I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 55 Piss His Pants


Liang Yongqi was a realist, and he didn’t hesitate to do something that will give him a huge benefit.

He already decided to execute the plan, and he ordered the guards to form a reliable team.

It didn’t take too long, six guards stood in front of Liang Yongqi.

“Young Master, these five are all my brothers, we can trust them.”

The guard also had a dream. They also want to be elite guards, competed to help a master candidate, and ranked up.

The other five guards thought, “Isn’t Liang Family’s food has been stolen by someone?”

“G-get to work.” Liang Yongqi was very nervous. How came he was not nervous about this?

The guard looked at the other five guards and said, “Listen to me. This operation is very important. Young Master won’t tolerate any mistake. All of you can have my word when it is over, and Young Master will give you good compensation.”

“But if you dare to tell someone about this, you will meet your creator.”

Liang Yongqi waved his hand, “Stop the chit-chat. Hurry up!”

When he looked at the guards while they are moving the foods, Liang Yongqi was panic and nervous.

He wanted to report the foods to his father, but in the end, he took the other option because he was tempted by the guard’s idea.

Outside the storehouse, a pair of eyes stared at every move in Liang Family’s storehouse from far away at the top of a building.

“My master right. It turned out that the Liang family is the one who stole it. Now they want to transport the foods away to avoid suspicion.”

The spy watched every movement in the storehouse.

The guards went out and brought back six carriages.

Liang Yongqi watched the guard put the foods into the sacks, and his heart was beating so fast, he was frightened if someone found out this activity.

“Hurry up! Move your feet!” Liang Yongqi urged, if he was able to remove the suspicion from Yuan Family, his position in the Liang family will not be shaken.

Outside Of Liang Family’s Storehouse.

“Master, as you expected, Liang Yongqi came to the granary in the middle of the night and brought the guards to transport the foods away.” Said the spy.

Master Yuan narrowed his eyes and set his sights on the storehouse.

At first, he didn’t believe what Lin Fan said about Liang family stealing his foods. To avoid unnecessary conflict, he sent the spy to monitor the Liang Family and Lin Family’s movement.

But there was no movement at all in Lin Family.

Instead, he found the Liang family was the culprit.

Liang Family’s Residence, Storehouse.

“Faster, faster.” The guards moved all the food in the storehouse bag after bag.

Liang Yongqi’s fear gradually disappeared when he looked at the foods inside the storehouse slowly vanished in front of his eyes.

“Master, can we act now?” The spy asked Master Yuan.

They were angry.

The Liang family has gone too far.

They pretended to lose their foods and came to Yuan Family’s residence, acting all innocent.

“No need to rush, wait a bit longer.” Master Yuan said.

He wanted to see where Liang Yongqi was going.

Master Yuan’s impression of Liang Yongqi was horrible.

He often heard that Lin Fan beat Liang Yongqi to a pulp.

Now, Master Yuan knew the reason, maybe because Liang Yongqi was rotten to the core.

Liang Yongqi looked at the six carriages full of foods, and he was so excited, “Go, transport these foods first.”

Master Yuan followed all the way.

“Master, they are leaving the town.”

Because of Liang Yongqi’s status, the guards at the gate naturally won’t dare to stop him.

When Liang Yongqi has about left the city, Liang Yongqi saw two figures in the darkness at the city gate.


Two guards from the Yuan family stopped the carriage.

Liang Yongqi was stunned, and his heart was beating fast, but he used his status to threaten the guards so he could pass the gate, “What? What are you doing here in the middle of the night, and you dare to stop me?!”

“I’m fully aware who you are.” The Yuan family guards explained, “Yuan Family’s food stolen by someone, and Master Yuan tell us to stay here to inspect every carriage. I wonder where Young Master Liang will go in the middle of the night, and what was on the carriage?”

Liang Yongqi was in a huge panic.

He couldn’t answer the guards’ questions.

“Are you kidding me? You dare to order our young master around. You want to meet your creator that fast? We are already behind the schedule.” Liang Family guards backed him up.

They are veterans.

The guards were a veteran, putting an act like that was a child’s play for them, but compared to Lin Fan, they were nothing.

“Please ask Young Master Liang for his permission, we just want to know what is in the carriages?” Said the Yuan family guard.


Liang Family’s guards drew their sword to warn them.

Liang Yongqi came out from the carriage, and he said, “Inside the carriages, is the secret of the Liang family. You can see it if you want to, but after you see it, you have to die.”

The Yuan Family’s guards hesitated to check what was inside the carriages.

Plus, no one would notice if they died in the middle of the night.

Suddenly, someone came from the distance and spoke to Liang Yongqi.

The voice was familiar, and Liang Yongqi was scared to death he even pissed his pants.

“Family’s secret? I will take a look at it and see if you dare to kill me.” A figure was slowly appeared from the dark.

The Yuan family guards saluted, and they said, “Master.”

“Yes, you did a good job.”

Liang Yongqi was stunned and completely in panic.

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