I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 71 Cousin Where Are You


“Young Master Yuan, did something happen between you and Young Master Lin?” Wang Yunfei asked.

Yuan Tianchu replied, “No.”

He didn’t want to tell that man about his affair with Lin Fan.

Wang Yunfei wondered, “If you two are doing just fine, why is he chasing after us?”

Yuan Tianchu turned back and saw Lin Fan was chasing after him.

“Cousin, chase him and make sure Yuan Tianchu see this demon.” Lin Fan commanded.

Lin Fan didn’t think Yuan Tianchu would run so fast, and Yuan Tianchu also didn’t think Lin Fan would really chase him.

Zhou Zhongmao stood in front of Yuan Tianchu, and the demon behind him looked at both of them.

The demon didn’t show any expression, he was looking so pitiful.

Yuan Tianchu felt so uncomfortable when he looked at the demon’s eyes. He tried to avoid eye contact, but Zhou Zhongmao deliberately let the demon stared Yuan Tianchu’s eyes.

‘Rage Point +123’

“Hm… It’s a good start.” Lin Fan thought.

He found some fun with his new best friend, Yuan Tianchu.

Yuan Tianchu tried to hold his anger and approached Zhou Zhongmao, “Can you not stand in front of me?”

Zhou Zhongmao looked around, “Are you the owner of this road? Do I need your permission to stand here?”

Yuan Tianchu was angry but he couldn’t do anything about that.

Wang Yunfei came to Tranquil City from Lotus City. He could see the conflict from the third-person perspective as an outsider.

“You didn’t have even a bit of dignity.”

“Master Wang, please come with me, let’s go this way.”

Yuan Tianchu learned from Liang Yongqi’s mistakes. He didn’t want to end up like Liang Yongqi. But Zhou Zhongmao couldn’t afford to lose him, he wanted to live up to Lin Fan’s expectation.


“What!? What are you trying to do? Why are you still following me?” Yuan Tianchu shouted.

Zhou Zhongmao pretended not to see Yuan Tianchu. He pretended to look for something.

‘Rage point +233’

Yuan Tianchu clenched his fists, “Zhou Zhongmao, what are you trying to do?”

“I’m looking for my cousin.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

“Your cousin is far away behind.” Yuan Tianchu pointed at the guy in the distance. That was intentional, Zhou Zhongmao obviously wanted to tease Yuan Tianchu.

“Really!” Zhou Zhongmao answered, he was still looking left and right with no intention of leaving.

Yuan Tianchu was angry. “I already told you that your cousin was right over here, what are you still looking for?”

Zhou Zhongmao replied, “I’m looking for my cousin.”

“Come on… You guys are doing on purpose, right?” Yuan Tianchu thought.

He really didn’t expect to experience such a thing.

“Don’t be angry, let’s just keep walking.” said Wang Yunfei.

“Please come with me, Young Master Wang.” Yuan Tianchu smiled even though he was angry.

Wang Yunfei was the son of the royal family of Lotus City. Yuan Tianchu wanted to entertain him while he was in Tranquil City.

‘Rage point +333’

Lin Fan, Zhou Zhongmao and the demon kept following Yuan Tianchu. Finally, Yuan Tianchu stopped and talked to Lin Fan, “Lin Fan, you cross the line.” Yuan Tianchu’s face was somber.

At first, Lin Fan only followed Yuan Tianchu from behind, but now he was with Zhou Zhongmao and the demon.

“Brother Yuan, what’s wrong with you? I’m looking for my cousin, what’s the problem?” Lin Fan answered.

“Zhou Zhongmao, who are you looking for?” Yuan Tianchu’s head was about to explode.

“I’m looking for my cousin.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

Nobody said a word afterwards.

Wang Yunfei sighed. He thought if Lin Fan lived in Lotus City, Lin Fan would be killed for sure.

“Young Master Lin, I’m a royal family of Lotus City, you have already crossed the line.” Wang Yunfei said.

Wang Yunfei already knew beforehand that Lin Family was the strongest in Tranquil City. But he didn’t care and kept saying what was on his mind.

“Cousin, where are you?” Lin Fan shouted.

“Cousin, where are you?” Zhou Zhongmao was going with the flow.

Those two ignored Wang Yunfei.

Who were these two?

What the hell are they trying to do?

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