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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 46 He Wanted To Compete With Me


Yuan family.

“Father, someone sneaked to Liang Family’s storehouse and stole their food. That was savage.” Yuan Tianchu walked into the main hall and saw his father drinking a cup of tea and informed what happened at Liang Family.

Master Yuan was interested in the news because if someone could sneak into Liang Family’s storehouse, Yuan Family might be in danger as well.

The Liang family didn’t show any response for now.

“Have they found the culprit?” Master Yuan asked.

Yuan Tianchu shook his head, “I don’t know, but there is another big news from Lin Fan, he is giving food for all villagers from Bigleaf Village and Leaf Village. Father, do you think he is insane? Normal people won’t do that.”

“Lin Fan’s action smells fishy.” Master Yuan pondered for a moment, “All the food in Liang family’s storehouse was stolen, and at the same time, Lin Fan was giving out the food. Didn’t Liang family realize something?”

“Liang Yongqi is already accused Lin Fan as the thief, but there was no evidence. So he said was just some bullcrap.” Yuan Tianchu said.

Even though it wasn’t his storehouse that was stolen, for some reason, he was a little panic.

Even with such a tight security, someone was still able to steal all the food in the storehouse without anyone noticing.

So, of course, he was afraid.

“Place additional guards on the storehouse.” Master Yuan commanded, Liang Family’s case wasn’t a joke. If that happened on Yuan Family, he would go mad for sure.

Tranquil City, Pavilion.

Lin Fan was very relaxed. After he survived countless psychological warfare that could endanger his life, he realized he could do whatever he wanted as long as he was in the city.

The Liang family and the Yuan family were the noble families in Tranquil City.

But none of those two dared to touch Lin Fan, because he got an invincible father to back him up.

But if he wanted to do something on his own, he just needed to use the system to its full potential.

Lin Family’s Residence.

When Lin Fan returned home, there were still many commoners standing in line in front of their residence to ask for food.

The commoners were very grateful to Lin Fan and honored him.

Lin Fan’s kindness was already imprinted deeply in the commoners’ mind.

When Lin Fan walked toward his house, Master Lin came over and said, “Did you steal the food from Liang family’s storehouse?”

“No, father, do you think your son is a thief?” Lin Fan denied it. He wanted to keep the fact as a secret.

Lin Fan noticed something was wrong with Master Lin.

“Father, don’t you believe me?” Lin Fan distressed. “Father and son’s soul are connected, the mutual trust is the most important thing between them. And now you doubt me, your son, that hurts my heart much.”

Master Lin didn’t respon.

He was just staring at Lin Fan.

Lin Fan tried to maintain his poker face because he didn’t want to expose his amazing talent to anyone.

“Father, I didn’t have enough sleep last night, excuse my self and take a quick nap.” Lin Fan walked towards the backyard without looking at Master Lin.

Lin Fan walked in fear of being exposed.

But Master Lin didn’t say anything after asking Lin Fan a question. He just stared at Lin Fan’s back in silent.

“Master, it seems Young Master is the one who did it.” Wu Lao showed up.

“Well, he has some balls for trying to hide that from me. But if he wants to keep this up, he had no choice but to cultivate.” Master Lin said.

Wu Lao stayed calm, even if Lin Fan didn’t want to cultivate, Wu Lao and Master Lin will still back him up.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Lin Fan fell asleep. Because last night he played with worms and he was tired. So he just wanted to sleep right now.

Liang family.

“Father, I can guarantee Lin Fan is the one who stole our foods.” Liang Yongqi was furious.

“Do you have any evidence?” Master Liang asked.

Liang Yongqi was stupid enough to accuse Lin Family’s heir even though he had no proof.

The three great families of Tranquil City have lived together peacefully for a long time.

In fact, deep in Master Liang’s heart, he was still afraid of the Lin family.

“No.” Liang Yongqi bowed his head and clenched his hands. Even without proof, he was convinced that Lin Fan was the one who stole their food.

“Father, why don’t we send someone to the villages to retrieve the food? It belongs to our family anyway, so we must take it back.”

Master Liang was shocked hearing Liang Yongqi’s suggestion, “Are you insane?!”

He did not expect that his favorite son would have such a stupid idea.

“Father, I …” Liang Yongqi wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what should he say in his situation.


Liang Yichu pushed in the door, followed by Zu Xiang.

Zu Xiang was not a member of the Liang family. He was more like a Taoist priest who was supported by the Liang family.

In exchange, he helped the Liang family in many things.

The current issue was a challenge for him.

When he tried to connect the dots, based on his logic and experiences, Lin Fan was the most suspicious one.


Zu Xiang was afraid that it was nothing but his assumption.

“Father, Zu Xiang and I investigated the storehouse for quite awhile, and we can say something for sure.” Liang Yichu said.

Liang Yongqi frowned. “Brother, what are you doing here? There is nothing you can do.”

“Mind your words when you speak to your elder brother, Yichu, continue.” Master Liang was a bit angry.

Liang Yongqi was upset. He was disappointed because of his father’s words. He was afraid his brother was trying to compete with him.

“Zu Xiang, please explain to us.” Liang Yichu said politely.

Zu Xiang pondered for a moment and clenched his fist, “Master, after I carefully investigated the crime scene, I’m sure that the culprit was from Mushiya Village. I met the person in the city a few days ago.”

“At first, I’m not sure, but afte thinking carefully, I knew someone who was his aquintance, and he was the traitor from Mushiya Village.”

Zu Xiang’s statement erased Master Liang’s suspicion toward Lin Fan.

“Master, this person posseses the original copy of Mushiya Village secret scripture. He can beat his village elder and control the worms. The storehouse is probably his doing. But don’t act carelessly.” Zu Xiang said.

Liang Yongqi was still upset. When he heard this, immediately, he said something to his father, “Father, I will bring that person to you.”

Zu Xiang looked at Liang Yongqi with a helpless expression.

Liang Yongqi didn’t know what that person was capable of, so Liang Yongqi was digging his own grave.

“Young Master, this person is the real deal, he can bring the disaster to the Liang family.” Zu Xiang advised.

Zu Xiang learned a lot when he stayed in the imperial city.

In terms of knowledge, he was above the Liang and Yuan families.

He knew many things that others don’t.

Master Liang was horrified. “Is he really that good?”

Zu Xiang replied, “I assure you, he is!”

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