Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 537


“Just now, Kurama also said that Juubi will absorb natural chakra evolution. Dad, can you stop it?”
Namikaze Minato shook his head: “I don’t know. In my sense, Juubi has been absorbing natural energy. Even under the attack, he has not stopped, and he absorbed the natural chakra to recover from injury.”
“Then let’s attack continuously! Let it use the natural chakra absorbed for recovery.” Sasuke suggested.
“That’s what we can do now… Sasuke should have the biggest damage to Juubi. Naruto, you assist Sasuke with Fuuton. I will block the attack. Shisui and Kushina will guard around, make sure there’s no sneak attack.”
Everyone nodded, they all agreed, and then got started.
The result was also obvious; with Naruto-Sasuke’s Ninjutsu attack combinations, they forced Juubi to use a large amount of natural chakra to recover the injury.
The speed of evolution was affected, and Juubi, who had been silent, went mad.
Accompanied by a roar, the earth began to shake. Lightning struck in the sky, and strong winds swept.
The whole battlefield instantly becomes like the end of the world.
Senju Hashirama looked at the sky and muttered, “Is this Juubi doing? How could this happen?”
“It’s Juubi’s technique, The Mutation of Heaven and Earth. You know that Juubi is the ancestor of this world and the god of creation. It’s easy for it to have the power of terror to devour the sea, tear the earth apart, and move mountains… it’s ridiculous that you dare to attack him when it absorbs natural chakra!” Uchiha Madara said with slight sarcasm.
“Madara, is the trick you’re talking about going to use this monster to do it?”
“You don’t have to know that, and you’ll stay and witness it.” After saying that, Madara waved Susanoo’s fist and Knocked Mokujin back.
The scope of Heaven and Earth Mutation continued to expand, and the mad Juubi announced his return to the entire world.
In the village of Konoha, the initially clear sky was instantly covered by thick clouds, followed by lightning, wind, and rain.
In Hokage’s Office,
Third Hokage and Hatake Sakumo stood side by side in the window, watching the storm swept through Konoha.
“Alas! Sakumo, do you say that their battle went well?” Third Hokage said.
“It should be going well. The whole ninja world is united, and no enemy can fight this force.”
“Yes, that’s the power of the whole ninja world!” Third Hokage looked a little more relaxed. He returned to the desk and continued to review the documents.
Mount Myoboku.
When the change of the world began, the Great Toad Sage once again opened his eyes.
“It’s really uncomfortable to feel its power again.”
After saying that, the Great Toad Sage continued to fall asleep.
The headquarters of the coalition.
Xiao Lin, who has been sleeping in Yamanaka Ryo’s Ninja Tool Pouch, also woke up/ She climbed out of the bag, jumped to his shoulder, “Ryo, I feel the power of Juubi, has it been resurrected?”
Ryo nodded: “Well, he was resurrected not so long ago, and now the change of world outside should also be caused by him.”
“Ryo, when are we going to the battlefield? I want to see what the real Juubi looks like.”
“Don’t worry. When the allies arrive, we’ll be there soon.”
“That’s it! Then I won’t sleep until the battle begins.”
At this time, the Ninja coalition led by Fourth Raikage also encountered a storm, but the Ninja Coalition did not stop to shelter from the rain. They braved the heavy rain without saying a word, bowing their heads toward the final battlefield.
By contrast, Jiraiuya looked much more comfortable. Although it’s storming, it has a little effect on the Ninja Alliance.
They are getting closer and closer to the final battlefield.
Under the influence of Heaven and Earth Mutation, the natural chakra of the ninja world begins to riot and then pour into Juubi’s body.
A few minutes later, Juubi’s body gradually changed.
In the beginning, it began to fall on the ground and gradually became thin. The appearance of Juubi became similar to the shape of a human palm. The head appeared with an ear, and the eyes also moved up.
(Author Note: The Juubi in the manga are in this state when the world changes, I’ve modified it here.)
“Well, Kurama… Is this Juubi’s evolution?!” Naruto asked Kyuubi.
“Yes, he won’t be just lying down, like in the beginning.”
Kyuubi’s voice just fell, and Naruto could feel a large amount of natural chakra continuing to pour into the body of Juubi: “Kurama, you’re right! Juubi started to absorb natural chakra again.”
Kyuubi froze and then seriously said: “It looks like Juubi is trying to evolve to the final stage in one breath.”
“The final stage?”
“Well, I told you before that the body of Jubi is the tree of God, and the final stage is the tree of God.”
“What happens when it becomes a tree of god?” Naruto asked.
Kyuubi shook his head: “I don’t know. But, nothing good comes out of it.”
Naruto relayed Kyuubi’s words to Namikaze Minato, and everyone was a little anxious when they heard about it. But they had nothing to stop the ten tails from absorbing natural chakra/
With the continuous influx of natural chakra, the state of Juubi has changed.
Juubi’s body has gradually become stronger. The body even had angular muscles.
This time, Juubi suddenly turned and looked toward Naruto. It spitted out a huge flower-shaped muzzle from the mouth, and the muzzle instantly condensed a red Bijuudama. [TL Note: The Tailed Beast Ball is the ultimate technique of a tailed beast, which can also be used by a jinchūriki while transformed. Tailed Beast Balls are made from an 8:2 ratio of the positive black chakra (purasu no Kuro chakra) and negative white chakra (mainasu no Shiro chakra).]
“Is this Bijuudama? It’s too big!” Kushina was taken aback.
“Don’t worry, I’ll move him away,” Namikaze Minato said, patting Kushina’s shoulder.
Minato’s voice just fell, Juubi’s oversized Bijuudama flew towards the crowd.
Minato stood in front of everyone, intending to transfer Bijuudama using Flying Thunder God.
“Minato-sama, didn’t you just leave a mark on Juubi just now? How about returning Bijuudama to it?” Shisui suggested.
Hearing this, Minato lit up and moved Bijuudama back to Juubi’s side as Shisui said.
“Attention! The blast is coming!”
Accompanied by the sound of explosions, the ground trembled again.
The dark clouds in the sky were blown away by the blast.
Sand and stone flew in the whole battlefield, set off a burst of dust.
After a long time, dust gradually fell, everyone looked at Juubi’s condition.
After being bombarded by his own Bijuudama, Juubi was covered in bruises, and the huge body looked a little weak.


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