Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 518


The fist of Gedō Mazō and Susanoo collided together. Their powerful force set off a huge storm on the sea.
Immediately after that, the other side extended their other hand, and their fists collided again.
“Is this Susanoo of Complete Body? How terrifying! It’s actually able to block Gedō Mazō’s attack,” White Zetsu muttered to himself, seeing the situation from the White Zetsu Body Clone.
He continued, “It looks evenly matched. However, it’s actually not the case. Gedō Mazō is just Jūbi’s body… What makes Susanoo extraordinary is the terrifying vitality and huge power in its body. Let alone a Complete Body of Susanoo. —By using Multi-Size Jutsu to become like Gedō Mazō’s body, he can also resist Gedō Mazō’s attack for a short time.”
Shisui used Susanoo to block Gedō Mazō’s attack.
It could easily be seen that the winner was him.
Indeed, Susanoo is worthy of being “the supreme Dojutsu” of the Uchiha Clan.
Knowing that he couldn’t win, Obito lifted Gedō Mazō’s summoning. Soon, Gedō Mazō disappeared from the Ninja Alliance.
On the other side, in the cave where Kabuto was located, there were fewer and fewer chess pieces on the board, and his expression looked serious.
Madara noticed the situation and lightly said, “It looks like the situation is not very good.”
Kabuto nodded: “Well… Half of my Edo Tensei army has been sealed, and two others are out of my control. One is Senju Tobirama, and the other is Uchiha.”
Upon hearing Senju Tobirama’s name, a complex emotion flashed in Madara’s eyes.
“Lord Madara, Ōtsutsuki Isshiki, it’s time for you. I will put Senju Hashirama into the battlefield.”
“No, Kabuto. Hashirama should stay by your side in case Ninja Alliance people come here,” said Ōtsutsuki Isshiki.
“No, I can’t be dealt with by ordinary people now. There are only a few that can threaten me, and they won’t dare to kill me. As long as I live, there is no way to lift Edo Tensei.”
“Well, let’s do as you say! Madara and I leave first.”
After saying that, Ōtsutsuki Isshiki left the cave with Madara.
Madara didn’t go far and watched White Zetsu’s Body Clone. Then, finally, he stopped one of them: “Where is your main body? Where is Black Zetsu?”
Hearing this, White Zetsu’s Body Clone started to contact Black and White Zetsu immediately.
Soon, White Zetsu arrived, and Black Zetsu came a moment later.
“What happened after I died? Why wasn’t Rinne Tensei resurrected me, but Edo Tensei? What happened to Shinobi World War this time? What exactly did Obito and Nagato do? What is going on?”
Faced with a series of Madara’s questions, Black and White Zetsu glanced at each other.
Finally, white Zetsu said, “Lord Madara. It is not that we don’t want to use Rinne Tensei to resurrect you, but Nagato has rebelled, and he is out of our control. That’s what happened. That…”
White Zetsu and Madara then talked about Nagato. White Zetsu also told him details about the war.
“Nagato, this guy … forget it, it’s useless to say anything now. What about Obito? Bring him over to see me.”
“Lord Madara, I’m afraid I can’t do that. Obito just got a part of Chakra from Kyuubi. So, now he’s preparing to resurrect Gedō Mazō.”
Madara frowned: “what? What exactly is Obito doing!”
“Lord Madara, Obito has his own ideas… and I think it’s okay to let him do it for the time being. However, now, we should deal with the Ninja Alliance first. There are two pairs of eternal Mangekyō in the Ninja Alliance, and there are Senjutsu and Mokuton. So we should seize the opportunity to hit their living force to the maximum extent.” Black Zetsu persuaded.
Madara pondered for a while and agreed with Black Zetsu: “Okay, I’ll go to the battlefield first. White Zetsu, you keep an eye on Obito. Don’t let him do anything extraordinary.”
“Yes, Lord Madara! I’ll go right away.”
After that, White Zetsu got into the ground.
“Black Zetsu, what are you doing now?”
“Obito asked me to watch Daimyō from Five Great Countries.”
“Hmph! You don’t need to worry about those losers.” Saying that, Madara pointed to the cave where Kabuto was located, “Go there and help me keep an eye on the man named Yakushi Kabuto.” 
“Yakushi Kabuto? Isn’t he the caster of Edo Tensei?”
“Yes. You watch him and if something goes wrong, help him.”
“I understand!” After saying that, Black Zetsu also left.
After arranging the Black and White Zetsu, Madara rushed to the battlefield where Jiraiya and the others were.
Not long after Madara left, Senju Tobirama came to where Madara and Black White Zetsu had just met. However, Tobirama didn’t know that Madara was here just now. —He just left the battlefield when Madara rushed to Jiraiya.
The two almost passed by. But fortunately, Tobirama was cautious and habitually hid his Chakra when moving. —plus, Madara was far away. So, he wasn’t discovered by Madara.
Tobirama closed his eyes, using the Chakra connection between Edo Tensei’s body and the caster to find Kabuto’s location.
This place was very close to the cave where Kabuto was located. He immediately opened his eyes and looked towards the cave.
“So, the caster is there?” Tobirama murmured to himself, then rushed towards the cave.
Kabuto who was in the cave also noticed the arrival of Senju Tobirama.
After a moment of hesitation, he decided to not having conflict with Tobirama for the time being. After all, Senju Tobirama is the one who created Edo Tensei. —Moreover, he was also worried that Tobirama would be able to lift Edo Tensei directly.
So, Kabuto summoned the big snake in Ryūchi Cave and ordered the big snake to use the reverse Summoning Technique to bring him into Ryūchi Cave if he’s in danger.
Soon, Tobirama entered the cave and sensed the situation in the cave. He could tell that only Kabuto was inside.
Upon entering the cave, he directly asked, “Where is your companion?”
Hearing this question, Kabuto suddenly understood that Senju Tobirama’s goal was not him but Ōtsutsuki Isshiki. He smiled, “Why would Nidaime Hokage-sama looking for my companion?”
Tobirama didn’t answer him. Instead, he stood at the cave for a while, then turned away.
After exiting the cave, he immediately contacted Ninja Alliance’s headquarters using the method Tsunade taught him and told Yamanaka Ryo about Kabuto’s location.

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