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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 110 An Innocent Cousin


At the foot of the mountain.

“I didn’t expect to come back here again, and I am so overwhelmed.” Zhang Tian stood there, remembering his glory days in the past.

But he was a bit angry if he remembered his disciples’ family, if his disciples didn’t send money for them, they would force his disciples to run away from school.

“Who is the owner of this mountain?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhang Tian said, “This mountain is owned by the Huang Family in River City. I saw this mountain emanated a very unique aura, so I negotiated with Master Huang. The rental fee is 700 silver per year. It has been rented for more than ten years. And I’m in debt thanks to that.”

That was indeed the case.

There were old debt notes accumulated by Zhang Tian in the past.

Back then, the rivers and lakes were mixed, and they were famous for their beautifulness. Anyone would be rich if he/she started a business in that place.

So Zhang Tian wanted to open a school there, but unfortunately, even his underwear got confiscated.

When everyone climbed the mountain, they noticed the road needed to be fixed, and the grass was already tall, and of course, it required a lot of money.

In front of the school.

Zhang Tian touched the closed door and slowly wiped off the dust. His tone contained his emotions, “I am back.”.

This school was had a lot of potentials to become a famous school, but unfortunately, God had another plan.

Lin Fan pushed the gate. It was such a run-down building also bricks and tiles in most places were missing.

“This place is a mess.”

Whether it goes bankrupt or not, at least the infrastructure must be intact.

Yuan Tianchu frowned.

He didn’t say a word, but looking at the surroundings, he felt something was off.

Then, he looked at Zhang Tian, the headmaster of the Palm Mountain.

They couldn’t judge that person just by his appearance, he was very cunning and dangerous.

After learning about that, he suddenly found that something was off, and he tried to change his perspective. If he was the headmaster, and suddenly the position was taken away by others, will he agree?

He definitely won’t agree.

In his opinion, Zhang Tian was obviously looking for someone to take over the school, renovating the school without spending his own money, and when he was on the right track, he will kick Lin Fan away.

Yuan Tianchu thought Zhang Tian was really scary.

At this time, Zhang Tian showed a creepy smile, and his expression said his strategy succeeded.

Yuan Tianchu was the only one who saw him better than everyone else from the third person’s perspective.

Zhang Tian said, “Headmaster if you want to renovate the school, you must repair the infrastructure. Now that the situation is urgent, I ask you to deal with it.”

Lin Fan just arrived at the school for inspection, and before Lin Fan finished looking at all of the buildings, Zhang Tian wanted to fudge him to repair the infrastructure.

“Well, as the deputy head, I will let you deal with such an honorable task.” Lin Fan said.

Zhang Tian winked as if he didn’t believe what Lin Fan said.

“You are in charge, You are the headmaster, and this is an urgent matter to …”

Lin Fan said, “I don’t have money.”

Lin Fan was so straightforward.

Zhang Tian said, “I’m not the headmaster anymore.”

Well, he spoke the truth.

Yuan Tianchu just observed the situation in silence.


Zhou Zhongmao, who has been forgotten, spoke.

“Cousin, I have money.”

As soon as he spoke out, everyone’s attention focused on him.

Zhou Zhongmao took out a pair of bags, and there were silver coins inside of it, not to mention thousands of them.

Lin Fan was shocked, looking at those bags.

“Cousin, where did you get this?!!”

Zhou Zhongmao calmly said, “When I was about to go out, uncle gave it to me.”

“Then why don’t you tell me?!!” Lin Fan was stunned.

Zhou Zhongmao took out the money at the wrong time.

Zhou Zhongmao said, “Cousin, uncle told me not to tell you, I can only take it out when you encounter the crucial problem. I think we need to renovate this school, and I think the crucial problem that uncle said is like this one.”

“Wh…” Lin Fan sighed.

Lin Fan’s head was spinning, he got a headache.

Zhang Tian smiled like a flower, and his eyes were sparkling. “With this money, we can repair Palm Mountain, even the money can cover the cost of renting the mountain.”

‘Rage +66’

Liang Yongqi was angry because Lin Fan brought so much money, but he still took away Liang Yongqi’s money.

Yuan Tianchu was already used to seeing that kind of thing. When he saw Zhou Zhongmao took out so much money, he wasn’t angry at all.

However, he was wary of Zhang Tian, who was so cunning and was not much better than Lin Fan.

Older ginger is spicier.

Zhang Tian looked at Palm Mountain in a happy expression, and he saw the prosperous future of Palm Mountain.

“Headmaster, now we have funds to fix the problem, I think we must call back the former disciples.” Zhang Tian said.

Lin Fan said, “What are you thinking about calling them back? To squeeze out their money? Do you want to fail again?”

“I didn’t do that. In fact, I have to give monthly money every month. Average disciples get one silver per month. Talented disciples get six silver per month.” Zhang Tian said.

Lin Fan was stunned and looked at Zhang Tian.

“Are you kidding me? You didn’t collect money from your disciples, but pay them instead?!”

Lin Fan was dumbfounded.

Even Zhou Zhongmao was a bit shocked.

That was the real reason why Palm Mountain bankrupted.

Zhang Tian’s method of recruiting disciples was so extreme.

Not only he did that for nothing, but he also had to give his money.

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