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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 45 Just Eat Your Own Shit


Liang Family’s Residence, The Storehouse.

Lin Fan shook the paper fan and sighed, “Oh, how terrible, who did this? It’s so terrible to steal someone’s food.”

Master Liang was angry when he heard Lin Fan’s words.

‘Rage point +66’

When Lin Fan realized the rage point was from Master Liang, Lin Fan wanted to tease him more.

The commoners gathered around the crime scene. The news caused an uproar on the entire city.

They wondered who dared to sneak into Liang family’s storehouse.

Usually, nobles wouldn’t want cases like this spread out to the commoners’ ears. But everyone knew about this because the guards shouted really loud when he saw the storehouse was empty.

“Master Liang, I heard someone steal your food. Who did it, I wonder? I’m afraid it will cause a huge loss for your family.” Lin Fan said that while smiling.

‘Rage point +111’

Master Liang glared at Lin Fan. The theft alone already made him furious, and now this brat was there to tease him.

“Hey, it was like people usually say, what is it called again? God never sleeps, when someone takes others’ belonging, they will get their karma. And here we are, watching at the true story.” Lin Fan said.

‘Rage point +233’

“Are you here just to mock me?” Master Liang was irritated by Lin Fan, and if it weren’t for Master Lin, Master Liang would absolutely beat him up for good.

Lin Fan shook his head, “No, I’m not. Now that people already gathered here, maybe we can find a clue if we discuss the details.”

“Rest assured. I’m deeply sorry for Liang Family’s condition. My intention is not to make fun of you.”

It was unbelievable for Lin Fan dared to say such a harsh word.

Zhou Zhongmao and the commoners were stupidly convinced by his cousin’s words. As if Lin Fan gave a revelation for them.


Liang Yongqi hurriedly came home. when he learned Liang Family’s storehouse was already empty, it was like his soul almost separated from his body.

“Father, I heard someone sneak into our storehouse, is that true?” Liang Yongqi asked.

All the food in the storehouse was for his family to survive through the winter, but when Liang Yongqi saw the storehouse, he was stunned and couldn’t say a word.

When Liang Yongqi saw Lin Fan was there, he suddenly rushed forward, he tried to grab Lin Fan’s shoulder, but Zhou Zhongmao stopped him.

“It’s you! It must be you!”

His voice caught everyone’s attention.

The third son of Liang family pointed at Lin Fan, and everyone was shocked.

Lin Fan shook the paper fan, and calmly said, “Liang Yongqi, stop spouting nonsense, you can’t throw random bullshit to someone just because he is more handsome than you. Just eat your own shit. I can easily shut you up forever.”

“You …” Liang Yongqi’s eyes were red like a bull, “Father, this morning he distributed food to the villagers from Bigleaf Village and Leaf Village in Lin Family’s residence. And now, our food in the storehouse was stolen by someone. Do you think this is just a coincidence?”

‘Rage point +123’

Master Liang stared at Lin Fan furiously and thought there was something off.

“Hehe, your fabricated story is interesting. What’s wrong to give my family’s food to the villagers?” Lin Fan was right. Liang Yongqi couldn’t blame someone just because of that reason, even though Lin Fan was the real culprit.

Master Liang stared at Lin Fan from the back, and this was a psychological warfare between those three.

Lin Fan shouted, “Watch out, watch out. Liang family is going crazy, just like a mad dog. They will frame anyone without proof. Today, I’m the victim of their craziness.”

The commoners stepped back, and fearfully looked at the Liang family. What Lin Fan said actually made sense.

‘Rage point +333’

“Stop!” Master Liang glared at Lin Fan. “Young Master Lin, you already crossed the line. On the same day, when you are giving out foods for the villagers, our food in the storehouse is stolen. What proof do you have to prove your innocence?”

Lin Fan looked at Master Liang as if he was looking at a crazy person.

“Proof? Why should I prove anything to you? If you want some proof, just talk to my father. He should be happy to answer all of your crazy questions.”

He was using his father’s name as his shield.

“Oh, by the way, my Lin family giving foods to those villagers because we don’t want to make them suffer any more than this. If you are against it, you will be the enemy of the Lin family, and you will taste the consequences.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan successfully threatened Master Liang’s heart. The noble family in Tranquil City has never clashed with each other until now.

But Lin Fan didn’t care if his words would cause a war between them.

Master Liang clenched his fist, anger surging in his soul, while he was staring furiously at Lin Fan. But Lin Fan didn’t seem to be afraid at all.

“Master Liang, don’t look at me like that, I suggest you follow my example, and don’t overthink it, because your food won’t come back by itself, but I think it’s still necessary to look for the thief.” Lin Fan said.

‘Rage point +444’

‘Rage point +666’

The rage point raised up quickly. And by looking at the situation, Lin Fan thought something…

Based on the previous experience, when he caused an uproar, Lin Family’s name always saved him, especially Master Lin’s name.

Even though his own strength was not able to cower his enemy, but his father’s name would do.

If his enemy was a bit brave, Lin Fan would be cornered countless times.

“Cousin, it’s a good day, and I’m in a good mood. Let’s go to the Pavilion for a drink. Master Liang, would you like to come with me to have a bowl of tofu to calm your nerves? Maybe you are just hungry.” Lin Fan said.

“You son of a…” Liang Yongqi clenched his fists. “Young Master Lin, mind your manner.”

‘Rage point +133’

Lin Fan thought that guy was really useless. He could only give Lin Fan a bit of rage point.

Master Liang calmed down, “Thank you. But I think Young Master Lin should eat without me.”

Master Liang shook Lin Fan’s hand, but he was not even looking at Lin Fan.

“Cousin, let’s go.” Lin Fan smiled and glanced at Liang Yongqi with a provocative gaze.

The conversation between those three made all people who were watching them hold a deep breath.

Lin Family’s Residence, Main House.

Master Lin frowned. His rice in the storehouse didn’t decrease at all, but a lot of rice covered the entire backyard. And at the same time, Liang Family’s food in their storehouse was stolen.

Even an idiot would notice who did it. Because Lin Family exempted this year’s taxes, so they didn’t have enough food to give. The question was… Where the hell Lin Fan got all of those food?

“How the hell this could happen?”


“Brother Wu, go to the storehouse now and arrange two guards to take turns guarding inside the storehouse.”

Master Lin thought Lin Fan was brave enough to sneak into Liang Family’s storehouse. He was afraid someday Lin Fan would sneak into his storehouse too.

So he must guard it.

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