Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 559


Time flew.
In the blink of an eye, it was already October 29. Tomorrow was the wedding of Yamanaka Ryo and Pakura.
Starting from October 25, the people from various villages arrived at Konoha one after another. The streets were filled with ninjas wearing the forehead guards of other villages.
These ninjas were not restricted by any restrictions and were casually playing around in Konoha.
At this time, in the Hokage’s office, Namikaze Minato was having a meeting with the other four Kages. The content of the meeting was about the matter of Otsutsuki’s clan, which was also the things that Yamanaka Ryo had concealed in the battlefield.
Namikaze Minato went straight to the point and directly explained the situation to the Four Kages. He told them about the existence of Kaguya and Otsutsuki, and even told them about their plans to go to Otsutsuki’s clan.
When the other Four Kages heard this, their expressions instantly became serious.
“Hokage, how confident are you in going to Otsutsuki’s clan? According to what you just said, there are more than a dozen people in Otsutsuki’s clan who are comparable to that black-robed man. Isn’t it too risky?” Onokiasked first.
“Onoki is right. We shouldn’t provoke them now.” The fourth-generation Raikage nodded in agreement.
“We know everyone’s concerns, but the Otsutsuki clan is like a knife hanging over the head of the ninja world. They may cut down at any time. Instead of waiting for them to suddenly attack one day, it is better to take the initiative to attack. Even if we can’t eliminate this hidden danger, we have to give them a heavy blow… Moreover, I just said that there are more than a dozen Otsutsuki clansmen who have the same strength as the black-robed man, and I didn’t say that their strength is equal to the black-robed man.”
After saying that, Namikaze Minato disappeared.
A few seconds later, Namikaze Minato returned to the Hokage’s office with Otsutsuki Ryushiki, who had sealed his chakra and Rinnegan.
“Everyone, this is the black-robed man, Otsutsuki Ryushiki. We used the secret technique of the Yamanaka clan to read the memories of the black-robed man… From him, we learned that there are 13 people in their generation with Rinnegan. Among them, only he, Otsutsuki Momoshiki, and Otsutsuki have such strength. The others are still children and have no fighting strength.”
The four Kages looked at Otsutsuki Ryushiki, and their tense nerves relaxed.
After that, Namikaze Minato sent Otsutsuki Ryushiki back to Konoha’s Prison and went back to the Hokage’s office to continue, “Everyone, is there anything else you want to say?”
The four Kages looked at each other and shook their heads.
“You have already decided on something. What we say is actually useless. Then I hope you can succeed.” Terumi Mei smiled and said.
“This matter concerns the future of the whole world, and our Sunagakure supports it.”
“The same goes for the Iwagakure.”
“You all support it, and I won’t object to it. However, Hokage, is there anything we can help with? In terms of high-end combat strength, there is a gap between Konoha and us, and it is estimated that going to the Otsutsuki clan will also cause trouble for you. We are very clear about this, but there is always something we can help with. If there is, just say it.”
Namikaze Minato was stunned, and then smiled. He took out a scroll from his ninja bag. “I really need everyone to cooperate with me. In the previous war, Ryo made some grenades, and everyone should have an impression of it, right?
This kind of hand grenade is very powerful, and it is very suitable to deal with the puppets of the Otsutsuki clan. Now Konoha is preparing other things, and Ryo’s wedding is delayed. I really can’t spare any time, so I want to ask everyone to make as many grenades as possible….
This is the improved production method of Konoha. It doesn’t need to burn. It only needs the cooperation of the thunder and fire. Although the power will be slightly reduced, it is still a very useful weapon.”
Gaara, who was closer to Namikaze Minato, took the scroll from Namikaze Minato. After opening it and looking at it, he immediately said that Sunagakure could make it.
The other three Kages also said that there was no problem after looking at it.
After the meeting, Obito, who had been hiding in the Kamui Space, appeared.
“Sensei, although the people in the village are nervous, there are still people who make grenades. Can you just give them the production method?” Obito asked in a low voice.
“There is nothing wrong with it. I am expressing my goodwill to them, indicating that Konoha trusts them. During the war, Jiraya also made an agreement with the Four Kages. Ryo will not start a war, and Jiraya believes in them. I am willing to try to believe them. After all, the foundation of people and people understanding each other is mutual trust… Moreover, this matter was related to the future of the Ninja Realm. As a Kage, they would not fail at this time.”
“I understand, sensei. I was too narrow-minded.”
Namikaze Minato waved his hand, “It’s not that serious. You don’t have to care too much. Let’s stop here. How is Ryo?”
“The three clans have been arranged. The members of the Anbus are all in position. I guarantee that there will be no problems with the wedding tomorrow.” Obito said.
“It’s been so many years. I finally see Ryo getting married. Shouldn’t it be you and Rin? Rin has waited for you for so many years. You should have made your move, right?” Namikaze Minato patted Obito on the shoulder and said.
“Sensei, don’t worry. When I come back from Otsutsuki’s clan, I will give Rin an explanation.”
“That’s good, that’s enough. The matter here is basically over. Obito, go and inform the Ninjas working in the building. Tomorrow is the day off, and everyone will go to Ryo’s wedding together… As for the Anbu and the security department, they will have to work hard tomorrow, and they will be responsible for the safety work.”
“Got it, Sensei. I will go and inform them immediately.”
After saying that, Obito opened Mangekyou and disappeared from the office of the Hokage.
At the same time, Chinse and Kushina were talking about the details of tomorrow’s wedding with Yamanaka Ryo.
Yamanaka Ryo personally hated trouble. Usually, when he encountered this kind of trouble, Ryo would hide as much as he could. But now was his own wedding, and there was no place to hide, even if he wanted to. He could only sit here obediently and listen to the words of the two elders.
“Did you remember what I just said?” Chinse asked.
Yamanaka Ryo quickly nodded. He was very clear about his mother’s temper. If he hesitated even a little, Chinse Zetsu would repeat what she had just said.
Chinse revealed a gratified smile. She suddenly stood up and walked to Yamanaka Ryo’s side. She touched his head with a hint of reminiscence in her eyes. “In the blink of an eye, you are already so old. Time really passes too quickly.”
Yamanaka Ryo looked up at Chinse, recalling the bits and pieces of the mother and son. For a moment, all sorts of feelings welled up in his heart. Just as he was about to say something, a member of the Yamanaka clan suddenly ran in and said, “Ryo-sama, Pakura-sama’s sister is here. However, the people of Konoha’s Prison seem to have some misunderstandings about her.”
Yamanaka Ryo and Chinse looked at each other and quickly ran out.

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