Hokage Ryo's Path

Hokage Ryo’s Path Chapter 74


Ryo had faced Pakura before when intercepting the Sand’s transportation team.  He felt that he could beat her. He didn’t know the other man, but the fact that he’s fighting along with her means that he’s at least quasi Kage level. 

Facing the two at the same time, Ryo felt that he shouldn’t hold anything off. He used [Summoning] and brought Gamahiro to the battlefield. 

“Shalun, Ryo’s Ice Release is very strange. You must be careful.” Seeing Gamahiro, Pakura remembered her fight with Ryo the other day, when she couldn’t melt his Ice. 

As a guard of the 3rd Kazekage, Shalun was extremely confident. He’s been taught by the 3rd Kazkage himself. Therefore, he didn’t give a lot of importance to her words. 

“[Iron Sand Hammer]!” The 1st to attack was Shalun who had condensed an Iron Sand hammer and dropped it on Ryo.

The latter reacted swiftly, entering his Ice-lightning Chakra mode and escaping it immediately. 

“Magnet release?! On top of the 3rd and 4th Kazekages, you have other people with such Kekkei Genkai?!” Ryo said with surprise.

“Should you really find it strange coming from a guard of 3rd Hokage?”

Hearing Shalun’s words, Ryo started paying more attention to him. The 3rd Hokage was no ordinary Kage himself and this guy is also no regular Jonin.

The 3rd Kazekage should be comparable in strength to the 3rd Tsuchikage. After all, he was the strongest Kage in the history of his village. Ryo didn’t know how he was beaten by Sasori of the Red Sand.

Based on his description in the Manga, combined with Shalun’s attack right now, Ryo theorized that the latter should be the late Kazekage’s disciple.

Ryo was feeling some excitement. He has no extensive battlefield experience, but he’s able to face such strong people. 

“[Water Release: Water Dragon], [Freeze: Ice Dragon]!” Ryo made and controlled his ice dragon, directing it towards Pakura and Shalun.

Shalun made made a wall with Iron Sand that wasn’t damaged at all when the Ice Dragon slammed into it. 

After it successfully blocked the ice dragon, the Iron wall was reformed as five tapered cones of Iron Sand.

They flew straight toward Ryo who evaded them with his Lightning Chakra mode. However, he found that the cones kept on chasing him. 

“Is that the case? Tracking?” Ryo through an Ice Scalpel straight towards the two, teleporting to it directly after that. 

“Flying Thunder God?! Pakura, this kid masters that technique?” Stunned by Ryo’s sudden appearance, Shalun retreated, while asking Pakura. 

“I don’t know! The last time I faced his, he didn’t use this trick!” Pakura was scared by Ryo’s appearance and her voice shook.

“Don’t just leave now! Your cones haven’t returned to you yet!” Saying that, Ryo blinked behind Shalun and kicked him towards were he used to be. That’s where the cones were heading! 

“Shalun quickly, release your cones!” Pakura yell helped Shalun keep his life as he did what she said. But Ryo blinked right behind her.

“Hiro, Water Gunshots!” Hearing Ryo, Gamahiro quickly sent the Water Gunshot’s his way. 

When she saw them coming, Pakura wanted to evaporate the water. Ryo felt the high temperature coming from her and understood her direction.

At less than one meter away from her, the Gunshots were suddenly frozen by Ryo. 

That took Pakura by surprise. Her Scorch release was no longer effective. It was impossible to freeze the Fronzen Gunshot. The 1st one of them landed and blew her away.

Ryo’s attention was turned to the man on Pakura side. Shalun was preparing his next attack, using his Iron Sand to form a large Iron block. 

When Ryo realized that the block was heading his way, he was already almost within its reach. Lightning Blink wasn’t enough to escape it, so Ryo teleported to the Ice Scalpel once again.

However, he was shocked to find that Shalun was already waiting for him there. As soon as he teleported, an iron sand pierced his heart!

“Hey!” Ryo’s heart was directly pierced by the cone. But Shalun was shocked as he saw that Ryo wasn’t even bleeding at all.

That attack got Ryo in cold sweat. Fortunately, he was in his Ice Elementization. If it wasn’t for that, he would’ve been certainly dead.

“Pakura, you’re all right?” Seeing his failure to kill his opponent, Shalun directly moved on to asking his partner about her state. 

“I’m fine!” Pakura wiped the blood from her mouth as she slowly stood up.

“Let’s join forces! This kid is big trouble. My sand pierced his heart, and he didn’t bleed or get injured at all.” 

“Well, I’ll assist you! [Scorch Release: Rise]!” Pakura’s Scorch Release heated up Shalun’s Iron Sand. The initially dark iron turned to red.

This was beyond Ryo’s expectation. The duo were proving that they even more difficult to restrain that Shukaku.

“Hiro, get away for a moment. The next technique I’ll be using is very powerful, so try not to get hit!” Ryo used his Yamanka Telepathy to tell Gamahiro to escape.

As soon as he finished his words, Ryo left Ice Elementization and Entered Sage mode. Then he used his Yamanaka Telepathy to connect to all of Konoha’s Ninjas on the battlefield.

“Everyone, this is Ryo Yamanaka. All of you retreat at least a 100 meters away from me. I’m about to use a powerful technique and I don’t want you guys to get in the crossfire.”

Every one of Konoha’s Ninjas heard Ryo and began to move. Ryo on the other hand started preparing his attack. 

He started by making a Rasengan in his hand, and then added Wind Nature Transformation to it, followed by the Senjutsu Chakra.

The Rasengan started to have blades appear around it, making a harsh friction sound. It got louder and louder until the Rasenshuriken was completed. 

On the other side, with the Help of Pakura’s Scorch Release, a huge red globe of Scorching Iron Sand was being formed. It was hard to make float in the air. The desert seemed to get Evan hotter!

Shalun saw Ryo’s Rasenshuriken, but he was confident in the Scorching Iron Sand Globe that he and Pakura made together. He didn’t hesitate to control it and send it straight towards Ryo.

Its friction with the air made it emit flames that rose to Ryo, making the desert look distorted because of all the heat.

Ryo took a deep breath and calmed himself; and then threw the Rasenshuriken. 

The two attacks collided and huge explosion took place. Ryo opened his Sharingan and stared at the mid air explosion. 

The blades of the Rasenshuriken were constantly cutting the iron, but making the flames even more prosperous. 

As temperature got higher and higher, the Iron Sand began to melt, and the magnetic field made by Shalun was also affected. Without it, the globe began to collapse. 

It collapsed into a smaller globe of burning iron and then exploded in the sky.

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