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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 41 Father, Who Is The Winner


“Let’s begin, shall we?”

Master Lin took a stance and only used his right hand against Lin Fan.

“I must upgrade The Tiger Swords if I want to beat this man.”

Seeing his father so was confident, Lin Fan was panic, and he distributed a lot of points to Tiger Swords.

Martial Arts: Tiger Swords (Fifth Form).

Lin Fan spent a thousand rage points to upgrade it, it should be strong enough.

Lin Fan seemed to feel something different in his body when he held the sword.

“Wow, The System is impressive. If someone wants to acquire this level of technique, they need years to get it.”

Lin Fan didn’t feel like he was holding a sword right now, it was more like the sword it self was a part of Lin Fan’s body.

Wu Lao was stunned.

“Eat this!” Master Lin said.


Lin Fan was charging with his sword.

“Well, this brat …” Master Lin shuddered. The Tiger Swords was not a powerful technique, but he felt something different.

“Father, don’t let your guard down.” Lin Fan’s Spiritual Power shrouded the sword.

As for Master Lin, his right hand was shrouded in a black aura, and it was hard like metal.


Lin Fan’s sword and Master Lin’s black hand clashed, and on Lin Fan’s back, there was a shadow black tiger reflected.

Lin Fan accurately slashed Master Lin’s weak point, but a large invisible net made from Spiritual Power protected Master Lin.

“This brat surprises me again.” Master Lin was overjoyed. He saw Lin Fan’s potential was beyond his expectation.

Wu Lao was even more amazed.

“Young Master is a real prodigy. He can master Tiger Swords in such a short time.”

Everyone was shocked by Lin Fan’s growth.

Lin Wanyi grabbed Lin Fan’s sword, and he said, “My Son, you are not strong enough.”

Master Lin locked down Lin Fan’s movement.


“Tiger Swords!”

Lin Fan took a stance, and the black shadow from his back shrouded his sword.

Master Lin cleared his mind, and his hand charged in order to block Lin Fan’s sword.

Master Lin overpowered Lin Fan, but Lin Fan didn’t lose his cool, he loosened up his shoulder so he could dodge Master Lin and launched a counter-attack.

“Good.” Master Lin praised him and then moved his hand in a flash, “But not good enough.”


Master Lin’s black hand was constantly colliding with Lin Fan’s sword.

“Tiger Swords!”

Lin Fan’s Spiritual Force burst-out and pushed back Master Lin.

Master Lin was caught of guard, he wondered why Lin Fan’s Spiritual Power has not depleted yet.


Master Lin tried not to lose his cool. In terms of brute force, he can win, but Lin Fan’s Spiritual Power was something else.

Lin Fan kept attacking Master Lin from various angles.

“Tiger Evil Swords!”


The surrounding area cracked because of Lin Fan’s technique. Wu Lao couldn’t believe what he saw right now.

Lin Fan’s Spiritual Power hasn’t drained out yet.

“Good.” Master Lin broke away from the battle, he shivered slightly, and there was a small wound on his mouth by Lin Fan’s sword.

“Father, is it over yet?” Lin Fan didn’t sweat at all. He wanted to continue the fight.

“It’s over.” Master Lin’s purpose was to make Lin Fan frustrated, so he wanted to practice, but Master Lin’s plan failed.

“It’s boring.” Lin Fan threw his sword. He knew if Master Lin went with his full power Lin Fan won’t stand a chance.

Master Lin tried to get used to Lin Fan’s laziness.

“Father, did I win?” Lin Fan asked.

Master Lin left the backyard without saying a word.

Lin Fan asked, “Father, who is the winner? You have to give me an answer.”

“Young Master, you won.” Wu Lao smiled and then went with the master.

“Cousin, you are terrific!”

Zhou Zhongmao was amazed in awe.

He didn’t expect Lin Fan could win against Master Lin, even though Master Lin gave  a handicap.

“Cousin, this kind of thing didn’t suit me at all.” Lin Fan calmly waved his hand.

Fortunately, he got the system. Thanks to the system, he managed to survive this far.

“Master, you lost to your son.” Wu Lao laughed.

Master Lin grumped, “If I didn’t give him a handicap, he would cry for sure.”

Wu Lao smiled, “Master, the experience and the martial arts skill you have are much higher than your son. So Young Master did a good job today.”

“Well, he still has a long way to go. But if it’s just to protect himself, he will do just fine.” Master Lin said.

Wu Lao was sure in a couple of years, Lin Fan would be an incredible martial artist. But there was not much time left.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Lin Fan, as usual, lied down on his chair alone.

Lin Fan realized he needed to improve his spiritual power, but he got the system with him, so it was not a big deal.

“Raising spiritual power to the second stage should be enough.”

The spiritual power gradually raised little by little.

‘Spiritual Power: 60 (Second Stage)’


Lin Fan could feel his spiritual power increased a lot, either his grey spiritual power aura or the purple one.

“It feels good.”

Lin Fan felt invincible, with the system, everything was much easier.

He only had 67 rage points left.

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