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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 68 So Stupid


“Uncle, my cousin is right. Wang Village is Lin family’s pride. This weird thing is killing the villagers and harming Lin family’s pride.”

Zhou Zhongmao defended Lin Fan’s argument.

“Zhongmao, I want to say something. I have a task for you.” Master Lin thought for a moment, about a way to send Zhou Zhongmao out from the city for a while.

“Uncle, I think I must do something before I leave my cousin’s side.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

Master Lin wanted Zhou Zhongmao to leave Lin Fan’s side, and a signed him a task which probably took about more than then ten months to complete.

Lin Fan said, “Father, my cousin just came back from his task. Aren’t you pushing him too hard?” Lin Fan wanted his cousin to stay at his side.

“You shut up!” Master Lin glared. “I’m not asking about your opinion. Bringing that demon to our house, what are you going to do with it?”

“Father, is this thing a demon?” Lin Fan asked.

Master Lin said, “Don’t change the subject. I’m asking you what are you going to do with that demon.”

Lin Fan pondered for a moment, and said, “Father, I have been thinking, it would be a waste to kill him immediately, I want to make good use of this thing, and after that, we can cook it on the frying pan then feed it to the dogs.”

Wu Lao glanced at Lin Fan. He didn’t expect Lin Fan could think about feeding it to the dogs.

“Father, don’t think that my idea is crazy because I know this demon’s weakness is thunder and sunlight. I will fry it on the pan for a few days to drain the remaining spiritual power in its body to prevent this thing from regenerating.”Lin Fan said.

Master Lin wondered, “How could this brat know a demon’s weakness?”

When Master Lin was still young, he encountered the demon and was able to beat it because he discovered its weakness by coincidence.

‘Rage point +333’

There was a sudden increase of rage points, the demon was angry. It heard Lin Fan’s words, it couldn’t hold its anger.

“Leave the demon to me, and I’ll deal with it.” Master Lin said.

Lin Fan waved his hand and refused, “Father, it is only a small fry, just leave it to me. I just want to research it a bit more.”

How could Lin Fan hand the demon to Master Lin? He wanted to farm rage points from it.

Master Lin didn’t expect Lin Fan wanted to keep it in his possession.

“Okay, do whatever you want with it.” Master Lin didn’t want to say anything.

Before Wu Lao left, he glanced at the demon, and he thought that demon was just a small fry for Master Lin, but for others…

Zhou Zhongmao was worried when Master Lin wanted to take the demon with him, maybe something terrible was hidden within it.

Meanwhile Lin Fan was busy teasing the demon with a spatula in his hand.

Lin Fan instructed Zhou Zhongmao to move the demon from the iron cage to the wooden cage.

Lin Fan said, “Cousin, hold it for a sec.”

“What’s wrong?” Zhou Zhongmao wondered.

Lin Fan pointed to the demon’s lower part. “You see, there’s a limb down there.”

Zhou Zhongmao looked at it, “Cousin, I think I’ll chop this off now.”

‘Rage point +666’

Suddenly, that demon was furious. Perhaps that limb was important to it.

“Forget it, give him some respect, don’t touch man’s lower part, that’s humiliating.” Lin Fan poked demon’s lower part with a spatula, “Nothing special.”

The demon was humiliated by Lin Fan, and he kept poking it with a spatula. The demon was very angry toward him.

And right now, Lin Fan poked its butt with a spatula and he said, “Hehe, it’s still moist.”

The servant shuddered. The demon furiously glared at Lin Fan and the others.

‘Rage point +233’

Lin Family’s Residence, Night.

When everyone slept, there was someone in the library who was still awake.


That book was Zhang Zhen’s masterpiece.

It described the harem of the Royal Palace.

The book was based on true story and it was really popular.

It was a pity that Zhang Zhen drowned in the swamp the next day after he finished the book.

The books sold out overnight, leaving only that one which was the last original copy, and was treasured by Master Lin for more than ten years.

There was something seemed to be approaching Master Lin, but he noticed it and sighed, “Since you are already here, come in, there is no need to sneak around.”

A black mist came in and took a human-like form.

“Go to the backyard and take your people away. Remember, don’t you dare to touch my son.” Master Lin said.

That black mist didn’t give any response.

Master Lin asked, “What’s the problem?”

“Master Lin, you already formed a pact with us.” The black mist said. Its voice was not like a human, so gloomy and terrifying.

“Yes, but my son didn’t know the pact between you and me, so the least I can do is offer my apology and let your people go, that’s all.” Master Lin said.

That dark mist was stronger than the one caught by Lin Fan, “You hurt one of my warriors, my people can’t accept it, I will take your son’s leg as a souvenir. “

“Are you serious?” Master Lin stared furiously at the demon.

The demon didn’t answer, because it sensed an extremely intimidating killing intent coming from Master Lin.

But when he thought that he was not alone, it got the courage and said, “This time I just came to tell you the anger of my people. But because we already settle it, I will let it slide, but next time, your son’s life will be the cost.” The demon said that and left the room.

Instead of paying attention to the demon, Master Lin picked up the book named Spring Love and put it on the shelf.

That was one of his favorite books, it was really soothing when he read it, so he treasure it.

“Brat, you really are an expert in causing trouble.”

Master Lin walked out of the library.

“Master…” Wu Lao approached.

Master Lin said, “The demons have been sleeping for twenty years, and this incident will wake them up.”

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