Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 73


Just like the Sand’s, Konoha’s camp was also prepared to fight.

Every one of Shalun’s moves was being monitored by the Aburame’s insects. After he returned to his camp, Ryo received the news and went straight to Sakumo’s camp.

“Kid, you’re finally here!” Jiraya also got the news, and was waiting in the tent for Ryo’s arrival.

“Ryo, time is tight. Let’s began the pre-battle meeting.

Ryo nodded. He, Jiraya and Sakumo started discussing their following steps. 

At night, a team led by Jiraya placed Explosive Tags around the Sand’s path to the battlefield

At the same time, Ryo set up some more hidden traps on the battlefield, most of them being Explosive Tags as well. 

The two and their squad, with the help of the Aburame clan, quickly finished their task and returned to the camp. 

The following day, the Sand didn’t rush into the fight. They started checking their path for traps. 

Ryo knew well that with Chiyo prudence, the Sand wouldn’t send out their troops without doing such a check. He told Jiraya not to place traps on the Sand’s route. Instead, they were hidden on the sides of the road, on piles of gravel surrounding a portion of the path through which many of the Sand Ninjas should cross.

And because they were fighting in the desert, the Sand should be really confident about the battlefield. But they shouldn’t drop their guard, because Ryo has also left them a few big surprises.

Without Sensor Ninjas, after checking for traps, the Sand Ninjas found none. Ryo’s plan was a success. 

After confirming “safety”, Rasa and Chiyo proceeded to action immediately, and the Kazekage ordered his troops to march forwards. 

Rasa, Chiyo, the Ichibi Junchuriki Bunpuku, Pakura, Shalun, 5 elite Jonins, and over 10000 Ninjas were on the Sand’s side.

On the other side, Konoha had Sakumo, Jiraya, Ryo, 6 Jonins and 6000 other Ninjas. 

When it came to the stronger ones, Sakumo could take care of Chiyo, and Jiraya’s Sage mode was enough to take care of Rasa. Ryo’s was confident that he could handle the Pakura, Shalun and Shukaku with his with Tobirama’s S class Jutsu [Hard Whirlpool Water Blade].

The reason why Ryo and Sakumo have assassinated the Sensor Ninjas was to give the rest of their forces an advantage on the battlefield. 

If this battle could take the lives of over 3000 of the Sand Ninjas, the hidden Rock would definitely look to seize the opportunity and declare war on the Sand. With that, all 4 enemy clans will have their forces scattered and there will be less pressure on Konoha. 

On the Sand’s side, over 10000 Ninjas were advancing to face their enemies, when they were hit from both sides by the rabble caused by the explosion of the hidden Explosive Tags. 

Rasa’s and Chiyo ‘s Faces looked heavy. The Kazekage stared at Hugo who was leading the investigation team. The latter felt the gaze behind him and didn’t dare to turn around is he was all in cold sweat. 

He was also extremely shocked. He didn’t expect that Konoha’s traps would not be layed out on the road itself. They were on the gravel piles were no one would normally go. Without Sensor Ninjas, he shouldn’t have been able to find them. 

Of course, he didn’t dare to say this to Rasa. While he wasn’t there on the battlefield, over 300 hundred of the Sand Ninjas were killed by the explosions, and the injuries also were numerous. He couldn’t just avoid the responsibility.

Chiyo understood everything when she saw their Ninja being killed, and she was able to comprehend how Konoha lured them into this trap step by step.

And Rasa also was no fool. Seeing what was happening, he understood everything as well. But still, this battle was inevitable. 

He had to pretend to be un-phased, and he commanded his Ninjas to advance even more. They soon reached the battlefield. 

“Ryo san, the Sand have entered your trap.” The Hyuga Ninjas were monitoring the Sand’s advancement. They found that the Sand went over the pit on the battlefield and immediately reported that to Ryo.

“Good! Rasa, Chiyo, I hope you’ll like my gift!” Ryo melted the ice he layed underneath the desert, and the Sand Ninjas fell into a pit full of explosive tags. 

Ryo’s trap also took the live over 300 Ninjas. The battle hadn’t started yet, and the Sand lost nearly 700 of their Ninjas. 

“Haha! Kid is doing a great Job! Look at all of those Ninjas already dead and wounded! We have a great advantage this time!” Jiraya said, while laughing. 

“I can only relax when we win this.” Said Ryo.

“Don’t worry Ryo. the Sand Ninjas have lost their momentum, and over a fifth of their Ninjas are wounded. This time, we’ll win!”

Sakumo’s words made Ryo feel a lot more relaxed. Even Sakumo, who was always calm and cautious, felt that their chances were much greater this time.

The Sand did not retreat, and Rasa ordered everyone to charge; Konoha did the same. Chiyo went straight to the one she hated the most, Sakumo, while Jiraya was against Rasa, as usual. 

Ryo looked at Pakura heading his way accompanied by a large man that he didn’t know. He entered the Ice-Lightning Chakra mode, and went on to face the two. 

The Sand Ninjas still had a number advantage over Konoha. However, the traps really hit their morals, and about 2000 of them were injured by the explosions.

Of course, the wounded focused by Konoha’s Ninjas, giving them a great advantage.

Bunpuku was watching the situation on the battlefield, seeing the Sand beginning to lose. He felt that he had no choice. He had to use the [Feigning Sleep Justu] to let Shukaku come out.

“Jiraya san, Shukaku is out!” 

Ryo threw an Ice Scalpel in the direction of Shukaku and instantly teleported there. He did it three times to reach the beast. Jiraya also forced back Rasa and headed straight to where Ryo was.

“Ryo Chan, Jiraya chan told me that you two have a way to suppress Jiraya’s actions. What’s your method?” asked Fukasaku. 

“You’ll know right away!” Ryo kept him guessing, but Fukasaku didn’t continue to ask. Jiraya was preparing to launch something big and he needed his support. 

“[Hard Whirlpool Water Blade]” With the help of the Two Great Sages, Jiraya launched a Jutsu holding an immense amount of Senjutsu Chakra.

After the Water Blade became a Whirlpool, its pulling force brought by the high speed rotation was easily able to break through Shukaku’s ultimate defense. The beast that just had been released was wounded before it could do anything.

Kid, I can make this last about 20 minutes. The rest is up to you!” Right after he finished talking, Jiraya turned back and blocked an incoming attack from Rasa. The two continued their fight.

Ryo used his natural energy. Without affecting the rotation speed, he froze a portion of the Whirlpool’s water, controlling its shape to turn it and blades.

That way, Ryo expects that the speed at which the blades cut through Shukaku’s body should be comparable to that of its regeneration with the desert’s sand. With that, it should be successfully restrained for the full 20 minutes of the whirlpool’s lifespan.

“Now, as long as I can take care of Pakura and this big man within these 20 minutes, this war could be declared over.” 

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