I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 3 Praise the Lord


Now he got it.

This Rage Point could be accumulated.

Easy and convenient.

According to previous experiments, the hawker at the time was obviously angry, but he gave no Rage Point.

This meant that the hawker did not meet the condition to produce Rage Point.

One word.


There was no other possibility.

Suddenly, the voice of the servant was heard from outside.

“Young Master, Master sent people, he is one of ‘The Tiger Swords Style’ instructor.”

Lin Fan stepped out from the house, he took the martial art book that he got earlier and smiled in his heart, “This cheap old man still didn’t give up that easily huh, but I don’t want to rot here, learning martial arts for my entire life just to be the next heir.”

He looked at the book.

Lin Fan didn’t need this book right now, but he still wanted to keep it in his possession, so he told the servant to keep in his stead, “Catch it! Keep it for me, I might need it later.”

Usually, the servant just followed his order right away, but in this situation, he wanted to tell Lin Fan his feelings.

“Young Master, please listen to the words of the Master, just practice under him right away, just in case there might be a skill that could be useful for you later.”

Lin Fan talked to the servant, “My servant, what do you mean by this? Have you really forgotten what you said to me? What about ‘protect you no matter what happens’ thing?”

“Ah?” The servant was shocked, then looked at the book in his hand, “Master, I…”


Lin Fan patted the servant’s shoulder, “Work hard, I believe in you, you will be a great aide for me in the future.”

After Lin Fan said that, tears were overflowed from his eyes.

The servant cried and kneeled on the ground, “I will believe in you too Young Master, even if you are still this young, you will live up the expectation and trust of your people.”

It was at this moment.

The servant used to be nobody before, but right now, he was noticed by someone none other than his Young Master.

Lin Fan actually gave him a huge responsibility and acknowledgment at the same time.

“Raise your head.” Lin Fan said.

The servant wiped his tears and stood proudly, held tight the book in his hand, and then kept it close to him.

“Let’s stroll around, shall we? Show me a restaurant that serves the greatest food in this town.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan and the servant tried to sneak out from the Lin Family house.

It was no secret Lin Fan was in exile right now under his father’s command, and nobody would dare to defy Lin Fan’s father.

But now.

The Master’s own son and his personal servant rebelled against the Master’s command. If those two showed up in front of the Master, he would not hesitate to slash those two into pieces.

Lin Fan and his servant ran through the courtyard.

Lin Family residential was so big, there were many houses, and the main house was located in the middle.


Not far away, there was a bang, and the sound was deafening.

Lin Fan was curious about that sound and searched the area to know where it came from. He found a lot of people lined up information on the open space. They practiced martial arts, every time they moved, the ground shook.

“Give me a good one.” Said the man in the lead, his body looks strong, his skin was a bit dark, and his arms have the same size as Lin Fan’s thighs.

“Cousin, why are you here?”

Zhou Zhongmao was shocked when he saw Lin Fan, was afraid and happy at the same time.

“My cousin right here is not sick or dying, but it has been so long since he is in exile. Everyone knows it.” Zhou Zhongmao mumbled.

Although Zhou Zhongmao did not say much, he knew exactly Lin Fan’s condition, and Zhou Zhongmao also wanted to lend a hand to fix his situation.

“The great Lin Family still need you to lead us in the future. Why are you not interested in cultivation?” Asked Zhou Zhongmao to Lin Fan.

Lin Fan stared and stood in front of a big man as if he stood before a mountain.

“Nah, I’m too lazy for that. So what do you have here? What kind of move that big man will show to us? It might entertain me a bit.” Lin Fan said.

“This is the fist style, are you interested? I will immediately get people to prepare for a mock battle.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

All of it was necessary to stimulate Lin Fan to be interested in martial arts.

Lin Fan waved his hand, “Nope, that will take too long, I want to eat right now.”

“My servant, let’s go.”

“Yes, Young Master.” The servant answered.

Lin Fan didn’t collect Rage Point.

Lin Fan was swearing, this cousin was too soft.

When the door of the main gate was opened.

He stopped.

“Rage +20.”

Who was angry toward Lin Fan?

Did the system malfunction? Lin Fan did not provoke anyone right now.

Well… as far as Lin Fan remembered, the only person who actually took the bait and was enraged to him was none other than his father.

Even though all the servants heard the order not to let him go outside, but well, Lin Fan snuck out again.

Master Lin gave order to the people from the “Tiger Swords Style” to handle this, he thought that Lin Fan would work hard on martial arts, but he did not expect Lin Fan to leave so soon. If Lin Fan were not the only heir of Lin Family, Master Lin would’ve slapped him in the face.

Lin Fan came to a restaurant with his servant.

One of the best restaurants in the city.

When Lin Fan appeared, the waitress was waiting at the door, greeted him, and accompanied him to the inside, “Young Master Lin, please.”


Lin Fan followed this waitress.

When Lin Fan was summoned into this unfamiliar world and became the son of the local lord. The former Lin Fan used to sneak out by himself to stroll around the city.

“In the balcony, you can enjoy the scenery of the city while you eat.” Said the waitress.

“Serve me the most delicious food here.” Lin Fan said.

“Hurry, bring Young Master Lin a good tea.” Xiao Yan shouted, then left them behind, and he went to the kitchen to get prepared.

Lin Fan enjoyed the scenery of the city from the balcony.

He has already learned the situation of the Lin Family, but he did not know the outside world.

Even his servant didn’t know a thing.

This chaotic world is what the world he was in right now.

The world with the superhuman?

Or it was just an ordinary world like he was used to living before?

But if it was a world filled with superhuman, it could be a little troublesome.

“What a surprise! We got the son of the great Lin Family here. I hear that he is forbidden from leaving the mansion. Did he run away? Is he not afraid of his father’s henchmen?” A voice came closer to Lin Fan’s table.

Lin Fan looked back, there was a man with a smile on his face, but Lin Fan felt hostility from that smile.

“Who are you?” Lin Fan asked.

The man smiled and then snorted, “Young Master Lin, have you forget about me?”

Lin Fan observing him from top to toe, and said, “You are not my relatives. What do I know about you?”

“You…” The man glared at Lin Fan, and he looked furious right now.

‘Rage +50.’

Lin Fan smiled in his heart. Great, I reached my objective here, he was furious. He thought the system was broken.

But he realized Rage Point could not be collected from random people.

Ordinary people will not give him a Rage Point.

Lin Fan just wanted to make sure.

“I do not want to waste my energy on you.” The man was dissatisfied, and after glared at Lin Fan with sinister aura, he found a place to sit down.

The waitress immediately served that man.

That man was the son of Liang Family.

“My Servant, who is he?” Lin Fan asked

The servant thought his Young Master’s question was really a blasphemy, he thought Lin Fan just acted like he did not know about that man, but he did not expect Lin Fan to really do not know about him, “Young Master, he is the Liang Family’s third son, Liang Yongqi.”


Lin Fan looked at Liang Yongqi, who was sitting not too far away. Anyway, everything was still under control. This guy might be useful to Lin Fan to farm some Rage Point.

Enjoy a great meal, farm some rage point, and all of his efforts were not in vain, he got more rage point.

Lin Fan gets closer to his servant’s ear, then whispered something to him.

The servant looked at Lin Fan in horror.

The servant didn’t want to think about it and just left.

It didn’t take too long.

That Lin Fan plan was begun, it was a bit noisy downstairs.

Then the servant’s voice was heard.

A group of people gradually came up.

The people who came up were not well-dressed, tattered, and a pungent smell swirling in the air.

Especially now that the weather was hot, the smell would worsen.

When Liang Yongqi drank the wine, he smelled something unpleasant and saw a group of commoners showed up from the stair, booked the table, “What are you doing? Why you came to this place? I don’t think you want to do business with me.”

These are all old and young men of commoners.

When they came to this fancy place, they felt awkward. Especially when they heard this scream, it scared them, and they wanted to leave as soon as possible.

The owner of the restaurant was puzzled. When young Master Lin from Lin Family showed up, and the third son of the Liang Family was there at the same time, the atmosphere in the room was so tense, because of Lin Fan’s act.

“What? What do you want to do? These guys are my friends. Today I booked all of this restaurant, I ask them to come to eat with me, if you don’t want to join us, just go right now, don’t get in the way.” Lin Fan said.

“You…” Liang Yongqi glared at Lin Fan. He did not expect this chaotic situation was directed by Lin Fan.

‘Rage +60.’

Lin Fan glanced, “Hey, if you are willing to stay here, I welcome you, but if you want to go, no one will stop you, just come at me anytime if you are not satisfied. I’m not afraid of Liang family, I, the Young Master Lin, is unrivaled.”

‘Rage +100.’

Liang Yongqi was very angry with Lin Fan’s provocation, his blood was boiling, he clenched his fist, and a faint white aura enveloped his fist.

Liang Yongqi was furious. Because of Lin Fan’s provocation.

But soon, he let go of his fist. As Lin Fan said.

Even if he couldn’t accept it, he realized that he couldn’t beat Lin Fan.

The Lin Family will hunt him down.

“Okay, Lin Fan, you got me this time.” Liang Yongqi flipped the table with his feet, he flipped the table upside down and just left without a word, he left without paying the bill first.

Lin Fan smiled, “Hey hear this out, Young Master Liang has no money to pay his bill, but I will show you guys how generous I am, I will gladly pay the bills in his stead.”

Liang Yongqi, who was about to go downstairs, trembled with anger and took out a silver ingot. He slammed it to the wall and left without looking back.

The silver ingot was stuck in the wall.

‘Rage +200.’

Lin Fan smiled.

In this peaceful age, this was the life of the nobles, “Manager, bring out the best wine you have for my friends here.” Lin Fan said.

While a good wine and meat smell good, the road was filled with so many corpses.

No matter where it was, it was the same.

The servant stared the commoners from the inside restaurant. All of them were so skinny.

Look at these children, how pitiful.

If you are not blind, can you just give them ten coins? They will be delighted to receive that from you, but here we are, why you guys didn’t notice it?

They thought it was just a dream.

But when the waitress served so many foods before them, they finally realized it wasn’t a dream.

Praise the Lord!

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