Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 536


After the Juubi recovered, the eyes of all the people on the battlefield looked at it. But, at this time, Juubi was in an unconscious state, with no action, just lying there quietly.
“Kurama, this big guy doesn’t feel that strong! No, it should be said that I couldn’t feel his chakra. Is the resurrection failed?
“Idiot, aren’t you in Sage mode? Perceiving the power of Juubi is not as simple as chakra, and he is part of the world and is the natural chakra itself.”
Naruto listened to Kurama and obediently sensed Juubi’s presence. His face instantly became ugly. If Kyuubi’s chakra is a pond, then the chakra of Juubi is equivalent to a sea. The gap is too great.
Naruto swallowed his saliva and said, “No way… it’s a joke! How could such a monster exist?”
“This is Juubi, and now it is still in an incomplete state. Juubi should slowly absorb natural chakra and then change their body shape, complete evolution, and eventually, become the tree of god.”
“So, what should we do?” the tweeter continued to ask.
“Go contact Yamanaka Ryo! Let’s see what he says.”
Naruto nodded, communicated with the coalition headquarters, and reported the situation here to Yamanaka Inoichi.
Yamanaka Inoichi relayed Naruto’s words to Yamanaka Ryo.
Hearing this, Ryo thought for a while and said: “Minato nii-san, Kushia nee-san, you two go to Naruto first! Shisui should be on the way now. Before I go, you just need to try to delay the evolution of Juubi.”
“Okay, I got it!” Namikaze Minato nodded and took Kushina to teleport to Naruto’s.
At the same time, the silhouette of Yamanaka Ryo disappeared from the coalition headquarters.
Shikkotsu Forest.
“You’re coming!”
Sensing Yamanaka Ryo’s arrival, Katsuyu’s main body said.
“Hello, it looks like you’ve guessed I’ll come.”
“You came to me and had something to do with the Juubi resurrection! What do you want to know?” Katsuyu main body asked directly.
“I wonder if I can cope with the resurrection of the Kaguya and Juubi.”
After saying that, Ryo opened the Rinnegan, incorporating the power of Xiaolin, presenting his strongest state in front of Katsuyu main body.
At first, Ryo thought that it would be enough to cope with Kaguya with his strength alone. But, after sensing Juubi’s power, he hesitated a bit. Although, according to the original work, Kaguya will certainly be sealed by Naruto and Sasuke, he doesn’t want to put hope on others.
That’s why he came looking for Katsuyu main body, and he wanted an answer from Katsuyu main body.
Instead of perceiving the state of Yamanaka Ryo, Katsuyu main body directly said, “You actually have an answer in your heart, don’t you? Now that you have the answer, then do it. You are the most talented young man I have ever met, stronger than Hashirama that year. So, be a little more confident.”
“Confident? Haha! That’s right, confidence! Thank you, I think too much!
Katsuyu main body did not give the answer to him. Instead, it gave him something more important than the answer. His concerns have been completely put down.
“It doesn’t look like I need to say more, so I wish you success.”
“Thank you!”
After saying that, Yamanaka Ryo left the Shikkotsu forest and returned to the headquarters of the coalition headquarters.
As soon as Yamanaka Ryo came back, Yamanaka Inoichi immediately reported to him: “Ryo, Four Raikage have dealt with all the White Zetsu, and now is rushing to Naruto’s location with the coalition.”
“Where’s the medical team?”
“The emergency treatment for the wounded on their side has also been completed. Ryo, do you want them to go to Naruto’s side too?”
“No, the medical team is better in the rear. Let the Suzune and sakura pass! Give the medical ninja command to Shizune.”
“Okay, I see. By the way, there is one more thing, Hashirama-sama just contacted me and said that he could feel the aura of Hachibi Jinchuuriki. Let’s find a way to rescue him.”
“Isn’t Killer B dead? I understood. Leave it to me!”
Hearing this, Yamanaka Inoichi froze and asked, “Ryo, you’re not going to the battlefield, are you?”
Yamanaka Ryo nodded, “It’s my responsibility, and I have to go there with the coalitions. After I left, Shikaku ni-san, Inoichi nii-san, the staff headquarters, and the battle will be under your unified command.”
“Okay, Inoichi! Don’t talk. There is nothing wrong with Ryo’s decision. Juubi is that kind of existence, and you have also perceived its power. It’s better for Ryo to go directly to the battlefield, and it’s enough to have us at the headquarters.” Nara Shikaku said.
Nara Shikaku said so, and Inoichi could only agree with the decision.
At the same time, the battleground where Naruto was located.
The Minato couple has arrived, and Shisui followed closely behind to the battlefield.
“Is this Juubi? It’s big!” Shisui looked at Juubi, who was lying there.
“Shisui Senior? What are you doing here? Aren’t you with Fourth Raikage?” Sasuke asked strangely after seeing Shisui.
“It was Sensei who asked me to come over and help. Looking at the state of Juubi now, it feels like it’s not asleep. We might as well attack directly!” Shisui suggested.
“Right, I’ve wanted to try to attack and see how this big guy reacts,” Hearing Shisui’s suggestion, Naruto immediately agreed.
“Minato-sama, what do you think?” Shisui asked.
“Let’s try!”
After saying that, Minato threw Flying Thunder God Kunai to where Juubi was and then instantly teleported to the side of Juubi, leaving the Flying Thunder God mark on Juubi’s body. Then, he teleported back to Naruto’s side.
“Okay, let’s start now! Attack with your strongest attack, and I’ll help you move over so that you don’t get blocked.”
Everyone glanced at each other and started preparing themselves.
Naruto’s Rasenshuriken, Sasuke’s Kagutsuchi, Shisui’s Tomoe, and Kushina’s Bijuudama shot together at Juubi.
Otsustuski Momoshiki wanted to stop, but there was a huge explosion on Juubi.
Juubi, which had been silent, was suddenly attacked. He suddenly stood upright and roared. He pounced on the ground.
With a shaking on the ground, Juubi returned to silence again. The wounds on his body were recovered.
“What the hell is this guy doing?” Shisui muttered to himself.
“Juubi has been absorbing natural energy, and the natural energy around it is pouring into the body. If it goes on like this, I’m afraid ten tails are going to evolve much stronger,” Namikaze Minato said seriously.

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