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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 70 Lets Find Something To Do


Wu Lao observed Lin Fan’s activity in secret, and he hurriedly wanted to report all he saw to Master Lin.

Lin Family’s Residence, Living Room.

“Master, Young Master didn’t go out, he is researching the demon in the backyard, he pulled out his teeth and boiled the oil to put the demon in.

“Ah… The demon is just unlucky to meet my son.”

Lin Fan astonied wu Lao. Everyone was scared of the existence of the demon but not for Lin Fan.

Master Lin was a bit happy because Lin Fan didn’t go out, even though Lin Fan stay in the house just for torturing the demon.

He wanted Lin Fan to be an excellent example of a grown-up man, getting married, had children, became old in prosperity.

“Good for him, he saves me the trouble, and I need to keep direct him on the right path.” Master Lin said and then asked, “Which family do you think have a good lady? I want to give this brat a good wife.”

Wu Lao pondered, “Master, what about Miss Rongcheng Li?”

“I heard that Miss Li’s appearance was superb, and her martial arts were also good. She is flawless, and her character is so lady-like. If Young Master can be paired with Miss Li, she may be able to control him.”

When those two speaking of this matter, Wu Lao’s eyes were sparkling, Wu Lao watching Lin Fan grew up, and he treated Lin Fan as his own son.

Wu Lao was not young anymore, and he had no relatives nor a family, he just wanted to focus on Lin Family’s matter.

“Hm… To have Miss Li as our family… Yes, she is the right person.” Master Lin was delighted. He was serious about choosing Lin Fan’s wife.

Lin Fan researched the demon in the backyard.

The demon provided a lot of rage points.

The boiling oil on the pan was bubbling, which was extremely dangerous for the demon.

Lin Fan was kept slapping demon’s butt until it got so red.

The demon didn’t feel embarrassed, but still, it could feel if someone was humiliating it right now.

Lin Fan was getting bored with the demon, and it couldn’t provide any decent amount of rage point like before.

“Take this thing. We will go out with it.” Lin Fan wanted to stroll around with the demon, like someone took his puppy to walk on the street.

“Young Master, what about the pan?” The servant asked.

Lin Fan said, “Keep it hot. When we come back, we will cook this thing immediately.”

‘Rage point +88’

The demon only provided eighty-eight points just now, Lin Fan dissatisfied with it.

Tranquil City, Pavilion.

Lin Fan saw someone he already familiar at the balcony of the pavilion. That was Yuan Tianchu second in command in the Yuan Family, seemed like he with his servant.

So he didn’t want to let this chance slipped away from his hand. Lin Fan hurriedly came into the pavilion with the demon.

“Young Master Lin, I’m glad to have you being here, please come to the table.” The waitress greeted him politely, but the waitress’s expression changed when she saw the demon.

Pavilion, Balcony.

Yuan Tianchu drank wine and ate vegetables while chatting with a young man, looking at the street below.

Yuan Tianchu pretending not to see Lin Fan, but someone on his table mentioned that Lin Fan was there. Either he liked it or not, he must greet Lin Fan.

Lin Fan sat not far away from Yuan Tianchu’s table.

“Young Master Lin, what do you want to eat?” The waitress asked him politely.

“Just bring me everything delicious.” Lin Fan said.

The waitress smiled, “Okay, please wait for a while.”

Lin Fan didn’t talk to Yuan Tianchu and just sat on his table.

Zhou Zhongmao was ready for battle. Based on his cousin’s habit, a conflict could erupt in an instant.

Yuan Tianchu just let Lin Fan sat there, he satisfied as long as Lin Fan didn’t try to mess with him.

The demon stared at Yuan Tianchu, and their eyes met each other. Because of the demon already stressed out by Lin Fan’s torturing, it was furious right now. Yuan Tianchu was scared, but he tried to keep his cool and continued eating his food.

‘Rage point +88’

That rage point was from Yuan Tianchu. He was so irritated to eat while he saw a filthy creature like that.

And when he was about to sip the wine, he looked at the demon and then vomited, he saw that demon’s limbs were got cut off from its body.

And the game has begun.

“Young Master Yuan, are you pregnant?” Lin Fan was mocking Yuan Tianchu.


The man who sat across the table of Yuan Tianchu sipped wine but got distracted when he heard Lin Fan said that words.

‘Rage point +111’

Yuan Tianchu ignored Lin Fan. He didn’t want to have a conflict with Lin Fan here, and especially his cousin was still there. In his opinion, Zhou Zhongmao was a crazy bitch.

When Lin Fan saw Yuan Tianchu ignored him, he purposely let the demon to keep staring at Yuan Tianchu.

“Young Master Lin, can’t you told that thing to stop staring at me? It’s hard for me to eat.” Yuan Tianchu said.

Lin Fan replied, “You just don’t have to look at it.”

‘Rage point +233’

Yuan Tianchu was furious, but he also felt helpless.

He couldn’t eat his meal yet he couldn’t do anything because of fear.

“Waitress, bring me the bill.” Yuan Tianchu got up and left.

He didn’t feel comfortable to eat while the demon stared at him.

“Let’s go! We also leave. Take this demon!” Lin Fan said.

It looked like Lin Fan didn’t have enough fun yet with Yuan Tianchu.

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