I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 65 I Can Do It


Villagers were scared because they have never seen such a bizarre phenomenon like that, so they thought the culprit was a demon.

Normally, the villagers would panic and ran away, but because Lin Fan was with them, they were at ease.

But if something happened to Lin Fan, the villagers won’t run away they would rather die to protect Lin Fan.

The villagers’ way of thinking was simple. Once they were indebted to someone, they will stand for that person with their lives on the line.

“Cousin, don’t let that thing escape.” Lin Fan said.

Lin Fan remembered he couldn’t use Liang Yongqi anymore to farm rage point, but now he had that black mist thing, and he thought everything was going on his favor.

Zhou Zhongmao prepared to launch a special attack, and his fists were shrouded with tremendous spiritual power. “Cousin, let us see what he’s made of.”

After he said that, Zhou Zhongmao slammed the ground with his fist and cracked the ground, the energy wave rushed toward the black mist inside the house.



“Cousin, my technique isn’t effective against it.” Zhou Zhongmao was horrified. What the hell, it could withstand that crazy technique. Although the black mist has no shape, Zhou Zongmao’s technique should be enough to damage it.

“My servant, give me a sword.” Lin Fan took the sword.

Lin Fan was running straight to the house, and he slashed the black mist with the tiger sword.

Zhou Zhongmao was surprised. He didn’t expect his cousin to become so strong. Lin Fan’s martial art strength already reached the fourth stage.

But his power didn’t inflict any damage to the black mist.

Rage point +444.

Lin Fan didn’t expect it could give a decent amount of rage point.

Lin Fan thought he could play a little game with that black thing before he defeated it.

“Cousin …” Zhou Zhongmao wanted to ask Lin Fan about how he could become so powerful, but before he could say anything, Lin Fan rushed toward the black mist.

Lin Fan wanted to beat that black thing as fast as he could before it harmed any villagers.

Then Lin Fan reset all of his allocated rage points.

‘Rage point +12000’

He raised the fourth ziyang scripture to the fourth stage.

Then a purple light shrouded his sword.

And he also raised the thunder swords technique.


A purple sword with terrifying power slashed the air, sparkled with a clap of thunder.


The black mist got slashed by Lin Fan’s technique, even the naked eye could see it as a thunder pierced through the black mist. Seems like it inflicted decent damage to the black mist. But the black mist had a recovery technique, it slowly regenerated.

“Hm… Feels a bit weird. So to deal with that creepy thing, I must have an elemental attack.”

Lin Fan felt a bit exhausted after using the thunder sword technique because that technique was a high-level one, that could cost a massive amount of spiritual power once used.

Zhou Zhongmao was dumbfounded. He knew the thunder sword was a top-notch technique in Lin Family.

And Lin Fan was able to use the technique beautifully.

‘Rage point +556’

Lin Fan looked at the situation inside the room, and he got another rage points. The black mist tried to hide, but it didn’t leave the room, as if there was something preventing it from leaving the room.

“My sword can pierce it and inflict damage, but Zhou Zhongmao’s technique can’t do that. So this black thing can be defeated by only using an elemental attack.”

“And luckily I have learned thunder sword to imbue my sword with thunder attribute.” Lin Fan recap the battle.

He tried to slash the black mist again with the same technique, and it proved that black mist’s weakness was an elemental attack.

The black mist screeched with a sound that could harm the ears, and all the villagers closed their ears.

“Cousin, let me help.” Zhou Zhongmao took a step forward, and he also screamed to block the black mist soundwave.

“You piece of shit…”

Lin Fan took this opportunity to slash the black mist.

And as expected, the thunder sword could damage it.

‘Rage point +666’

The black mist gave Lin Fan 666 of rage points because it feared Lin Fan’s sword could end its life.

When Lin Fan wanted to deal with the final blow, the black mist was shrinking and fled outside.

“Cousin, chase after it! It’s going to run.” Lin Fan tried to chase after the black mist.

“Cousin …”

Zhou Zhongmao wanted Lin Fan to stop chasing it. It was too dangerous, but Lin Fan ignored him, so Zhou Zhongmao chased after Lin Fan.

“Servant, go back and tell the guard about our situations.” Zhou Zhongmao commanded the servant.

“It’s so fast.” Lin Fan was persistent in chasing the black mist. He wanted to capture it and researched it.

Zhou Zhongmao quickly chased after Lin Fan.

“Cousin, we must stop it!” Lin Fan slashed the black mist again. “Don’t run away!”

There was a dense forest ahead.

Lin Fan chased it far away from the village and came to a lush forest where the sunlight couldn’t even get through.

The black mist tried to hide in that dark forest.

“Where is it?” Lin Fan looked for it.

Zhou Zhongmao guarded Lin Fan, “Cousin, we are chasing it too far. Be careful, don’t let your guard down.”

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