Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 517


While Jiraiya sealed Third Raikage, Lain and the medical team were in trouble.
The medical team was only responsible for treatment at the rear, and their position was discreet. But these were futile before White Zetsu’s sense.
White Zetsu took control of a small part of the White Zetsu army and swung it to the back of the medical ninja with Henge no Jutsu. He pretended to be injured and was carried to the operating room.
When medical ninjas performed surgery on disguised White Zetsus, White Zetsu suddenly attacked medical ninjas and injured dozens of medical ninjas. A dozen medical ninjas were killed on the spot.
What makes Lain even angrier was that these White Zetsu changed into other looks immediately after killing the medical ninja, and Lain could not find them for a while.
This situation instantly paralyzes the medical team and makes the wounded Alliance ninja don’t dare to move forward for treatment out of fear of White Zetsu mixed with medical ninjas. They could only use the Healing Tag as first aid.
This happened to not only the medical team, but two people who looked the same also appeared behind Namikaze Minato’s team. Neither Byakugan nor Sharingan could tell which was the real one.
But the battlefield where Shisui and Jiraiya now were in better condition.
On Shisui’s side, he just killed thousands of White Zetsu with Susanoo in a split second, which reduced the number of White Zetsu’s army a lot. Although there were White Zetsu sneaking into the rear, t’s only a few of them. The fourth Raikage directly takes control of these people and White Zetsu.
On Jiraiya’s side. He hadn’t encountered any White Zetsu at all. In addition to the four Kage, they faced the Edo Tensei army, which was just at Genin level.
These cannon fodders were summoned out by Yakushi Kabuto when searching for those top ninjas. They have no combat ability. Yakushi Kabuto just gave them a mission to support the Four Shadows, so he didn’t care what action they took.
The arrival of cannon fodder caused some trouble to the Ninja Alliance. These people’s consciousness was not restrained. Many of them were the Ninja Alliance member’s friends. Although no serious fighting broke out, the Ninja Alliance was dispirited out.
On the other hand, Ōnoki and Gaara joined forces. They haven’t sealed Hōzuki. With Naruto’s help, the two seals can be done with less effort, but this time there wasn’t an opportunity to create a Body Clone to escape and seal him.
After they found the solution, the two rushed to the side of Hōzuki Gengetsu together. At this time, Jiraiya and Tsunade had helped to seal Hōzuki Gengetsu together.
“Tsunade-hime, have you sealed Senju Tobirama?” Ōnoki asked Tsunade when he saw her.
“Well, the Nidaime grandfather had left, and the truth is he wasn’t completely controlled by the user. Now he has lifted Edo Tensei’s restraint and went to the black-robed man.”
“Went to find the black-robed man? If it’s Senju Tobirama, maybe he can hold him back. This is good news for us.”
“That is to say, now that we are done taking care of the Four Kage, the rest is these messy Edo Tensei Ninja on the battlefield. I’ll talk to the Alliance and let them resolve it quickly.” After finishing talking, Jiraiya moved to the Ninja Alliance headquarters.
At the same time, on the battlefield where Shisui is located, Edo Tensei’s top ninja has been sealed, leaving only the Gold and Silver brothers and Uchiha Yashiro in the White Zetsu army.
The Fourth Raikage and Darui were cornered by the Gold and Silver brothers. Shisui wanted to help but was stopped by Fourth Raikage.
The fourth Raikage thought that the Gold and Silver horn brother was the murderer of Second Raikage and Missing-nin of Kumogakure, so Fourth Raikage decided to clean up the mess by himself.
The Ninja Tool of Rikudō Sennin held by the Gold and Silver brothers wasn’t theirs, to begin with. These things were originally owned by Kumogakure. Although the Fourth Raikage wasn’t clear about their characteristics. This Ninja Tool was lost, and it’s his job to take it back.
Gold and Silver brothers use Kyuubi’s Chakra to enter Bijuu’s Second-Stage.
The Fourth Raikage saw this coldly and snorted. Raiton Chakra broke out and flew it to Kinkaku with one punch. Darui, on the other side, did not have enough strength against the Ginkaku, so he sealed Ginkaku in Rikudō Sennin’s Ninja Tool.
The battle between Fourth Raikage and the Golden Horn made all the Ninja presents’ s blood boiling, even Shisui became excited.
As everyone’s eyes gathered in this battle, at the Akatsuki base, White Zetsu drilled out of the ground and told Obito, “Obito, according to my Body Clone report, they found the person who owns Kyuubi Chakra.”
“Where?” Obito asked quickly.
“In the battlefield where Fourth Raikage and Uchiha Shisui are. It is the Gold and Silver brothers that were resurrected by Edo Tensei.”
“Gold and Silver Brother? I heard in the past that they had been swallowed by Kyuubi and ate the beast’s meat to survive. It seems that story is true.”
“Obito, do we have to tell them over there to get them back?”
“There’s no need to. I’ll get it myself!”
Obito made a hand seal, and Gedō Mazō appeared behind him.
The battle between Fourth Raikage and Kinkaku’s result was already determined. Although Kinkaku swallowed Kyuubi’s meat, it was only a small part.
Even when Kinkaku turned into a second stage Bijuu coat, he couldn’t compete with Fourth Raikage’s strength. It’s just a matter of time. When he turned off his Bijuu second stage mode, Kinkaku was immediately beaten by Fourth Raikage. Together with Kinkaku, they were sealed into the Niku Tool of Rikudō Sennin.
Everyone sighed in relief.
Suddenly, a huge humanoid monster appeared behind Fourth Raikage. The Ninja Alliance swiftly made their move. Unfortunately, it was a little late. The Rikudō Sennin Ninja Tool in Fourth Raikage’s hands was snatched by Gedō Mazō, and even he was also hammered down by Gedō Mazō.
Shisui saw the scene and teleported quickly to check on the Fourth Raikage condition.
“Raikage-sama, are you okay?”
“Um. I’m fine. It’s just that Rikudō Sennin’s Ninja Tool was snatched by that monster.”
“That thing should be Gedō Mazō that can hold Bijuu. I’ve seen it before while in the Country of Wind. Akatsuki sealed Ichibi by using it. Raikage-sama, please take a break and let me check it out.”
Shisui opened Mangekyō, and a green giant appeared on the battlefield. The giant waved his sword and blinked in front of Gedō Mazō.
Originally, Obito was going to leave after getting the Gold and Silver Brother’s seal, but in front of Gedō Mazō, Obito saw Shisui’s Complete Body Susanoo.
Obito changed his mind instantly. He was also curious about the current Uchiha Clan’s Dojutsu’s Complete Body Susanoo.
With this in mind, Obito controlled Gedō Mazō to launch an attack on Susanoo.
Shisui sneered and moved the Susanoo.

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