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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 4 Make People Smile


While Young Master Lin had a feast with many commoners in the restaurant, the commoners seeing it from the outside could not believe what they saw in front of their eyes.

The commoners thought it was too good to be true. This was so unreal!

How could these nobles be so kind?

Under normal circumstances, their value as a living being just equal to an ant in the eyes of the nobles.

When they saw those commoners were having fun with many food and booze in the restaurant, everyone was shocked.

For the commoners, the food in that restaurant was impossible to afford.

It cost one or two silver, just for an ordinary meal.

The value of one or two silvers here was equivalent to about one thousand copper.

The manager of that restaurant felt a bit uneasy, “Young Master Lin, the total of the bills is one hundred and twenty-three silver, just for you, we can give a ‘Lil bit discount, how about just one hundred and twenty silver. Sounds good, right?”

“Check this out.” Lin Fan gives a sign to his servant to take care of the bill.

The restaurant’s manager was relieved.

Even if Young Master Lin was angry because of the earlier incidents with Young Master Liang, the manager believed that he will not taint his family’s reputation.

“Young Master, we didn’t bring enough silver.” The servant whispered.

Lin Fan felt this situation was a bit embarrassing.

It was all because of his recklessness.

He felt too guilty to eat. If it were not for Lin Fan’s status as a Young Master to have such a family, these commoners would not be able to afford to eat in this fancy place.

“Well?” Lin Fan played dumb, “What now?”.

Sometimes this kind of situation could happen to anyone, but for Lin Fan, this day was just another bad day.

In any case, he was the son of a big family, nonetheless, and the servant said they didn’t have enough money.

Can his status as the heir of the great Lin Family help him in this situation?

At this time, it was like the manager’s heart stopped for a sec.

Although the servant just whispered, the manager still heard that clearly.

“Manager, take a pen and paper, I will write an arrears letter, and then you may go to Lin’s Mansion later for the compensation.” Lin Fan said.

“What?” The manager had a shocked look because of what Lin Fan said.

The manager didn’t want to go there, he looked so afraid.

“Forget it, let’s go there with me.”

Lin Fan saw that the expression of the manager was hilarious as if he was too afraid to go to Lin Family’s Mansion by himself.

What he wanted was just a Rage Point.

If you eat and drink here, you must pay for it.

He shouldn’t abuse his status.

And this was also a bit embarrassing, but fortunately, Liang Yongqi has already left. Otherwise, he would be a laughing stock, he would lose face.

In Lin Family Courtyard.

The restaurant’s manager and some of his men were here, they looked cautious, and they were watching their steps, and they carefully followed Lin Fan.

More ideas popped up in Lin Fan’s head.

Sice Young Master Lin Fan brought him here, he was convinced that Master Lin would not kill innocent people.

“My servant, with the treasurer of the house, go discuss the matter, the debt will be counted.” Lin Fan said.

“Yes, Young Master.” The servant responded, then walked out with the restaurant’s manager.

Lin Fan returned to the courtyard.

He didn’t worry about anything.

Not money.

Nor a family business, because everything will belong to him in the end anyway.

He pondered.

He earned some Rage Point while enjoying life, and without doing anything dangerous unless his family safety was at stake.

“Let’s see my stats for now.”

He didn’t have much interest in cultivation, and he thought it was too much of a hustle, but since a lot of many good things happened today, he was pretty satisfied.

‘Name: Lin Fan’

‘Power: 10’

‘Spiritual Power: 0’

‘Cultivation Technique: None’

‘Martial Arts: None’

‘Rage point: 465’

“It’s exciting. I don’t have to cultivate as long as I have Rage Point. This is a good solution, a perfect solution, in fact.”

Lin Fan silently clicked.

The Power indicator jumped from ten to eleven.

The Rage Point was reduced by a hundred points.

At this point, he felt that his body seemed to be a little stronger.

He looked himself in the mirror.

The improvement was much more visible than before.

He clicked on the power indicator several times.

The Rage Point was reduced by three hundred, raising the power from eleven to fourteen.


A sound was heard from his body after he leveled up the power indicator.

Some muscles gradually emerged when he stripped off his clothes, along with smoke lingering around his body.

He tried to lift up a table. It has not leveled up his power probably, he could barely lift this table right now.

But at this time, this power… not bad that the wooden table was lifted up entirely.

“The strength is much bigger, not bad.”

“Come to think of it, Here I was from a rich family, it means I can stroll around and enjoy my luxurious day. Why should I practice so hard like the others? This small auxiliary gold finger, perfect to solve all the problems.”

The fourteen-point on the body was giving him more merit than before.

But he knew that it will be excellent to have the ability to protect himself in the future because anything could happen.

And regarding this Rage Point, he has to find a long-term source.

While he was pondering about this suddenly…

‘Rage +50’

‘Rage +100’

‘Rage +200’

He suddenly got three hundred and fifty rage points.

“What the hell is happening? I am inside the house right now, I do not remember provoking, so where is this three hundred and fifty rage points coming from?” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan could not figure it out.

Lin Mansion’s Hall.

“Master Lin, Young Master throws a party in a fancy restaurant, he invites so many commoners, he spends one hundred and twenty on that party, I just completed the payment.” An old man stood by and said.

The person who spoke was Master Lin’s accountant, Wu Lao.

He was at the same age as Master Lin and has been in Lin’s family for more than 60 years.

He really didn’t expect that the Young Master would spend so much in a fancy restaurant like that.

He didn’t expect this coming.

In the past, Young Master refused to practice, but now not only declined to practice, but he also wasted this much money.

This was what he did not think of.

After listening to the report, Master Lin’s expression turned very cold, he could not hold his anger, his chest was burning hot, and he gritted his tooth and clenched his fist.

“Watch out, are you okay?”

His body trembled as if he would collapse at any moment right now.

Because he was too angry.

Wu Lao sighed. The whole issue was about Young Master wasn’t interested in cultivating, and he just loved to stroll around. He did not like to read books, and also he was socially awkward.

Compared to the Master, he was like heaven and earth.

“Tell this fool come to see me.” Master Lin irritated.

Master Lin very angry about this.

In the courtyard.

Lin Fan was lying on a bamboo chair with a parasol on his head, holding iced fruit in his hand, and slowly ate it.

The servant was standing beside him, holding a fan and gently swung it.

“This weather is kind of hot.” Lin Fan said.

“Young Master, it must be because it hasn’t a rained for a long time,” said the servant.

Lin Fan wanted to earn some more Rage Points because he just used the Rage Point he got earlier.

‘Power: 18’

In the blink of an eye, it has increased by four points.

Now he thought that he could kill a cow with a bare fist.

“My servant, bring out the book, then I skim through it.” He didn’t realize before, but there was a possibility that he could learn the martial art by reading the book.

The servant hurriedly took out the Tiger Swordsmanship from his arms. If Young Master were finally decided to practice, that would be great.

Lin Fan looked through all the pages one by one.

Not practicing so hard like ordinary peoples.

He learned it fast and effortlessly.

The servant served Lin Fan of his own way, and he patiently watched over Lin Fan while he was reading a book.

After a while, Lin Fan handed over the book to his servant.

Small auxiliary data has changed.

On the column of the Martial Arts, there has been a change.

‘Martial Arts: Tiger Swordsmanship (Beginner)’

He tried to use his Rage Point until it was reduced to fifteen to increase the Tiger Swordsmanship’s mastery, but nothing happened.

At this time, Lin Fan heard footsteps coming his way.

The servant suddenly kneeled on the ground, with full of respect, he said, “Elder…”.

Lin Fan turned back, the person who came was Lin Family’s financial advisor.

Even Master Lin had to think twice if he wanted to scold him. He had monobrows with his white hair, and he had a beer belly.

With a smile on his face, he said: “Young Master, Master called you,” Wu Lao said.

“On it.” Lin Fan replied.

In the big Lin Family.

The only one who Wu Lao was afraid of was only Lin Fan’s father.

The servant wanted to follow after Lin Fan but was stopped by Wu Lao.

“The Master has no business you, stay here. Your presence may ruin His Highness’s mood.” Said Wu Lao to the servant, and Lin Fan agreed with this.

“Just stay here, I know how hard to deal with him, one wrong move then you will definitely lose your life.”

“Young Master, please don’t make Master angry.” Wu Lao said, “This Lin Family, however, still needs you to lead us in the future.”

Lin Fan smiled brightly, “Got it.”

Wu Lao was showing a little perfunctory smile.

Suddenly, everyone was silenced.

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