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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 38 This Is A Bit Mean


Miles away from the main road.

“Hahaha, I’m so cool.” Feng Liu put the scripure in his sleeve again.

“Youcheng have so many tricks in their casino so it’s too hard to conquer it, I would rather go to Rongcheng instead.”

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Lin Fan has returned, he relaxed on his exclusive chair with the iced fruit.

“Youcheng is too small for me.”

Suddenly, he felt a little itchy on the back, as if something was crawling. When he took a look at it, there was a tiny black-headed ant crawled slowly.

He wanted to slap the ant to death.

However, he remembered of that old man controling the bugs from before. So he tried that technique on to this ant.


He tried so hard to communicate with the ant.

So he checked the system and it had 4.246 rage points.

He thought he must increase his spiritual point if he wanted to use that technique.

And his instinct was right.

‘Mytical Arts: Insect Control Mytical Art (Introduction)’

After Lin Fan distributed a lot of rage point into spiritual power, he felt there was another power reside within him.

The purple light was from Fourth Ziyang Scripture, and the other one had grey color, it was from Insect Control Mystic Art.

“Interesting. Although this spiritual power is not as powerful as the Fourth Ziyang Scripture, it has a different magical effect.”

“Let’s try this new power.”

Lin Fan raised his hand, and he tried to control the grey light internal force from within his body. He felt the power was moved around on his fingertip.


He got a strange sensation, the ant on his back stopped, then commanded the ant to jump, slowly, the ant took a stance, stretch its legs, and… It jumped around!


He was surprised that the ant was really under his control.

The ant on his back was like a puppet, obeying whatever his command was.

But when Lin Fan felt his spiritual power faded from the ant, he realized he couldn’t control it anymore.

“I can have some fun with this new technique.” Lin Fan laughed.

After that, he saw a bird fell from the tree, and then he tried his new power to the bird.

“It’s not working? Maybe because it’s not a bug?”

From that experiment, Lin Fan came into two conclusions, either because the technique only work for bugs, or he must reach a certain point to control other living things.

 “Young Master, it’s lunchtime.”


Lin Fan got up and walked towards the dining hall.

When he arrived, Zhou Zhongmao and his father were already there.

Lin Family’s strength was above the other two families, but Lin Family only had three members.

“Father.” Lin Fan came to the table and took a seat.

Master Lin didn’t say anything because he was confused with his son.

Master Lin was hopeless because Lin Fan didn’t want to cultivate, but when Wu Lao told Master Lin that Lin Fan was able to use his spiritual power, Master Lin was happy.

“Zhongmao told me you met a weirdo.” Master Lin said.

Lin Fan answered casually. “Just a normal old man. He is trying to sell a scripture to me, he said it contains a secret technique, but I didn’t find it interesting, so I let my cousin throw it.”

Master Lin was a bit angry when he heard ‘secret technique.’

“Uncle, it’s my fault. It is indeed a secret technique, but because I didn’t believe it at first, I throw it away.” Zhou Zhongmao couldn’t forget, the scripture was in his hand, but he threw it to the sewer.

“You’re right, that’s not something you can take lightly. So forget it.” Master Lin said.

“How is it going?”

Lin Fan ate, and mumbled, “I’m not in the mood, so I didn’t practice.”

‘Rage point +66’

When Lin Fan saw the rage point, he wanted to keep teasing his father.

“Don’t mess with me.” Master Lin said.

“Oh, I see.” Lin Fan responded with his poker face.

‘Rage point +88’

Master Lin took a deep breath. He wanted to check out Lin Fan’s condition this night.

Lin Fan has eaten five bowls.

“Cousin, your appetite has grown.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

“Yeah, because I’ve grown recently.” Lin Fan replied.

Master Lin looked at Lin Fan, and he ordered the servant.

“Serve the pigs later.”

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