instantly. Some top ninja that were Edo Tensei were too late to avoid and were crushed into a powder by this force.
Uchiha Yashiro looked at everything in front of him and was very pleased, now he wanted to see more of Shisui’s future.
On the other side, in the desert, the battle between Tsunade and Senju Tobirama has already begun.
Before the battle, Tsunade tried to contact Senju Tobirama, but there’s no response from Senju Tobirama, not at all. Tsunade knew that the user was afraid that Senju Tobirama would get out of his control and wiped out Senju Tobirama’s consciousness completely.
Senju Tobirama’s strength without his self-consciousness didn’t even reach half of when he was alive and was quickly restrained by Tsunade’s Wood-Dragon.
Tsunade took out the Sealing Tag and affixed it to Wood Dragon, preparing to seal Senju Tobirama.
As she was about to get started, Senju Tobirama, who was not self-conscious, suddenly said, “Are you Tsunade?”
Tsunade was stunned and then heard. She thought it was the user that controlled Senju Tobirama.
“Wait a minute! Tsunade, I’m not the user! When I was resurrected by Edo Tensei, I didn’t want to be controlled like what happened back with Danzō and do something harmful to the village…
So I concealed my consciousness myself. The user did not erase my consciousness at all but only temporarily suppressed my hidden consciousness with Chakra and special spells. Just now, your Wood-Dragon absorbed the Chakra of the user, so my consciousness was restored…
Now Tsunade, extend your hand. Take out the spells in my brain, and I can handle the rest. “
“Cut it out! Do you think I’m that stupid? Do you think I’ll believe you? You make me laugh!”
Senju Tobirama sighed helplessly and began to talk about Tsunade’s dark history, “Tsunade when you were young….”
Senju Tobirama said more and more, Tsunade was both angry and shy, and her face was flustered. Tsunade now believed that Senju Tobirama was not under control, but she still sealed Senju Tobirama without the slightest hesitation.
“You’re an old and disrespectful guy, keep your mouth shut about my black history, or else this!” Tsunade pointed at the Senju Tobirama, who was sealed, and then took off the Sealing Tag and released Wood-Dragon.
Senju Tobirama was sealed, but not completely. Hearing what Tsunade said, as soon as he left the seal, he used both hands to seal off Yakushi Kabuto’s control.
“Tsunade, tell me what happened to Ninja World?”
After dismissing Edo Tensei, Senju Tobirama immediately asked Tsunade. When Ōnoki explained the situation back then, Senju Tobirama’s consciousness was hidden, so he didn’t hear it.
Tsunade explained the situation to Senju Tobirama.
“So that kind of thing happened. Is that black-robed man that strong?”
Tsunade shook her head. “I don’t know the details. I just heard that his strength was very close to Ryo, and he also owns Rinnegan.”
“Close to Yamanaka Ryo? How long has Root been disbanded?”
Senju Tobirama only knew Yamanaka Ryo’s strength from when he was summoned by Danzō a few years ago. He wondered how long it has been since then, so he can speculate about Yamanaka Ryo’s strength.
“It’s probably been over 7 years!”
“7? According to the boy’s innate talent strength at that time, and those eyes, it should be close to big brother or Uchiha Madara. It seems that this black-robed man is not easy to deal with!
Tsunade, you told Ninja Alliance about me that had been released from the Edo Tensei control. I want to meet this black-robed man.”
“Okay.” Tsunade nodded.
At the same time, Jiraiya led the battle between Fūton Ninja and Third Raikage towards the end.
At first, Third Raikage didn’t attack the Ninja Alliance and only stayed on the defensive. But even then, Jiraiya and Alliance ninja’s attacks couldn’t even scratch Third Raikage.
After that, Third Raikage consciousness was wiped out by Yakushi Kabuto and began to attack the Ninja Alliance madly. Jiraiya had no choice but to enter Sage Mode, using the power of the two Sennin to compete with Third Raikage.
But even when entering Sage Mode, Jiraiya still can’t damage the Third Raikage.
When Jiraiya was in a desperate situation, Yamanaka Ryo’s voice sounded in his ear, “Uncle Jiraiya, Third Raikage’s chest scar was caused by his own Hell Stab, so you just need to change your attack direction when he uses Hell Stab, and let him hit Hell Stab himself, then you can break the defense of Raiton Chakra Mode and seal him.”
When Jiraiya heard this, his eyes brightened. He immediately began to look for opportunities and finally successfully hit Rasanda on Third Raikage’s elbow, using Third Raikage’s strongest spear to break his strongest shield.
The people in the sealed team swarmed in and immediately sealed Third Raikage.
Jiraiya saw it ended and sighed in relief. “As expected of the Third Raikage! Thanks for the reminder, Ryo.”
“Jiraiya, now is not the time for you to relax, go and deal with Hōzuki first!” Fukasaku Sennin said.

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