I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 54 A Whole Another Level


Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Lin Fan took a long sword and held it in his hand, and there was a tingling sensation. When he closed his eyes, he heard a sound came from the sword in his hand straight into his brain.


He slashed the table into two without making a sound. Because tiger swords was a technique known for instant-kill, it was not flashy nor had a beautiful movement, but it got massive destructive power. Lin Fan thought of a word plain but effective.

“Maybe I really am a real prodigy.” Lin Fan muttered.

Right now, instead of thinking how to improve his swordsmanship, Lin Fan focused on how to cover his technique’s flaw.

“I just want to enjoy my everday life, but it seems heaven is not on my side.”

“I must keep improving until I’m undefeated, so no one dares to disturb my everyday life.”

If he had an idea, he must have realized it, right?

He shouldn’t be afraid if he made a mistake in allocating point on his status or skills indicator, he just had to gain more rage points.

Liang Family’s Residence, Storehouse.

Under the moonlight, Liang Yongqi patrolled the house and arrived at the storehouse.

“Holy cow…” Liang Yongqi was stunned by the mountains of food inside the storehouse.

He didn’t have any idea where the foods came from, and he was panic.

Normally, someone will be happy if they saw there was a mountain of food in their storehouse.

But this time, Liang Yongqi was scared to death instead of happy.

“Young Master, this is…” The guards who followed Liang Yongqi were also dumbfounded.

The foods has been already been stolen based on Liang Yongqi’s information.

“I smelled a conspiracy.” Liang Yongqi looked serious as if he had discovered some kind of top-secret.

He was thinking about what Lin Fan said today.

He realized Lin Fan mentioned Liang Family maybe the culprit before, so he thought the foods in the storehouse was Lin Fan’s doing to set up Liang Family and Yuan Family to fight each other.

‘Rage point +222’

He was angry, but he couldn’t do anything, because no one believed what he said when he told Lin Fan was the culprit.

“Quickly, close the door.” He commanded the guards.

The guards wasn’t foolish enough to believe that was Liang Yongqi’s doing, and they knew someone wanted to set him up.

The scenery at night was beautiful. In the distance, there are two pairs of eyes watching the situation in the Liang Family’s storehouse.

“I’ll go back and inform the master, and you continue to watch them from here.”

In the blink of an eye, one of them disappeared into the darkness.

Liang Family’s Residence, Inside The Storehouse.

Liang Yongqi stared at the mountain of food and could not say anything.

He thought he must hurry told his father about the foods, but something stopped him, and that was his greed.

“What do you think I should do?” Liang Yongqi asked the guards.

One of the guards bowed his head and answered, “Young Master, I didn’t dare to say it.”

“Just say it, it’s okay, I won’t scold you or anything.” Liang Yongqi wanted to hear others’ opinions.

The guard said, “Young Master, there is someone who wants to set you up, the purpose is to let Yuan family discover the foods, but Yuan family did not come here, so it means that whoever set up this hasn’t achieved their goal.”

“We must inform the Master and make things clear quickly with the Yuan Family.”

“But this is also an opportunity for you, Young Master.”

Liang Yongqi was surprised, “What do you mean by opportunity?”

The guard pondered for a moment, “Pardon me, Young Master, but to be frank, recently, Master Liang has more interest in your big brother.”

“But here is the thing if we transport all the rice to pack it and send it back by the morning. Then we say it was you who brings the foods, don’t you think Master Yuan would be pleased?”

Because Liang Yongqi was jealous of his big brother, he was tempted to use the guard’s idea.

“Well, it makes sense, but isn’t it too risky?” Liang Yongqi was a little scared.

The guard said, “Young Master, this is a high risk high return situation, if you managed to survive in this situation, you will gain a huge favor from Master Liang.

“Because it is in the middle of the night, no one will find out our plan, and I will immediately find a reliable team and transport the food overnight. You will see the foods here again by tomorrow.”

Liang Yongqi agreed with the guard’s idea. It all made sense.

“Yes, I didn’t expect your brain is this brilliant.” Liang Yongqi patted the guard’s shoulder.

The guard smiled wretchedly, “Young Master, you are the one who worth to be the next Master in Liang family, and I will help you with all my might. I hope that I can become Your right hand.”

“That is not a bad idea.” Liang Yongqi smiled.

It made sense if Liang Yongqi wanted to try it.

“Lin Fan, It’s a pity.”

“Master Yuan didn’t bite your bait.”

“Heaven is still on my side.”

The shameless guards supported the shameless Young Master.

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