I Don't Want To Go Against The Sky

I.D.W.A.T.S Chapter 74 Poetry


The next day.

“Brother Yuan, I heard the infamous Red Sleeve Pavilion is in this city.” Wang Yunfei said.

When he mentioned that thing, he was flustered and smiled.

Yuan Tianchu didn’t expect Wang Yunfei was such kind of man. He thought Wang Yunfei was deserved to be the next master of Lotus City.

But now…

It was shocking enough for Yuan Tianchu went he knew Wang Yunfei’s true nature. But Wang Yunfei exceeded his expectation. Wang Yunfei knew about Red Sleeve Pavilion.

“Is brother Wang familiar with the Red Sleeve Pavilion?” Yuan Tianchu asked.

“Hehehe.” Wang Yunfei smiled. “My friend told me about that. I heard that Red Sleeve Pavilion expert creates 36 styles of moving clouds and 72 rain strokes.”

“The infamous place, the services technique are all handed down from generation to generation, but those techniques most likely are not authentic anymore, but even if they are just a copy, they can make countless men can’t stop themselves.”

Seemed like Wang Yunfei was an expert in that field.

Yuan Tianchu didn’t understand what Wang Yunfei was talking about.


Seventy-two rain strokes?

He would never go to such a place.

Yuan Family’s Master was strict. Master Yuan wouldn’t allow his son went to a brothel, because there might be a chance his son was infected with some virus and when he went home other family members might be infected as well because of him.

“Brother Wang, you want to go there?” Yuan Tianchu said.

Wang Yunfei’s expression clearly told that he wanted to go, but he was afraid that somebody might see him.

“Hm…” Young Master Wang pretended to be in a difficult position. After all, he was a person with high status. To think he went to a brothel in broad daylight?

That was a joke.

Yuan Tianchu grumbled.

He thought Wang Yunfei was a hypocrite.

Obviously, Wang Yunfei wanted to go but pretended he didn’t want to.

Wang Yunfei wanted Yuan Tianchu to take an initiative.

“Brother Wang, what’s wrong? That is part of Tranquil City’s culture. That is not a bad place.” Yuan Tianchu said.

Wang Yunfei smiled, “Yes, yes, Brother Yuan is right. Maybe I just overthink it.”

Yuan Tianchu sighed.

Wang Yunfei was really hypocritical.

Those two walked towards the Red Sleeve Pavilion.

Yuan Tianchu was cautious about the situation around him. He was not afraid of being seen by commoners, but he was cautious of Lin Fan.

But he didn’t see Lin Fan along the way.

In the dark, a certain man looked at Yuan Tianchu sneakily and followed them all along to see where they were going.

When that man saw them entered the Red Sleeve Pavilion, the man hurriedly followed them.

Red Sleeve Pavilion.

The girls were standing in the balcony and showing off their beautiful face, even if it was in daylight, they could not hold their passion for work.

That was their profession.

Serving guests.

Afterward, when the guests said their service was great, they would be very proud.

That was a recognition of their work.

Wang Yunfei did not have a paper fan, but for the sake of style, he bought a paper fan before he arrived there, he seemed like a regular customer in brothel.

“Brother Yuan, what do you think of my style?” Wang Yunfei asked.

Yuan Tianchu pondered, and all he wanted to say was… “You look like a fool.”

But he couldn’t say that because Wang Yunfei might be dead due to the shock.

“Brother Wang, you are so stylish, you will look so outstanding when you step into that building.” Yuan Tianchu boasted.


Wang Yunfei laughed, “Brother Yuan, thanks for reminding me, not to attract too much attention. Otherwise, everyone will recognize me, and everyone will be jealous of me.”

The fuck?!

“Whoa, Young Master Yuan, I’ve been waiting for you to come here someday, and finally, you are here.” The old hag’s eyes were sparkling when she saw Yuan Tianchu.

Yuan Tianchu cleared his throat.

“He is a young master of Lotus City. He has heard about your Red Sleeve Pavilion, he wants to confirm either you really have good hospitality or not. If your hospitality is not good enough for him, I will shut your business down.”

The old hag and the girls already knew that those two were an important customer, so they were trying their best to give the best service until they were satisfied. Wang Yunfei almost got squeezed by the girls.

“Old hag, I hear that you have an expert girl. The girl who creates a 108 style. Bring her here, I want to know how talented she is.” Wang Yunfei drank and asked the girls to hold him.

“Please wait a moment.” The old hag summoned her immediately.

The girl was there

“Oh, who is the young master?” Her voice was like a duck’s voice, they couldn’t guess whether she was a female or male, with a voice so low and strong cheekbones.

Wang Yunfei glanced at her and almost spurted out the wine.

“Get out, get out, get her out quickly, I don’t want to see her again!” Wang Yunfei shouted.

“Huh!?” The girl turned delicately, twisted her hips. The old hag said, “Young Master don’t want to see you yet.”


That girl was really like a poisonous food, anyone who ate her, will end up in a bathroom for days.

“Young Master Yuan, who do you like?” The old hag asked.

Yuan Tianchu cleared his throat, “I’m good, I just want to sit and enjoy the drinks.”

How could the old hag let Young Master Yuan just sat there? She wanted Yuan Tianchu’s silver and gold coin.

“Young Master Yuan, I’ll tell you, we have a lot of services here.”

“Lead the snake out of the hole.”

“Horse riding.”

“Water snakes wrapped around the wrist.”

“Cow play.”

“Musical poetry and calligraphy.”

“Mountains divide oceans.”

“We will give you a new life experience.”

“There are a lot of styles, 108 types, and they are all invented by our expert’s hand.”

Yuan Tianchu listened with a dumbfounded look, he didn’t understand what she was talking about.

“These styles are a bit poetic, do you mean poetry?”

The old hag smiled, “Yeah, that is the name of a poet.”

Yuan Tianchu pondered for a moment. “Well, in that case, I might want to hear one of your poet.”

Outside the Red Sleeve Pavilion.

Lin Fan looked up and said, “You scum, going to this kind of place in broad daylight, cousin, let’s go inside through the back door and watch my signs. We will teach him a lesson.”

“Yes, cousin,” Zhou Zhongmao answered.

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