I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 39 Everyone Was Moved To Tears


After lunch, Lin Fan returned to the courtyard.

Inside The Libary.

“Master, why would people from Mushiya Village come to Tranquil City?” Wu Lao was puzzled.

Mushiya Village’s location was far from Tranquil City, their peoples were so brutal, and Master Lin already visited there.

“That person might be a renegade.” Master Lin said.

Wu Lao asked, “Master, is that man somehow related with the clash of the city?”

The commoners didn’t know too well about the clash of the city.

“Twenty years will pass by in no time. I hope Tranquil City will still exist by then.” Master Lin said. He hoped the old man only wanted to pass by Tranquil City, nothing else.

“Master, I will give my best.” Wu Lao said.


Lin Fan lied down on his chair and dismissed the servant to leave for a while.

The Spiritual Power emitted from all over his body expanded up to ten meters.

He felt the insect’s presence around him, and this was a good start for him. The ants were lining up like soldiers.

“It must be because I’m still lacking in spiritual power, that I could only control this much.” Lin Fan thought it was a useless technique.

But when he thought about it again, he realized if this technique was useless, the old man wouldn’t go that far to retrieve the scripture.

Lin Fan was confused, but he decided to go with the flow.

“Nah, forget it, it’s not good for my health if I overthink things. It’s time to fool around.”

Lin Fan went to the city with his cousin.

“The natural scenery is amazing, but why is this city like a ghost town?” Lin Fan asked.

He didn’t get it. The government should reconstruct the city, so it will attract more tourist to visit Tranquil City.

“Young Master.” Chen Guan returned from the city greeted him immediately.

“Chen Guan, what’s wrong?” Lin Fan saw Chen Guan in a hurry as if he had encountered something.

Chen Guan was panic. “Young Master, it’s great to see you. Something happened in Bigleaf Village and Leaf Village.”

“Yuan Family and Liang Family sent someone to take away all the foods in those two villages this morning.”

“They took everything on the pretense of setteling this year’s tax.”

When Chen Guan went to those two villages to finish the paper work, he saw what happened, but he didn’t know what to do.

“Are they out of their minds?” Lin Fan was furious. He wanted to fix things up.

“Okay, I will take care of it. And if anything happens, my father will kill those bastards.”

When Chen Guan saw Lin Fan’s expression, he whispered: “Young Master, don’t rush things up. We are already on their bad side, because we took those villages from their hands. “

“Haha.” Lin Fan smiled. “I don’t give a shit about that, let’s go.”

“Yes.” Chen Guan answered.

Liang Family’s Residence.

Liang Yichu frowned when he heard about what happened in those two villages.

“Brother, what’s wrong with you?” Miss Er asked.

Liang Yichu shook his head. “What a disaster, our family take all the foods and left nothing for Leaf Village. How will they survive?”

Miss Er didn’t see any problem. “Brother, please understand, it’s Leaf Village who betrayed our family first, so it’s natural for us to do that.”

“You don’t understand.” Liang Yichu said, “I must go to see father and ask him to return all the foods.”

“Brother, don’t go.” Miss Er chased him. Her brother’s kindness was the only thing his father hated the most of him.

As for Liang Yongqi, he had his father’s favor. Miss Er was afraid if Liang Yongqi took the heir position from Liang Yichu.

Liang Yichu insisted on having an audience with his father.

But when Miss Er arrived in front of the library, she heard a loud voice from the inside.

“Get out! Get out of here immediately!” Master Liang was furious because of Liang Yichu’s ideas.

“Brother, just forget it, please think about your future.” Miss Er said.

“Urgh.” Liang Yichu shook his head. He was stressed out.

Liang Yongqi walked out, and he was grinning when he saw Liang Yichu.”Brother, don’t make our father angry. Your ideas are too naive. If Liang family falls into your hands, that will be the end of our family history. “

“Sister, don’t you worry, I will take care of things and find you a husband worthy enough for you.”

Liang Yongqi said that arrogantly and walked away in confidence. He thought Liang Family was already in his hand.

“Brother, our younger sibling was too arrogant. If our family’s future falls into his hand, isn’t that the same as the end of our family?” Miss Er said that anxiously.

At that moment, Liang Yichu remembered Lin Fan’s word.

“If I became the Family’s Master, I will have all the authority.” He muttered and seemed to think something, “Sister, go back without me.”

“Brother, where are you going?” Miss Er asked.

Liang Yichu looked at the library, “I’m going to give something to our father.” After he said that, Liang Yichu walked into the library.

“Brother finally understood what I mean.” Miss Er was surprised.

“He’s going to be just fine.”

Bigleaf Village.

When Lin Fan arrived, he thought the bandits has already raided the village.

“Aw, man… It’s terrible.” Lin Fan said.

Zhou Zhongmao said, “Cousin, if I find the one who did this, I will beat them until there is nothing left.”

Bigleaf’s villagers were desperate because of the condition.

“Young Master Lin is here!”

At first, the villagers didn’t believe him, but through his good deeds, Lin Fan gained their trust and proved his sincerity.

Lin Fan was furious when he saw the condition of the villagers, but the villagers put their faith in Lin Fan, they believed he would do something about that.

“Don’t you guys worry, tomorrow, I will get the foods enough for all of you.” Lin Fan said.

Chen Guan knelt.

He looked at Lin Fan in tears.

“Every time I go with him, he always did something beyond imagination.”

Lin Fan laughed at Chen Guan because he knelt before him.

Unexpectedly, Chen Guan had a soft spot too.

Everyone was moved to tears.

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