I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 109 I Am The Head Master


They didn’t expect Palm Mountain would bankrupt.

“Palm Mountain has closed down, should we go back?” Liang Yongqi asked.

He didn’t want to stay with Lin Fan for too long.

“Cousin, did my dad tell you what to do if Palm Mountain no longer operates?” Lin Fan asked.

Lin Fan thought what if his father didn’t know Palm Mountain went bankrupt.

He felt that going home was a wise choice.

There was no use to stay there any longer.

Master Lin didn’t tell Zhou Zhongmao about Zhang Tian’s circumstances, so when his cousin asked that question, he was speechless for a while.

Zhang Tian thought that was the opportunity for him to revive Palm Mountain to its former glory.

“Your father said, it doesn’t matter if the Palm Mountain exists or not, what’s important is that as long as you manage to find me, you have to stay here.” Zhang Tian said.

Lin Fan said, “Did my father say that?”

Zhang Tian pointed at his stomach and said, “He said it in the letter, but I already eat the letter so you can’t read it.”

He read the letter, but he tore it and swallowed it. So if Lin Fan thought that was just his words, it made sense.

Zhang Tian said, “Everyone, would you like to help me to revive this school back to its former glory?”

Lin Fan shook his head.

“Hey, as long as the school is operating. You will be remembered as the heroes of Palm Mountain. You can get the title, the chief of Palm Mountain’s disciple. This is a rare opportunity.” said Zhang Tian.

He thought that was the reason Master Lin sent his son.

Lin Fan said, “Don’t joke with me, just because I have the money you think I will invest in your martial art school? To tell you the truth, you are not fit to manage this school.”

Lin Fan was so straightforward.

Zhou Zhongmao wanted his cousin to stay there as his uncle said, “This school can rise again, but something must be changed. Let my cousin be the headmaster.”

“Huh?!” Zhang Tian was very surprised.

“How can you say that to me? I’m the head of this school. If he is the head, what am I gonna be?”

Zhou Zhongmao said, “Be a disciple.”

“Impossible, there is a limit to how far you can embarrass me.” Zhang Tian refused.

Lin Fan didn’t agree with his cousin’s idea, because he just wanted to go home as soon as possible.

Zhang Tian said, “I can’t be a disciple. At least I have to be a deputy head. I am familiar with the surrounding area, I can help a lot.”

What Master Lin said in his letter was to prevent Lin Fan from going back to Tranquil City.

Zhang Tian naturally had to do it.

Anyway, his school has closed down. If he could reopen it, it was not a bad deal even if he was just a deputy head.

“Are you really sure? I’m in charge?” When he said that, the tone of his voice raised.

Zhang Tian sighed, “So I take it you agree with the condition. I have no problem with that since you are the biggest sponsor.”

After he said that he stared at Zhou Zhongmao. Those two understood, they couldn’t let Lin Fan returned to Tranquil City.

As for Zhang Tian, it didn’t matter who was the head, because he just rented the land.

Liang Yongqi wanted to be the headmaster, but he realized based on Lin Fan’s conversation, the headmaster’s position was chosen based on the financial resource.

That was crazy to choose the headmaster’s position based on money.

“Okay, let’s give it a try.” Lin Fan didn’t dare to say he would be the headmaster so surely. He knew the school must have a huge debt, so if he couldn’t handle the debt he could go home no matter what his father would say.

Zhang Tian was hungry.

“Headmaster, how about we celebrate this event? Let’s go to the restaurant to have a drink, what do you think?”

Liang Yongqi also wanted to eat in the restaurant.

At first glance, The restaurant there was better than the pavilion, so he wanted to have a taste.

Lin Fan said, “It’s too wasteful to celebrate only for this kind of thing. My servant, take them to a street stall to eat something. I will go to the toilet in the restaurant with my cousin.”

“Yeah, young master.” said the servant.

“My stomach also hurts a bit. I will go with you.” Zhang Tian knew Lin Fan’s intention so he wanted to follow Lin Fan.

“Huh?!” Lin Fan stared. “What? I’m in charge, and you dare to violate my command?”

Zhang Tian wanted to kill Lin Fan on the spot.

A moment later, Lin Fan and his cousin went to the restaurant, and the rest of them went to the street stall.

“This headmaster is so stingy.” Zhang Tian complained.


Lin Fan and his cousin came out with plenty of food and drink, and the restaurant’s foods tasted delicious, much better than the Pavillion.

Zhang Tian and others were drinking tea at the street stalls, and what Lin Fan ate was incomparable with what they ate.

“Let’s go and take a look at the school.” Lin Fan said.

When Lin Fan and his cousin came out from the restaurant, Zhang Tian and the others stared at Lin Fan and Zhou Zhongmao with resentful eyes.

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