I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 42 Fearless


“To reach The Mystic Art Second Heaven, I must expand the range of my spiritual power, and I must increase the number of bugs that I can control right now.”

Lin Fan’s grey spiritual power aura turned into colorless, and he felt a strange power in it.

“It’s a lot more powerful than before.”

Ants in a vast number came out of nowhere. Even though they are small, but in such numbers, it caused the ground trembled.

After the ants came out, this time, the earthworms showed up from the underground.

“Hey, it comes out even though not a bug?”

Insect control mystic art supposedly only capable of controling bugs, but this time the earthworms showed up too.

So Lin Fan decided to test it out if he really could control the earthworms through the Insect Control Mystic Art.


There was a connection between him and the earthworms.

“Did it work?”

Lin Fan was a little surprised.


Lin Fan couldn’t believe that he could control another living thing besides the bugs, regardless of the technique name, Insect Control Mystic Art.

“If that’s the case, I’m unstoppable.”

Lin Fan controlled the earthworms and made the hole.

Liang Family’s storehouse was not too far from his place.

He thought the earthworms would slowly make the hole, but he was shocked, the earthworms could dig the hole really fast.

“Wow, sweet!”

It could dig faster because of Lin Fan’s spiritual power that supported it. So it was about four times faster than an average earthworm.

“Is it possible that spiritual power affects these bugs?” Lin Fan pondered.

Even though he was a young master his brain didn’t lift up to his title.

Lin Fan treated the earthworms as his treasure. He started to make a hole to the other side.

Lin Fan realized something different when he controlled the earthworms. He didn’t feel his spiritual power decreased.

Although the earthworms were not strong, Lin Fan couldn’t underestimate it.


The earthworms crashed on the boulder under the ground, Lin Fan could make a detour, but he would do it in another way.

The other earthworms pass the corpse of the dead one, to the other worms in the back continuously, until it reached above the ground.

The servant came back to the backyard, but he found Lin Fan in the middle of meditation, so he left Lin Fan alone.

It was getting dark.

The earthworms finally penetrated the upper ground, leaving a tiny hole, if people did not look carefully, they would not notice it.

“Insect control is really powerful. I can convert my spiritual power into a silk thread, controlling the earthworms from far away. This is maybe its hidden power.”

Lin Fan was happy he could discover its hidden power.

Now, the worms already arrived in Liang Family’s storehouse.

There were three guards on stand by.

But the earthworms came out from a tiny hole. Who could find it?

Lin Fan walked around the backyard.

There were countless ants right there, and then he started to control the ants to crawl into the earthworm hole.

The ants crawled fast in line entering the hole.

Liang Family’s Residence, Storehouse.

There was a tiny hole in the corner, and the ants came out from it.

There were many rice bags stacked on the ground.

The ants tried to tear it open, and the rice flowed out. The ants took the rice and brought it to the Lin fan’s place.

The guards standing by at the door of the storehouse didn’t know someone or something has stolen their rice.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

“Master, Young Master seems to be practicing.” Wu Lao saw Lin Fan through the hidden window.

Lin Fan was meditating, so Wu Lao could tell that Lin Fan was practicing spiritual power.

“Huh?” Master Lin didn’t believe it. If it was true, he thought the sun would rise from the west.

Wu Lao smiled, “Master, it seems that Young Master only wants to cultivate without anyone knowing.”

“Well, as long as he practices, I think he will be fine.”

Master Lin had a little hope in Lin Fan. There was a smile of relief.

It seems that something has changed. Just gave Lin Fan a little time.

Wu Lao laughed without saying a word. Wu Lao knew that Master Lin was happy at the bottom of his heart.

But he realized Lin Fan didn’t practice the Fourth Ziyang Scripture.

Wu Lao could see Lin Fan’s spiritual power turned into a thin line and spread in the air.

Lin Fan already crossed the human’s limit. An ordinary human could not control so many ants and earthworms for hours like Lin Fan did.

Slowly but surely, the ants brought the rice until it piled up like a hill.

Although the ants are weak, and they couldn’t lift a anything heavy, but it could still bring a rice from Liang Family’s storehouse.

Morning has come.

Lin Family’s Residence, Storehouse.

The last ant brought the rice and disappeared, and the earthworms return into its tiny hole.

No one would believe what Lin Fan did.

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