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I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 73 My House Turn Into Brothel


Yuan Tianchu was shocked and almost fainted. Lin Fan and Zhou Zhongmao always followed him everywhere he went, even if he went to the toilet, they would follow him.

‘Rage point +123’

Yuan Tianchu was angry, but he managed to hold his anger. He felt there was something wrong with Lin Fan’s attitude.

He thought if he confronted Lin Fan, Zhou Zhongmao would not just sit idly and watched them.

He brought Wang Yunfei into this mess, and if something happened to Wang Yunfei, Wang Family would interfere with the Tranquil City’s business and broke the balance.

And of course, Liang Family would take action regarding the condition.

Lin Fan didn’t expect Yuan Tianchu and Wang Yunfei kept ignoring him and went straight to Yuan Family’s residence.

“Cousin, they are heading home.” Zhou Zhongmao said.

If Yuan Tianchu arrived at his home, he might tell the guards not to let Lin Fan went inside.

“Aw… You are no fun.” Lin Fan shook his head and sighed.

He finally found something interesting, but it ended just like that.

Tranquil City was too small.

There were not many noble families.

If there were more noble families lived in Tranquil City, Lin Fan could have some fun every day.

He thought Liang Yongqi might be still recovering at home.

“Let’s head back.”

Lin Fan had nothing to do.

Lin Family’s Residence, Backyard.

Lin Fan was lying on a chair, eating fruit, and watching the demon from time to time.

It was already 2 days since he caught the demon. The demon was only a plaything for him. He didn’t really need it, but he didn’t want to let it go either.

Lin Fan checked the system.

Physical Power: 120 (Fourth Stage)

Spiritual Power: 120 (Fourth Stage)

Mystic Arts: Fourth Ziyang Scripture (Second Stage)

Martial Arts: Tiger Swords (Fifth Stage), Insect Control (Second Stage), Frozen King Body (First Stage), Thunder Swords (Third Stage), Origin Jade Palm (First Stage).

Rage Point: 5863 points.

He was distributing the rage points and his spiritual power went up to 150 points, reaching the fifth stage.

And he already had five kinds of martial arts.

Looking inside the body.

The spiritual power in the body was steadily growing, much stronger than before.

He didn’t particularly care about these at all.

He just wanted to live as a young master and enjoyed his everyday life.

But what could he do if someone went out of their way to mess up with him?

He started to distribute a thousand rage points to the fourth ziyang scripture. Lin Fan thought that technique was essential to increase his destructive power.

Mystic Arts: Fourth Ziyang Scripture (Third Stage).

The rage points required to level up to the second stage and the third stage was the same.

The purple spiritual power increased by quite an amount, that was the spiritual power of the fourth ziyang scripture.

“Cousin, is there something wrong with your body?” Zhou Zhongmao asked.

He noticed there was a purple flash on Lin Fan’s eyes earlier.

“Nothing wrong with me.” Lin Fan smiled.

Zhou Zhongmao pondered for a moment, because he was sure he really saw it.

Yuan Family’s Residence.

“How is your day with Young Master Wang?” Master Yuan asked.

A noble from Lotus City visited Tranquil City, so Yuan Tianchu must accompany him.

Some of Yuan Family’s business needed a good relationship with Wang Family to expand their market in Lotus City.

“Father, please don’t talk about it. Today is a mess. I meet Lin Fan, and he was teasing me. And because of that I come back early.”

He had a headache because his father reminded him about Lin Fan.

“Father, he’s sick. He was dragging a demon around whose limb was already cut off around the town. He was deliberately chasing us to show that demon for all day long.”

“He was following me wherever I go.”

Yuan Tianchu repeatedly talked about Lin Fan’s attitude.

Master Yuan listened, and his expression changed.

Yuan Family had an important guest right now, he couldn’t imagine if something bad happened.

“How is Young Master Wang doing now?” Master Yuan asked.

“He is in the backyard, I invite a merchant’s daughter to accompany him.” Yuan Tianchu said.

For some merchants in Tranquil City, they were excited if their daughter could accompany a noble.

As long as their daughter could satisfy Young Master Wang, they didn’t care if their daughter was only a sexual object for Young Master Wang.

However, Yuan Tianchu saw Master Wang wasn’t satisfied with only one or two girls. He needed six or seven girls, at least.

Every time he went to the backyard to see Young Master Wang, he felt his house was already turned into a brothel.

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