I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 49 This is Really…



The assassin released his killing intent, intimidating Lin Fan.

Lin Fan stepped back and took a decoration sword.

“The place is too narrow, let’s go fight outside.” The assassin said.

Lin Fan hurriedly went out.

He couldn’t help but panic. He was always on alert for the assassins’ attack, but this time no one will help him.

“Help! The assassin is here! Where is everyone?” Lin Fan shouted.

He heard a sound came closer toward him, but he reacted too slow.

Lin Fan was frightened because, this time, he thought he wouldn’t make it out alive.

“Father, do you know if your son is going to be fucked?” Being a noble, a young master, wouldn’t have experienced death or life situation like he was in right now.

The guard lied down on the ground, couldn’t protect him, in fact, he was the one who was protecting the guards.


A cold steel struck behind him, aiming for his head.

Lin Fan dodged, he parried the dagger with the long sword in his hand.


An immense spiritual power clashed.

He wanted to keep the distance between him and the assassin. But he couldn’t keep up with the assassin’s speed, and the dagger almost cut off his neck.

Even though he has mastered the Tiger Swords to the highest level, his combat experience was far bellow Zhou Zhongmao.

Thanks to his good reflect, he was able to dodge all of the assassin’s attack by a hair.

But even so, Lin Fan couldn’t keep up with the assassin’s attack and ended up with a wound on his neck spilling a little of his blood.

“This is it. I will die for sure.” Lin Fan’s wound was not fatal, maybe because he raised the physical power to a certain amount so he could withstand the attack.

Even though he was in his house, Lin Fan knew there was no place to hide for him.

The assassin could appear at any moment right now.

“I must take him seriously. I can’t let my self die in the hand of some assassin.” Lin Fan held the sword firmly, lowered his stance so that he could move more accurately and more agile.

The tiger sword was a basic sword style, but it was also the base of all sword styles. It was able to produce enough damage to kill someone instantly.


The assassin rushed towards him, the dagger flickering under the moonlight.

“I just hope my fight with the assassin will eventually attract people’s attention.” Lin Fan took a deep breath and then growled.

“Tiger sword!”

The sword was shrouded with the spiritual power but looked like it was not strong enough compared to the assassin’s dagger. Lin Fan’s spiritual power was still too weak.


“Too slow, your movement has a lot of holes.”

He failed to match the assassin’s speed, skill, and power.

Suddenly, he saw the assassin swung the dagger, but he was too slow, so there was not enough time to dodge it.


The assassin’s dagger slashed Lin Fan’s body, stained his clothes with his blood.

The assassin didn’t stop, and he tried to aim Lin Fan’s back. If Lin Fan got struck on the back, he surely would die.

“Disgusting!” Lin Fan growled, sharply turned his body, raised the sword in his hand, to block the dagger.


The assassin’s spiritual power outclassed him, and the power was too strong for him to handle.

Lin Fan was knocked down to the ground in an instant.

“So strong, I’m no match for him.”

Lin Fan swiftly distributed all the rage points into the spiritual power indicator and mystic art at the same time.

Spiritual Power: 90 (Third Stage)

Mystic Art: The Fourth Ziyang Scripture (The Second Heaven)

The spiritual power in Lin Fan’s body was enhanced, and the fourth Ziyang scripture activated to heal Lin Fan’s wound.

The assassin was shocked because of Lin Fan’s change, so he wanted to try if that was real.


The assassin lowered his stance, like a swallow bird, he flew toward Lin Fan at unbelievable speed. And he aimed for Lin Fan’s wound.

“You cross the line.” Lin Fan was angry, and his sword was different from the last time he clashed.

The purple light shrouded the blade faintly, and the power it emitted was much stronger than before.


Lin Fan seemed like he could stand on the same ground with the assassin right now.


“It’s a pity, even though the power you show managed to surprise me you still have a long way to go.”

The assassin’s dagger was like a poisonous snake that had the ability to weaken the enemy.

Lin Fan barely survived, panting, with many wounds on his body, and blood stained his clothes.

He has done his best but couldn’t match the assassin’s skill and power.


There was a sound from a distance.

“Damn assassin! How dare you to show your face again!” Wu Lao shouted, he reached out his hand and attempting to grab the assassin.

The assassin glanced at Lin Fan and retreated.

“I will come again.”

“Young Master, are you okay?” Wu Lao asked.

Lin Fan soaked with sweat and blood, “Is everything seems to be fine in your eyes?”

“After I fight for this long, what are you here for?”

After saying that, Lin Fan passed out.

Lin Family’s Residence, Library.

“How is that brat doing?” Master Lin asked.

Wu Lao replied, “He has been taken care of, don’t you worry, he was just exhausted.”

Wu Lao expressed his sentiment for Lin Fan.

“Master, you are going too far this time.”

He didn’t expect Master Lin to mercilessly beat his own son’s body. Although they were not fatal wounds, but if Lin Fan lost too much blood that could be dangerous.

Master Lin coldly said, “Only when he is in life or death situation, he can break through his limits. He will never forget this lesson.”

“It worked well.”

“Improving in battle.”

Wu Lao could only pray for Lin Fan to survive Master Lin’s training.

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