Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 558


Well, it’s okay, just that my head still hurts a little.”

Pakura rolled her eyes at Yamanaka Ryo and said, “Who asked you to drink so much yesterday? The way you teleported over and couldn’t even stand properly gave me a fright.”

Yamanaka Ryo coughed twice to hide the embarrassment on his face. “Cough cough, be reasonable, you can’t blame me for this. It was Minato nii-san who announced the news that we were going to get married. Those people took the opportunity to pour me wine, and I had no choice.”

Hearing this, a trace of blush appeared on Pakura’s cheeks, and her voice also became a lot softer, “Did the Hokage sama announce it? How did the villagers react?”

“What are the villagers’ reactions? How could I know that when the news was announced, I was continuously drunk by a group of people.” Yamanaka Ryo replied helplessly.


At the same time, in Kazekage’s office, Gaara had also written notice about Pakura and Yamanaka Ryo. He called for a hand bow and asked for a hand bow to post the notice.

A few minutes later, this notice set off an uproar in the Sand Village.

“Hey, is it true? Pakura-sama is going to marry into Konoha?”

“This is a notice sent by Kazekage-sama. Of course, it is true.”

Ah, Pakura-sama, my goddess, don’t go.”

The villagers and ninjas of the Sunagakure reacted differently, but they had no objections. Most of them were worried that Pakura would get some unfair treatment when he married in Konoha.

At this time, the Suna Ninja, who had participated in the Fourth Ninja World War, stood up and said, “On the battlefield, the Hokage announced in public that he would not send anyone to monitor Pakura-sama, nor would he restrict Pakura-sama’s actions.”

“If that’s the case, then Pakura-sama should not suffer any grievances.”

“Of course, Pakura-sama wants to marry Yamanaka Ryo, the man known as the strongest in the Ninja World. Who dares to bully his wife?”

The villagers ‘discussion grew louder and louder.


Pakura’s home was in the center of the Sunagakure, and the villagers’ voices were so loud, she naturally heard it.

“It seems that Gaara has announced our matter. The villagers in your village are quite supportive,” Yamanaka Ryo said with a smile.

Pakura nodded. “To be honest, I didn’t expect the villagers to have such a reaction. I thought there would be many people who would object. Really, the many excuses I prepared overnight were useless.”

“Why do you sound like you want the villagers to object?”

“That’s not what I meant. It’s just that… forget it. You won’t understand even if I tell you. You go out first. I’m going to get dressed.”

“We’re already old and married. Why are you being shy?”

“Who’s old? and what’s with old wife? Quickly go out.”

Yamanaka Ryo smiled and teleported outside with his clothes.

After a while, Pakura put on her clothes and hurriedly left. Yamanaka Ryo released his spiritual energy and found that Pakura had gone to Kazekage’s office.

“It seems that it is time for me to go back and prepare.”

After saying that, Yamanaka Ryo disappeared.


At this time, the Yamanaka clan was already preparing for Yamanaka Ryo’s wedding. Last night, after Yamanaka Ryo was drunk, he went directly to Pakura. He did not know that when he left, the Yamanaka clan had already chosen the day of the wedding that night, just 15 days later.

The time was tight, which was why the Yamanaka clan acted so quickly. Under the command of Inoichi, all the clansmen dressed up in an orderly manner.

And Yamanaka Ryo’s mother, Chinse, was now picking the clothes for Yamanaka Ryo’s wedding with Kushina and Lain. The three of them went through all the clothing stores in Konoha, but they did not find any clothes that satisfied them.

“Mother, why don’t we do the same thing as Minato and Sister Kushina when they get married? Their clothes look pretty good.” Lain was a bit impatient.

No, each person has their own style. Kushina looks good in it. But, Pakura might not look good.”

“Then why don’t we try the wedding dress? I heard from Mikoto that this is how people in the Land of Water get married.” Kushina suggested.

Chinse frowned and asked, “It’s the first time I’ve heard of a wedding dress. What does it look like?”

“It’s a white dress.”

“A dress? It looks good. Then what will  Ryo wear?”

“It should be a suit, right?

Hearing this, Chinse thought about how Yamanaka Ryo looked like in a suit and then decisively decided to try the effect of the wedding dress.


In the Hokage’s office, Namikaze Minato had five high-end-looking invitations on the table.

Namikaze Minato picked up an invitation and handed it to Kakashi. “Kakashi, this is for you. Send it to Kumogakure.”

Then Minato picked up another invitation card, “Shisui, you go to Iwagakure. Obito will trouble you to go to the Kirigakure. I think you are familiar with that. Naruto will go to the Sunagakure and Sasuke will go to Otogakure.”

When everyone heard this, they took the invitation and immediately turned to leave.

“The invitation is done. There are three clans in the wedding venue. Kushina and Ryo’s mother made the wedding clothes, and the rest is…”

“What is left? Brother Minato, what are you thinking about?”

Yamanaka Ryo suddenly appeared and interrupted Namikaze Minato’s train of thought.

Namikaze Minato smiled and said, “Of course it’s to prepare for your wedding. Yesterday, your mother and the Yamanaka clan have already decided on the date of your marriage, and it will be 15 days later, which is, on the 30th of October.”

Ah? Why are you so fast? I haven’t prepared myself yet.”

“What do you need to prepare? Go spend the next few days with Pakura to cultivate your feelings. Just wait for the wedding.”

Wow, you guys are too -“

Alright, alright, stop talking nonsense. Your mother and Kushina are helping you pick out the clothes for your wedding. Go over and take a look.”

Yamanaka Ryo nodded helplessly. He sensed the location of Chinse and teleported to her side.


When Yamanaka Ryo suddenly appeared, the three of them did not have any reaction. They were already used to Yamanaka Ryo’s unpredictability.

“Ryo, you came at the right time. We thought about it for a long time. In the end, we decided that when you got married, Pakura would wear a wedding dress and you would wear a suit. What do you think?”

When Yamanaka Ryo heard this, he was stunned. He always thought that his mother would prepare a kimono for him, but he did not expect her to choose a suit.

Yamanaka Ryo didn’t speak, and Chinse thought that he was dissatisfied with the suit. She quickly explained, “I think that the people in the village are all wearing kimonos. If you also wear kimono, it is too monotonous. Fortunately, you wear something different. If you are not satisfied…”

“No need, mother. I’m very satisfied,” Yamanaka Ryo interrupted Chinse.

In fact, if it was possible, Yamanaka Ryo was more willing to wear more Chinese clothes. Unfortunately, there wasn’t one here, so it was good to wear a suit.

Moreover, Yamanaka Ryo did not like the kimono personally. He felt that the kimono was quite good for women to wear. However, the man looked a little strange in it.

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