I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 50 I Am Stealing Food


Lin Family’s Residence.

The assassin’s case from last night was hot news in Lin Family.

“Urgh! It hurts.”

Lin Fan slowly opened his eyes, he felt pain all over his body even when he just raised his arm.

“Young Master, how is your condition?” The servant cried.

Lin Fan fainted last night.

When the servant learned about the assassin’s ambush, he hurriedly wanted to see Lin Fan’s condition, but when he saw Lin Fan in a bad state, he fainted.

“Well, I thought I was dead.” When Lin Fan touched his body, wrapping in bandage, which meant he was badly injuried.

The door was pushed open.

“Young Master, your father is here to see you.”

Master Lin saw Lin Fan lying in bed, but he didn’t need an explanation because he knew better then anyone else what happened last night.

But Master Lin couldn’t act carelessly, because Lin Fan was smart.

“My son, are you okay?” Master Lin sat on the bed, and he showed how great was his compassion toward his son, his face was gloomy and he said, “Brother Wu, find out who dares to mess up with my family.”

“Yes, Master.” Wu Lao answered.

What a brilliant actor they are.

Master Lin commanded to look for the assassin, but he was the assassin. They will not be able to capture or found the assassin even until the ocean was drying.

“Father, you tell me the assassin is your enemy from your past, please give him a kick on his ass for my sake.” Lin Fan said.

“Huh?” Master Lin stunned, “Did I say that?” He thought.

“My son, have confidence, you can beat him on your own. I believe in your potential, and if you spend more time cultivating, you will be invincible.”

Master Lin achieved his purpose.

He was satisfied because his effort was not in vain.

“Father, one day, I will kick that old dog’s ass until he can’t bite anyone forever.” Lin Fan said.

‘Rage point +123’

Master Lin squinted, old dog?

Master Lin felt Lin Fan was scolding him personally instead of the assassin.

Lin Fan pondered for a moment because he didn’t know who give him the rage point.

Lin Fan’s house.

Lin Fan was cautious of a surprise attack when he was alone right now.

“I just want to enjoy my everyday life, but why is he haunting me every night?”

Lin Fan was upset because he couldn’t sleep well if that repeated every night.


He distributed the rage point in the system.

Physical Power: 90 (Third Stage)

Spiritual Power: 90 (Third Stage)

Mystic Art:       -The Fourth Ziyang Scripture (Second Heaven)

                        -Insect Control (Beginner)

Martial Art: Tiger Swords (Fourth Stage)

Rage Point: 1354.

“The Tiger Swords is not powerful enough to beat the assassin last night.” Lin Fan was disapointed when he thought he was strong enough to take down the assassin, but in the end, he couldn’t do anything.

He wanted to quit martial art, but if Master Lin knew it, Master Lin would definitely knock him down.

Lin Fan sat on the bed, and he took a stance to train the fourth ziyang scripture. Training fourth ziyang scripture will give a huge benefit, for example, he could parry the assassin’s dagger when he used the technique.

Nighttime, Lin Family’s Residence.

Master Lin commanded the guards to patrol every night because he didn’t want to be suspected regarding the case of Liang Family’s storehouse.


The insect control’s range increased by 50 meters, thanks to spiritual power, which already reached the third stage, so he was able to expand the range.

Liang Yongqi was in Yuan Family’s residence, but Lin Fan kept the focus on what he was doing right now.

In the middle of the quiet night in Lin Family’s residence, Lin Fan was preparing to do a magic trick again.

Yuan Family’s Residence, Storehouse.

Master Yuan increased the guards around the storehouse because after learning about Liang Family’s incident.

Three guards sat inside the storehouse, they had a snack, but they didn’t drink alcohol.

The candlelights on the table was specially made to prevent the fire from spreading and burned down the storehouse.

“Man, it’s so boring. Because of some crazy thief is stealing Liang Family’s food, we must guard the storehouse.”

“But I think there is a possibility of Liang Family faking news.”

“Wow, wow, wow, stop right there, do you want to lose your job? I want to sleep first, you watch the storehouse.”

An ant crawled into the hand of a guard.

The guard pinched the ants to death, then threw the ants and fell asleep on the table.

But the ants were Lin Fan’s army.

“Yuan Family is clever. He is placing the guards inside the storehouse.”

“But Master Yuan can keep dreaming. Because I’m here to surprise him.”

Lin Fan tried to steal the food in Yuan Family’s storehouse.

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