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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 43 This is Bad


“Ugh, I’m so tired.”

Of course, he didn’t sleep last night, and he spent so much spiritual power to control the ants.

“But it’s all right now.”

He was too lazy to stay up all night and performed a mystic art. If it was not because Liang Family, stole the food from Bigleaf Village and Leaf Village, he won’t do that.

Liang Family was lucky. If Lin Fan was able to control more ants, he will leave nothing from their storehouse.

The servant woke up and she was shocked with the rice all over the place.

“What happened last night?”

“I didn’t notice anyone suspicious.”

If someone was bringing such a quantity, it will be impossible not to notice it.

“My servant, don’t make a fuss, find Chen Guan to take care of this matter, and tell him to meet the villagers at the city gate.”

“I’m tired, and I will sleep for a while, let me know if something happen. Oh, and one more thing tell the villagers to bring sacks. “

The servant was confused and still couldn’t figure out why she didn’t notice anything last night, while she going to find Chen Guan.

Outside Of The City.

A large number of villagers tried to enter the city, but the guards blocked them.

“It was Young Master Lin who told us to come here.” The villagers of Bigleaf Village and Leaf Village gathered outside the city.

The guards were stunned, “Young Master Lin?”

Then one of the guards screamed, “You ass hole! Why would Young Master Lin called you here? Are you crazy?!”

If it was only one or two villagers, the guards will allow them to enter the city.

But not with this number. The guards were afraid if something happened when the villagers came in.

“Hold it!” Chen Guan hurriedly came.

The servant told him to meet the villagers at the city gate.

Chen Guan couldn’t understand what Lin Fan tried to do, but as Lin Fan’s subordinate, he wanted to help Lin Fan.

“Officer Chen Guan!” The guards recognized him.

“Young Master told me to inform you to bring the sacks. If you don’t have them, go get them right away!”

Lin Fan always sided with the weak, the commoners thought Lin Fan was a true noble man.

Soon, a large number of villagers left and hurriedly tried to get the sacks.

The commoners talked about Lin Fan right now, and they couldn’t believe Lin Fan had such a noble heart.

But there was someone in the crowd who didn’t seem to happy about this.

Not long after.

There was an uproar because they knew Lin Fan wanted to give food to the Bigleaf Village and Leaf Village.

In the commoners’ eyes, Lin Family was an exceptional noble family.

Liang family.

A servant hurriedly entered the house and went to find Liang Yongqi.

“Young Master, something happened in the city. Young Master Lin is going to give food to the villagers from Bigleaf Village and Leaf Village. And now, they were going to enter the city.” said the servant.

“That guy is truly useless. Let’s go and see how much food he had in Lin family’s storehouse.” Liang Yongqi smirked.

Lin Family’s Residence.

The villagers stood in line, holding sacks in their hands, looking so nervous and not sure about Lin Fan’s word.

But they tried to believe that Lin Fan would never lie to them.

“What’s with the fuss outside?” Master Lin asked.

“Master, people from two villages are gathering outside of the house, Young Master didn’t tell us he wants to give food for two villages.” Wu Lao said.

“How silly. Let’s hear what he is going to say.”

‘Rage Point +88’

Master Lin didn’t expect Lin Fan would go this far.

Master Lin met up with Zhou Zhongmao on the way.

“Uncle, where are you going?” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

“Where? I must go and see your cousin, who has done good deeds. Didn’t you know what’s going on right now? You are the guards’ chief!”

Zhou Zhongmao was stunned, “Uncle, didn’t you approve this?”

“Sorry?” Master Lin wanted to slap Zhou Zhongmao.

“Because there were so many rice in the backyard. So I thought it was you who give the command.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

Master Lin and Wu Lao looked at each other.

Wu Lao shook his head and said he didn’t know anything about this.

Then Master Lin didn’t say a word and walked towards the backyard.

Outside Lin Family’s Residence.

The servant raised her hand. “Be quiet, Young Master said, to wait in line and then you can get food. Don’t mess up. If you find a stranger, notify me as soon as possible. If nothing else, come with me.”

The villagers were thrilled and on the verge of crying.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Master Lin and Wu Lao stood there and were shocked.

The moment Master Lin and Wu Lao stepped their foot in the backyard they were shocked the entire place was covered in rice, leaving a deep footprint when they stepped on it.

“Master, did you deliver food to your son last night?” Wu Old asked.

“Hell no. Where did he get all of this food? No one from the storehouse reports anything to me.” Master Lin frowned.

Wu Lao whispered, “I think the food is not from our storehouse, the guards wouldn’t dare to mess up with you, Master.”

“If this food is not from our storehouse, where did this food come from?”

Master Lin walked towards Lin Fan’s house and pushed open the door. “Brat, where did you get food?”



Lin Fan slept soundly.

“Oi, brat! Get up!” Master Lin punched the table next to him and caused a loud sound.

Lin Fan was awoken, like a lost spirit.

“Father, what are you doing here so early in the morning?!”

“Where did you get the food?” Master Lin asked.

Lin Fan was confused, “It’s flying here on its own.”

Meanwhile, the servant arrived in the backyard.

“Wow, so much food.” The villagers were shocked in awe when they saw the food in front of them.

The servant said, “Take your turn, take as much as you can hold.”

Outside of Lin Family’s Residence.

Many villagers were waiting.

When they saw the first group came out, carrying huge bags, the villagers waiting in line were happy.

“Young Master Lin didn’t lie to us. There was a lot of food in these bags.”

The villagers who have receive carrying the food smiled.

Not far away, Liang Yongqi looked at the villagers carrying huge bags, and he wondered, “Holy shit, is it true?”

Liang Family’s Residence, Storehouse.

The guards wanted to check out if rats ate the food inside. But when the guards opened the door, they were shocked.

There were many rice scattered on the ground.

The guards closed their eyes, and said, “I must be hallucinating, yes this must be hallucinations.”

But when they opened their eyes, nothing has changed.


“This is bad! This is bad!”

The guards rushed towards the main house.

The food in the store house has been stolen by someone.

They rushed to notify Master Liang.

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