I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 66 Let’s Heading Back


Lin Fan was not foolish enough to blindly rushed toward the forest. He wanted to live an easy life, enjoy his luxurious life as a noble. So Lin Fan wanted to watch the situation first.

The forest soil was somewhat moist because the sunlight didn’t get through to the forest soil.

And the black mist was spreading around the forest and gradually took a human-like form.

“You have quite a taste to show yourself.” Lin Fan shouted to the humanoid black mist.

The black mist literally could run.

Lin Fan chased the black mist, and it was obviously luring Lin Fan to enter the forest.

Lin Fan realized there were a couple of eyes watching him.

‘Rage point +222’

He got rage points again. He felt that the humanoid black mist was angrier than earlier.

Lin Fan will not let go of that opportunity so he cursed it, “You stinky thing, you dare to mess up with me! You came to my village and killed one of my family! Come here, you motherfucker! Don’t play hide and seek with me!”

Zhou Zhongmao was stunned when he saw Lin Fan cursed the black mist.

“Cousin, please calm down.”

How could Lin Fan not curse that black thing?

‘Rage point +333’

There was a tremendous power surging out from its body.

Suddenly, that humanoid black mist turned into a form of a giant snake, floating on the air, and it opened its mouth to bite Lin Fan.

But Lin Fan slashed it with his thunder sword technique.


The black mist was dissipating because of Lin Fan’s attack.

‘Rage point +444’

“Hey! Don’t hide if you have some balls! Come out and fight me like a man. Do you find it so interesting to play hide and seek?”

Lin Fan held his sword cautiously in case black thing came out.

“Cousin, can you use any elemental attack?” Lin Fan asked.

According to the previous battle, Lin Fan was so sure this black thing’s weakness was an elemental attack.

“Yes, I have, but it’s just a low-level technique.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

“That’s enough. That thing weakness is an elemental attack, just use that technique to kick its ass.”

Lin Fan really wanted to capture the black mist and researched it.

“Alright, I’ll try.”

Even if Lin Fan’s strategy didn’t work out, he will have no problem escaping with his current strength.

But if Zhou Zhongmao was in trouble because of him, he will regret it for the rest of his life.

Zhou Zhongmao rushed into the forest and then shouted, “Natural Solitude!”


There was a thunder-like aura on Zhou Zhongmao’s fist.

“My cousin, is that supposed to be a low-level technique?”

“Cousin, this is nothing compared to your technique.”

Zhou Zhongmao suddenly leaped in the air and struck down the black mist with his fist.


Black mist bursted out, and its body was unstable.

“Cousin, you are right, it’s so effective against it.” Zhou Zhongmao shouted.

Zhou Zhongmao’s attack inflicted decent damage on the black mist.

Lin Fan was overjoyed, “Okay, here I come, let’s take this thing down.” Lin Fan rushed toward that black mist.

He started to distribute rage points to another status indicator.

‘Thunder Sword (First Stage)’

‘Thunder Sword (Second Stage)’

‘Thunder Sword (Third Stage)’

There was only 44 rage points left.

But that was enough.

Both physical power and spiritual power reached the fourth stage. It should be enough against that black mist.

“Cousin, be careful.” Zhou Zhongmao was worried, and his strong spiritual power faded out.


Lin Fan roared and slashed it with the thunder sword, and the power was stronger because he was using so much spiritual power on the attack.


The black mist exploded due to Lin Fan’s attack.

“As expected of my self.” Lin Fan muttered.

Reaching that kind of level gave him more confidence, although he still didn’t have enough confidence against the assassin.

“Cousin, you can head back first, leave it to me, I can handle it.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

The dark mist wanted to run away but it couldn’t, Zhou Zhongmao and Lin Fan held it down.


The dark mist struggled, it was squirming on the ground, even though its body was still paralyzed by Zhou Zhongmao and Lin Fan’s attack.

“What stage are you on right now?” Lin Fan asked.

Zhou Zhongmao said, “Hm… I’m on the sixth stage. It required a special condition to get there. If you didn’t meet the special condition, it would be troublesome.” He explained.

The black mist was dissipating, and there was a human-like form inside that mist. Its skin was black.

“Let me tell you something, don’t get too cocky.” Lin Fan stepped on that person’s head. He intended to humiliate that person.

‘Rage point +555’

The black mist was so angry it suddenly tried to attack Lin Fan with its claw at high speed.

Lin Fan’s response was so fast he could slash its hand before the claw reached him, and a black liquid came out from the wound.

“Don’t try anything funny!”

The black mist shuddered, looks like it had no power left.

Zhou Zhongmao suggested Lin Fan took a precaution, and Lin Fan agreed with it.

Zhou Zhongmao took a sword and suddenly cut off its arms and legs.

Black liquid splashed onto Zhou Zhongmao’s face.

Lin Fan wiped it off and laughed, “Cousin, let me…”

Those two were back to their usual self.

Lin Fan was shocked when he saw Zhou Zhongmao’s power.

“Okay, let’s wrap it up. We’re heading back. Leave this thing to me.”

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